Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Panda Wars (as predicted here two days ago)

Panda Wars: Part one

Hey guys, I have a few minutes in between leaving work and going to get a grill for the new house. Full review later but I wanted to get the new thread up

*Update* Phillies FTW!

Art - I really liked the drawing of the cameraman in panel 2 and the heli-RV in panel 4 (which is a cool concept). Nothing really much good or bad otherwise as Walt is drawn without any deficit and the shading is ok.

Story - Uh oh I smell I a diatribe from Scott coming on . . . (to be continued later)
And to prove my point I refer you to panels 1-3 as he is pegged as the ultimate delusional environmentalist. From the lines "there is a hole in my black embittered heart" and "return them to China where they can die naturally from loss of habitat" you can tell Scott doesn't plane like the guy and it takes the caricature away from being comical to just vitriolic. (Hey if the guy is named one of the 50 people who can save the planet by The Guardian he can't be that bad.)

From a practical standpoint, who the hell really knows who this guy is? I only recognized him as "the bearded dude from Whale Wars" and if Animal planet wasn't running consistent ads Id be SOL for the WHOLE arc. The show pulled in an average rating of .7, or 946,000 people a week and really how many of those people watch the show? That is the true definition of inside baseball, seeing as I had to look up Paul Watson for about 5 minutes on Wiki to see who the heck he is.

From a storyline standpoint I don't like the order of the strips as why did they break in and THEN film the segment for Panda Wars show? It seems very out of order. And to avoid the "reviewing a daily strip with a story arc" trap I'm guessing they kidnapped Brent (maybe to be SAVED by the panda?) and that will make it fall into place, but anything outside of that would make no sense

BTW Check out the Blackest Night storyline in the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps comics. I really didn't get into comic until 2 years ago with the Sinestro Corps war and if you like comics with an epic feel (plus raising of the dead and addressing the repeated "resurrections" of superheroes in DC at least) I believe this is going to be a very good arc. It is a shame that this will likely be the last superhero movie that COULD be made because an extensive amount of technology would be needed to do all the light constructs on an epic scale without making the character look foolish or movie too expensive. Of the DC properties it would be nice to see a GL and/or a Flash movie, IMHO.

Monday, July 6, 2009

It's the knick knack paddywack, still ridin' Cadillacs.

Come to My Window

Yo Yo Yo, what is up my peeps? How is my peep-ulation doing?

Sorry that’s bad but I do bad well :). It has been a nice couple of weeks with minimal to nil involvement with PVP because I’ve been in Herndon, VA (lovely town) for continuing education, setting up for the closing on my house, and helping my fiancĂ©e study for her nursing boards. Add that little vacation to the fact that Scott has stayed out of my inbox and I’m a happy recharged man.

Art – As is common with PVP the art is done well throughout and the drawing of the guy in the last frame (whose identity is revealed here later) was done well enough where I recognized him off the bat. The drawing of the break-room, the full body shot of the panda, and the drawing and interaction with the blinds are all done very well.

The only big flaw I see is the copy and paste of “the Panda’s” body in the first and second frame. While the position is ok in the first, having his head whirl around without changing any part of his body gives ME a crick in my neck. Lowering his right arm and turning the body to that side would have been more natural. I am a therapist: body positioning is part of what I do (for those who question why I critique it)

Story – I guess from the fact that the gentleman in the last frame is a dead ringer for Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace and from Whale Wars, that we are heading into a “Panda Wars” story arc. Not really the OMGWTF?! then. I really haven’t liked anything that has involved “the Panda” in the recent years (Panda Whisperer, Panda Protection agency, etc) because he’s a mute character and none of the people around him were particularly interesting in those arcs.

However, it’s the opening salvo so I reserve judgment of the whole until it’s rolled out further.

Btw never have seen an episode of Whale Wars, but this week (because they are promoting the hell out of it) the whalers are using audio weapons (cool in their own right) to fight off those who are attacking them. Maybe the only one I watch but there is potential for some good unintentional humor.

Back in Black, I hit the sack, I've been too long I'm glad to be back

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the little vacation but this has been keeping most of my attention:

But most of the stuff involved with closing and getting ready for the house is slowing down so I'm back.

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