Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The First installment of the Brett and Jake Podcast is finally here! As we send our first podcast into orbit, we initiate the first episode with car accidents, we play would you rather, and discuss the mysteries behind deja vu. yup, pretty random. :-)
Lend us your ears and give us your thoughts and suggestions on how we can better commandeer our podcast! Episode 1: by BrettandJake

Monday, August 1, 2011

Podcast coming

Hold for information.

The Brett and Jake podcast is coming!

New blogspot site is coming.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Well Well Well Look What We Have Here

Hey guys,
I know this post is likely to go straight to the ether but wanted to prove that I am neither dead, nor was held by Scott against my will for any of my blasphemous behavior. The only good thing was that NATO did start air strikes on my behalf and laid the groundwork for what is going on in Libya right now. So, um, sorry about that.
Anyway, I've been good still married, just found out my wife is pregnant, changed companies and moving up in my job so like is good. Also, haven't read a blessed webcomic since my last regular post on here, the one before, "Incoming transmission." No PVP or CTRL ALT DEL bullshit to worry about and my life, well has continued unfettered without trolls or having to defend what I do in the digital world. The catalyst for a my full brake stop was Kevin Smith, yes that Kevin Smith, who was on Preston and Steve, a very good Philly radio show who puts up their entire broadcasts btw, talking about how he drove himself fucking crazy trying to deal with all the people criticizing his work. He realized that his thoughts were opinions and opinions were subjective, they cannot be right or wrong especially if is in based in real world facts that you interpret. Well that and he started smoking weed . . . and since I didn't take up the recreational drug use his words gave me an epiphany about how I was writing this blog. Why was I offering up my opinion to only be shouted down by PVP supporters or called out on being wrong? Why was I getting so worked up about it? So a cold turkey day of not reading any comic turned into a week and has been for about 2 years now. I don't know what Scott is doing and I wish him good health and luck and that is all I can really say on his, because that is his value to me :). The only thing I do now is support Penny Arcade's Childs' Play Charity and I encourage you all to do the same.
So I know what some of you are saying. "Why the fuck is this verbose motherfucker talking now and what the fuck is he talking about?" Ah, the internet good thing I live out in Chester County, PA because I'm used to the smell of shit from the mushroom farms out here. I am starting a side project with a podcast with my buddy Jake who is also soon to be my brother - in - law in 2012 and is one of the nicest and funniest guys I know. The one thing I do miss is the community and if any of you are still crawling around this site like the cockroaches the PVP supporters thought we were I'd love to have you guys listen and tell me what you think when we are up and running in the next week (end of next week to be specific). I'll post links to where we are going to upload them and my email is sage2153@yahoo.com for any comments. I'll read what I can, respond to those I want, and if you don't like it well good for fucking you :).

The life lessons of PVP makes Me Sad

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Panda Wars (as predicted here two days ago)

Panda Wars: Part one

Hey guys, I have a few minutes in between leaving work and going to get a grill for the new house. Full review later but I wanted to get the new thread up

*Update* Phillies FTW!

Art - I really liked the drawing of the cameraman in panel 2 and the heli-RV in panel 4 (which is a cool concept). Nothing really much good or bad otherwise as Walt is drawn without any deficit and the shading is ok.

Story - Uh oh I smell I a diatribe from Scott coming on . . . (to be continued later)
And to prove my point I refer you to panels 1-3 as he is pegged as the ultimate delusional environmentalist. From the lines "there is a hole in my black embittered heart" and "return them to China where they can die naturally from loss of habitat" you can tell Scott doesn't plane like the guy and it takes the caricature away from being comical to just vitriolic. (Hey if the guy is named one of the 50 people who can save the planet by The Guardian he can't be that bad.)

From a practical standpoint, who the hell really knows who this guy is? I only recognized him as "the bearded dude from Whale Wars" and if Animal planet wasn't running consistent ads Id be SOL for the WHOLE arc. The show pulled in an average rating of .7, or 946,000 people a week and really how many of those people watch the show? That is the true definition of inside baseball, seeing as I had to look up Paul Watson for about 5 minutes on Wiki to see who the heck he is.

From a storyline standpoint I don't like the order of the strips as why did they break in and THEN film the segment for Panda Wars show? It seems very out of order. And to avoid the "reviewing a daily strip with a story arc" trap I'm guessing they kidnapped Brent (maybe to be SAVED by the panda?) and that will make it fall into place, but anything outside of that would make no sense

BTW Check out the Blackest Night storyline in the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps comics. I really didn't get into comic until 2 years ago with the Sinestro Corps war and if you like comics with an epic feel (plus raising of the dead and addressing the repeated "resurrections" of superheroes in DC at least) I believe this is going to be a very good arc. It is a shame that this will likely be the last superhero movie that COULD be made because an extensive amount of technology would be needed to do all the light constructs on an epic scale without making the character look foolish or movie too expensive. Of the DC properties it would be nice to see a GL and/or a Flash movie, IMHO.

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