Friday, January 30, 2009

A Cat and Dog Game

Bottoms Up

Art - Scratch looks better in this strip then Monday's because there is little to no white shading. I still like Kirby and I like the fact that he had 3 different positions when Scott could have easily used 2 (same position for the first 3 panels) and at least he's not copying and pasting the whole strip.

I really liked his old backgrounds that were pencil and showed a little more detail. I know they are in a hallway but with tighter shot you can't tell you're at a corner of the hallway like yesterday's strip. It just looks like two toned wall. (and we know Jade wouldn't have that.)

Also, like Rdy posted Kirby's teeth are the same color as the wall.

Story - Unspectacular and a joke that one could see from the set-up. The weakest of the week so far but not horrendous. Meh. (Gene Siskel is somewhere rolling from that critique)

One more day without a light falling on Cole and we're free!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hall Monitor

Art- Still a very good effort for today's strip, mostly because the model Scott is drawing from is a live one (forgive me if his dog passed on as I know he had some medical problems through Scott's tweets but I believe he is still alive). He caught the basset hound with great detail. Brent is cut and pasted in the last 3 panels, but that's to assume this took place in seconds so I have no problem with it.

My only problem is Brent's chin shading and to pull out the view in panel 4 as Kirby's glare at Brent is kinda cut-off.

Story - As a former owner of a hound dog (a beagle) this made me laugh on a personal level. Did it catch anyone else as funny since I'm kinda biased? Standard joke, solid one-off, and continues a good week *foreshadowing music plays*.

By the way Brent is not a friend of the animal kingdom. Between the Panda, Scratch (when he sat in his lap), and now Kirby he is not finding any luck.

Oh and Ding! updated

My funny joke

*Btw i don't think it's hilarious but I didn't want to lose it when I edited my post.

To pass the time I thought I would provide a little entertainment. It is a scene, and I am playing a producer of the Fox TV show "Lie to Me" responding to the criticisms of his show with the temperament of people on the Internet. Pretend it's on a message board called "Lie to Me" Makes Me Sad.

How dare you criticize my show, do you guys even have a background in television? Do you know how hard it is to put a story together?!?! To get the right actor?!?! To get the money from the studio and to get it picked up?!?! Well you don't, I produce the best show I can and none of your criticisms mean anything because none of you don't know what I go through.

Stop watching the show if you don't like it, hey I don't need your viewership. Also, it's free don't complain about it.

(Thank you, thank you, I consider myself a method actor so I think this performance came off with a ring of truth. I hope you all enjoyed it)


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Boy Dont' Try to Front
Art - I'll split this up
Good: The normal PVP people are drawn very well and with good detail. I'm also very happy to see that Jade does not have bug eyes throughout the strip. Britney is drawn well (see below for negatives) and overall detail was good as Scott used a good set of reference photos/video for her. The one thing I really loved was Britney/Jade's hair in panel 4 when she turns to her right. The paintbrush (I'm guessing) technique was really good and gave the hair good flow.

I also didn't mind the lack of detail on the back-up dancers in panel 5 as you can tell it is just because Scott wanted the focus on the center of the frame(but I can understand why the complaints are occurring).

Bad - I understand Scott has really tried withthe grayscale shading, and it has worked well since he started, but I don't think anyone but the PVP people should have been shaded in this strip. The one thing that sticks out is Britney/Jade's left hip in panel 4 where the shading looks more like she wiped french fry grease on her shirt.

Also, I don't know why the lines on her skirt had to be so thick (if it's in the video, I didn't see the video) as it just is way too much and distracts throughout the whole strip. A set of thinner lines would have done a lot better to show body position.

Finally, minor nit-pick: Francis' Ipod loses it's "color"/shading in the final panel.

Story - Thanks to those who said this was a reference to a Britney Spears' video as I guess I'm officially out of that loop. Also, good to see the story bring it back to the office and show that they still work (like when Homer appears at the powerplant every so often. I think it was another good one-off as it does fit Francis' character well to daydream at work.

I would have liked it better if the Ipod wasn't held out in front and had him secretly listening to it at the meeting. (Btw Cole gives him crap for everything else but Francis can blatantly hold an Ipod out at a meeting?). Also, having Francis grin at the his daydream or having some drawing of the music coming out of the earphones would have been better because how does Jade know who Francis is listening to? His face really hasn't changed fron panel one until panel 6 to give an out appearance of what is going on.

Monday, January 26, 2009

You apes will read anything!

Wednesdays of Fox
Art - Glad to see Skull a nice light shade of gray as he looks good. Scratch on the other hand looks odd and I'm not sure if its his coloring (representing darker orange) or the way he is drawn, or both.

The human characters are drawn well but the investigator and police woman look to have been from reference photos as they are more detailed and less cartoony then the perp.

Story - Well I guess that Scott doesn't like all the new "quirky investigator drams" especially Lie to Me. It's a good point as I can think of 4 similar shows off the bat: Monk, Psych, Lie to Me, and The Mentalist, where it's a single main character that notices things better than most others and solves crime.

It's a solid one-shot strip and looks like we may be getting a week of these to get out of story arcs. (please God no changing light bulb strips)

For my own opinion I grew tired of Monk, give Psych a passing glance, watch the Mentalist because I like Simon Baker, and Lie to Me is interesting (showing viewers the small lie giveaways when people tell lies) but I'm not sure if it will last.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

While I've been away

Hey guys I was outside of Harrisburg, PA near Hershey (the park wasn't open) but the good news is if any of you have back pain I've been taught a really good method.

Ok stop yawning.

Across Time and Space
Art - As good as the panel was in the last strip I think the first panel in this strip was better. The grayscale continues to be used well in this strip until the last panel. The reason was I noticed that Jade's hair has been "colored"/shaded in as well as Cole's, showing they actually have a color through black and white means. My problem is that Skull is a light blue, and I think having him be a light gray with a darker shade would look better. Am I right or wrong on that?

Story - I liked the wrap up of the Doctor Who story. The only problem is for most of the weekend I thought Skull was saying "I love you too, Brent" and not Brent continuing the conversation from the dream. It was hard to see the squiggly line up to the thought bubble and maybe changing the speech bubble itself (fuzzy lines? etc)to show the same person was saying those two lines.

Post TARDIS Depression
Art - Ah Brent's new chin; it does give a good appearance to the man, but I'll reserve the right to judge after a few reproductions of his chin through the next few strips. The one thing I didn't like was the amount of shading, especially of Brent's face in the last panel. Since he is facing away from the light from the doorway shouldn't his whole face be shaded? By the way I like the fact that grayscale gives appearance of color to Cole and Jade's hair.

Story - This strip kinda of feels like a middle strip in that the next strip should used to expound on this further. Unfortunately, this is likely the last strip in this arc so there was no real reason for it. I look forward to being proved wrong and eating crow, because the strip itself wasn't funny.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Safe

Before I start I'll say this was likely in my top 3 favorites of PVP strips since PVPMMS has started.

Art - Let's start with the small problems: Brent's fingers are fused in panel one. The shading is done well throughout except for one spot: Brent's chin in panel 1-2. I know Scott is trying to show there is a chin there, but maybe the redesign he mentioned would be better. Also, I don't know why there is shade of Brent's ponytail in the last panel, unless his head is blocking out the sun from whatever angle it is at.

Like some of the commenters said before the last panel is the best overall art piece of a PVP character in years. Also, the Doctor remains drawn well throughout and again I think you can tell Scott loves to draw him

Story - Again not a Doctor Who fan but this strip wasn't about pop culture minutia. It was about Brent's girlish glee for tagging along with the Doctor, Scott did a great job with that, and the last panel was hilarious.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Doctor

And now because Jai demands it . . .

Stowaway - Art - Now begins the first strip of grayscale with shading that does lead to a new look for PVP. The art was good overall as the shading seemed to be in place. Obviously, the main piece of the strip was the Doctor (which Doctor he is or if the drawing represents him accurately I don't know). The detail was very good on him where the only goofy part I found to be his neck which was a little long.

Story - Well coming out of a fart joke a dream sequence is a good way to go. Like I said before Scott had gotten into Doctor Who a while back and this is a project he seems excited about. That will likely lead to a good arc and at least he won't get bored by it.

Real Enough
Art - The detail continues to be good and the Doctor is drawn well through the first 4 panels. My only complaint is that the shading of Brent's chin doesn't show any true dimension to his face. The last frame the big complaint is the Doctor's teeth I had to look at it again to make sure it wasn't a large set of lips

Story - Now all the Doctor who fans might have to help me. I liked the exchange and the general motion of the character as a real energy came out from this comic. Does it reflect Doctor Who accurately?

*Note - Scott stated on his blog that he is using this dream sequence to test out the shading which I believe is a smart move, if it doesn't work (which so far its good) you can scrap it without much fanfare. Also, an apparent redesign of Brent's chin is coming . . . we'll see on that one.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Open Thread - Things you want to do

Hey guys,
Something different today as I'm trying a subject different from pop culture :)

Over the next few years some things I'd love to experience (besides wedding, children, etc.):

3) 1000 Places to see before you die: A pretty good book and has a couple small landmarks you'd never think of on a trip. Trying to cross these items off your list would be a pretty good guide to one's travel

2) Route 66 - I've been up and down the East Coast and vacationed in California and the Caribbean, however I've never filled in the middle of the country. A good place for Americana and diners (I love the latter) and I've heard it is a good road trip

3) All ballparks in US and Canada - As much as I will live and die by a team playing today, my first love is baseball. I've wanted to take this road trip since I could drive and me and my dad have always gone to different ballparks (Yankee, Fenway, Camden Yards, the Old Baltimore ballpark, and the HoF) so it is a good throw back to my childhood.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Open Thread - Movies

Hey guys,
I just realized there was a good little Doctor Who discussion a few threads ago. Even though I've never seen the show it was nice to read those comments.

For Saturday let's talk about upcoming movies:
I'm looking forward to:

1) The Wrestler: I know it's out but went a little wider around my area. Mickey Rourke already won a Golden Globe for his performance and everyone I talked to said it wasgreat. I'm also a fan of wrestling and a good movie about that sport/entertainment is a good thing.

2)Watchmen: The first "graphic novel" that I read in full book form. I loved it and the trailers for the movie look to have good visuals as well. As long as the unknowns have the chops to carry the characters I think it will be great.

3)Transformers 2: I loved this series as a kid and I found the first one good just because it was fun. Also, it is the only movie my dad wanted to see specifically with me because he watched it with me as a kid. Plus Soundwave, Jetfire, and/or the Constructicons will be involved; Sweet!
*Transformers 2 trailer will be shown during the Super Bowl.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You smell it a mile away

Ok ok so I didn't post yesterday, but it seems as if some posters not have needed me due to having predictive powers.

Bigger on the Inside -
Art - Well the strip consists of Brent, Skull, and the TARDIS three things Scott knows well so no major deficits here

Story - Thinking about how I could tweak Doctor Who fans by saying "Dr. Who" or actually calling the character "Dr. Who" instead of "the Doctor" I liked how Brent continued to get angry at Skulls misguided, but harmless, attempts to pretend he knew the subject matter. My only complain is that Skull should have said of or had some visual sign when he hit and got stuck in the door. Even if it didn't hurt you, when you suddenly stop one make would make a noise when you stopped in the door; you wouldn't just realize you were stuck.

Fardis - Yes many of you predicted it (or saw the video of Scott drawing it). So I think I'll provide a different service. Here are all the fart strips since January of two thousand eight (had to spell out 2008 to get enough links). Add that to 7-8 poop/bathroom jokes, 3-4 pee jokes, and 1-2 ball jokes and that's a pattern one can predict off of for Scott and the people who sub for him

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

While the TARDIS is a rockin…

Art - No problems as the detail remains great and the object in Brent's hand has a lot of detail; I just have no idea what it is, due to not being a Doctor Who fan. Two notes: 1) Jade in the last frame had a white sweater against a black background that was switched after a few minutes. 2) The detail of the door that is present in 1,2 is lost in the last frame.

Story - Again not a Doctor fan, so it goes over my head. So I really can't speak to whether it is good or bad.

One side note - Scott had a commission of Brent and Jade that can be seen here. If this is the only thing we agree upon Rene, who does Anders Loves Maria, is a great artist in many different styles. I contributed to her donation drive and got a 4" x 6" piece of art and it was awesome.

Second side note - A large loss in the superhero community today. I'm not going to spoil it but if he/she stays dead one of the major studios lost a major character. Just please don't eff it up.

Ding! Fries are Done

Hey guys,
Its 2:45pm and the PVP strip isn't up and since my boss decided to make a visit to my clinic today, I likely won't be able to check again until I get home around 7-8.

However to tide you over here is the first of the Ding! strips where Scott solicited for stories:

"free falling"

The first thing I noticed is that the illustration, more specifically, the coloring is different from Scott's first run.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time and relative dimension in (office) space

Art - Jade's eyes are improved as the pupils are on the side of her eye instead of dead center. I thought the TARDIS was actually outside the house because of its shading; I think at least the bottom of the police box would have some sort of lighting (not a big deal, just pointing it out).

Also, Jade's left hand is a mitten in the last panel, the only reason this is a problem is because the right one is drawn so well.

Story - I liked the strip because it showed that Jade is a fan of geek culture too. I refer you the 7/1/08 strip where both Jade and Brent accosted Cole for not putting them in the Diablo 3 beta.

Now if only my fiancée could be this understanding of my geeky purchases . . .

Monday, January 12, 2009

Your Order has Shipped

Art - Background is still great as you can tell they are back at Casa de (di?) Sienna from the detail on the computer room. Also, the detail on the police box is great and you can tell Scott wanted to make it a focal point of the strip.

On the downside Jade with bug-eyes (JBE as it will be referred to now) returns. Also, when Brent clasps his hand together his fingers turn sharp and claw-like (if its an homage to Sabretooth/Lady Deathstrike I'm sorry). Plus in the last frame, if Brent is clasping his hands in joy, you can't see the fingers of his right and at all and his left fingers are weird.

Story - Good premise as most men like to order things and rather ask for forgiveness then permission (I know Brent forgot but its still true). As one who got in trouble for buying a new Ipod when saving for a house, this comic rings true.

Side note - If this goes into a Doctor Who-centric storyline I haven't seen one episode, so references will go over my head. I'm warning you now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Open Thread - Upcoming Games

Right now I'm muddling through Fallout 3 an hour at a time, sometimes more, and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I was wondering what games should I look forward to coming out, since I don't have a good ear to the ground with these things?

The ones I am looking out for:
1) Champions Online - I enjoyed City of Heroes and I'm intrigued to see what this game does on Xbox 360.

2) DC Universe Online - See above. I like the fact that DC writers are taking part in this game and the screenshots look great.

3) Star Wars: The Old Republic: I played Star Wars Galaxies when it first came out and the problems in the game, plus overall boredom, had me leave. The trailers and screenshots look great, Bioware looks to have a good handle on the game, and some of the game mechanics are interesting.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Open Thread - Other Webcomics

Yo guys,
On weekends I'll try to post something small on weekends to start a discussion. So what are some other webcomics that have interesting things going on right now?

My candidates:
1) Anders Loves Maria - I love the storyline that is going on and a recent decision by Anders to NOT sleep with someone saved it from being too ridiculous. The strip has been plagued by technical difficulties and she has kids so that is important (I guess :) ) so the amount of strips has slowed recently. Still it’s a great story with great art.

2) XKCD - I don't get every joke of every strip but it makes me laugh more often then not. The most recent strip includes Microsoft Windows Beta 7, Hitler, and a dig at Vista and got an audible laugh for this guy.

3) Penny Arcade - Always great and the last 2-3 weeks have been great.

Also, while not technically a comic I look forward to every Wednesday for a new episode of Zero Punctuation. Yahtzee is called too negative by some people but I think he's just consistently funny. Even for games I liked (GTA IV) he points out things that are funny and very true (the dark dark dark grittiness that overtakes the game.)

PS - To Scott, the poster not the author (if they are one in the same, oh well), all I have to say is you have you get what you give from this site. Your anger/disdain/contempt from your posts has been palpable for a long while; it shouldn't be a surprise that people bringing negativity back to you, it's just a matter of common sense. Sure some psots on here have been ridiculous, but your responses don't really inspire the same images of Ghandi and MLK.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Waiting is the hardest part for - "Meet the Ex"

Art- I like the change of Chet's hair to one solid piece in the front to tell nose from hair. I love Miranda's petulant look as it captures her seething really well. Finally, Scott continues with the profile shots in panel 2 and does well with the guys compared to Miranda a few days ago.

Story - I'm glad to see that Chet appears to be more of an oafish guy instead of a douche bag. This way (if his attitude continues) the conflict remains between Reggie and Miranda, instead of adding a new character who we really don't care about. I think Reggie remains a well written character and his line at the end of the strip was the best in a while as well as Chet’s unwitting acceptance of it.

Also, for those of you who think I have dropped the ball, PVPMMS had a lull in updates last year from 12/21 to 1/17 so it is not an uncommon occurrence around here to face a slow down around the holidays.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

WOW stories

I saw Scott's update and chuckled to that and at my friend RW's response to his solicitation of World of Warcraft stories for Ding!

At first I laughed because Scott said he was taking over the creative reigns of the strip both writing and drawing the strip. While I do enjoy his art more than Paul, preference over actual skill, he isn't technically writing the strip. His readers will be writing the stories that become the strips while he will edit the stories into whatever format he wants to put the strip into. It’s like “writing” Humor in Uniform from Readers Digest, while having to do the bigger job of illustration.

While, I do agree that it is funny but I disagree that the people aren't being paid. Scott did promise to send them a 11 x 17 hard copy of the strip which is $9.95 in his store and it’s a personalized strip to their story. Remember these are the people that would have hunted down FSM for original artwork being sent to them.

PS - If you want to see something funny Ding! actually has a comments page right below the strip (much to the horror of Scott I'm sure) and there is a pretty good argument going on since it has been about a month (12/10/08) since the strip last updated. However, I'll with a poster Marler that Scott seems to have lost "it" with that strip and all the traction is gone. Hopefully this solicitation works as Ding was a good strip when it first started.

'Tis the Season Part 2

12-31 - This Party blows - I really like the backgrounds in this strip as the detail of the kitchen where Miranda and Reggie are making out is great. Also, I liked the drawing of the Rock Band drum kit. The punch line wasn't that strong as it was just kind of there meaning there was no sarcasm or real wit to it. Also, Jade's eyes are a little weird as they seem to be over top of her hair. I know that is the character design but it would be hard to do in real life.

1-1-09 - Catching Up - Alright this is the first real glimpse at the new Reggie character design and I'll say it’s definitely not the best redesign. Looking back at the pre-change Reggie his neck is as thin as it was before and his lips and the shape of his head are the same. The biggest changes are: 1) His hair: It is different as he kept it way shorter the last time we saw him. Moving to a more braided/longer hair look is ok it's just more dramatic for Reggie. 2) His shades- The lenses become round from half-moon and the arms of the glasses enter in the middle instead of the top. It's an update of styles so again not too bad of a change. 3) His eyebrows - This is my biggest problem with the redesign. When we last saw Reggie he had more wispy eyebrows similar to Brent in this strip. Now he has Groucho Marx brows and that combined with the updates just makes every change seem radical and a total overhaul for the character.

1-2-09 - Breaking up is hard to do - I don't know what it is, but as with Skull, Scott just seems to write really well. Whenever he is in a strip he's usually even-keeled and his dialogue comes off very honest and truthful (well for a cartoon character). His explanation of his problems with Miranda is very good as is his explanation of why he is still with her rings true; hey who wouldn't want to give Miranda MULTIPLE chances is she kept showing up for hot sex? Also, the punch line was very well done as Reggie's question and Brent's response came off as a natural part of a conversation. I can't help but think if it was Cole/Francis/Brent, the guys who are in 75% of PVP strips; a strip like this would ring false.

1-5-09 - Same Party, Different Rooms - Surprisingly mature Brent advice through the first 4 panels. I also continue to like the background detail as you can tell that Brent and Reggie are outside on a deck/porch while the girls are inside. Before the blank or minimal backgrounds would have you questioning if the girls were just on the other side of a wall. The ending continues the story and with my fiancée owning 10 seasons of Friends reminded me strongly of that show.

1-6-09 - Communication - I saw some of the comments from this strip and agree that the throwing of the water/wine wasn't that great but it is a harder action to capture in drawing. Miranda's profile is also off as I looked back and most profiles and the normal view of her face show a pointed look and in this strip is very rounded with a strong jaw. Also, Brent's "kissy" kips are odd as they look to be floating completely independent of her face.

Funny side note (to me at least) Brent must be getting hammered; he's changing from red to white wine in this strip. I like that Brent and Jade are a little smug here as most married couples think they know relationships better than single couples. This strip also continues the Friends-eque storyline, not that that’s a bad thing.

1-7-09 - Life is a frolic - It seems whenever Brent and Cole get together the maturity of a situation decreases a good deal. I do not know why they would want Reggie to get back with Miranda after Brent had the conversation and advice he gave to him 2 strips before. Reggie's dialogue is still great as his explanation of the situation remains spot on. The punch line was great as the "you write what you know" got a audible laugh out of me

1-8-09 - Moving on - Kind of saw the punch line coming from the vigor that Jade defended her sister but I'm sure it’s not the end of the arc. I liked Jade's profile better then Miranda's previous as, while it may be rounder than it was before, it’s a softer curve and more of a feminine jaw. Jade's bug eyes make another appearance and I dislike Chet, not just because he is likely a douche bag/prima donna, but because you cannot tell what is his hair and what is his nose with a close look. Also, the fact that his eyebrows are thick AND floating in front of his hair is just odd.

@poormnssuprmn49 - I saw your comments and as for the quality of my critiques: I've posted that I am not nearly as adept at this as ES and FSM but they have been busy themselves so you got me, so no apology. If you disagree with something I say, then, well, there's an OBVIOUS thing you can do, post your disagreement about it and start a conversation. As for the timeliness of the posts, I do apologize to everyone, no just you. I work 40 hours as a physical therapist with extra hours for notes and that combined with New Years, working out, and you know paying attention to my fiancee gets me on the computer around 11pm and thats not the best time for cogent thoughts. (I have a half day on Thursdays thats why I updated around 3pm today). Now that I am caught up posts will come more regularly. I saw your own website and saw your last post was "20 greatest albums of 2007!!! ... (drama)" (yes folks 3 exclamation points and an ellipses). Please do not come to me and complain about schedule when you cannot even update your site for over a year (12/2/07).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

'Tis the season

@ the duck and originaljes
Well I HOPE this site is not slowly dying but as much as the inconsistency of posts is a problem I have a total of 29 comments on the 6 posts. I'll do my best to post everyday and I hope you all do the same. I don't care what it is about, call me and idiot, whatever, but let us get back to the point where we had some discussion here. Hell I don't even anything close to this for a living so my opinion has to have some holes in it :).

12/23- Back Atcha! - I liked how this comic answered my complaint about the Christmas tree (not a personal answer, just it came up). A good throw back to the function of Juggernaut's helmet and the star comment made me chuckle. A nitpick was when Professor X-mas had his power turned back on his I believe it is the Little Drummer Boy he is singing. Unless his trance is causing it the lyrics are "Pa-rump-pa-pum-pum" instead of "Ba-rump-ba . . ."

12/24 - Underneath the Mistletoe - I still like the art as it remains a good homage to the classic 60's/70's Marvel art, especially Marvel Girl. Also the "(and some women)" addition made me chuckle as it was a good juxtaposition to the classic art. The one thing I didn't like was the mistletoe, while it is poisonous; it is only if it is eaten. Wrapping a person in it, while they are in a hulking metal suit shouldn't be that much of a concern.

12/25 - Silent Night, Deadly Night - The art again was well done as the action throughout continues to be done with great detail and style. Also, the two Christmas puns were good, with the second being better and making me chuckle the most. In the second panel when Scratch's power frees him the silhouette (round, rotund) is different from the actual shape (muscular, anatomical). Also, with the shape of the speech bubble it looks like he is calling Scratch Robbie instead of what I guess is Frosty's real name.

12/26 - Kringus Triumphant - Overall a good ending to a good arc which I liked a good bit. The foreshadowing is there for next year and I hope that it is as strong as this year. My only complain - in the last panel seeing the "mess" that was left after Santa's attack was good, but I wish Kringernaut's head wasn't in the shot. It lessens the space in the frame and seeing a full frame of the aftermath would have been nice.

12/29 - Kringus 2008: Epilogue - The TRUE follow-up to the arc that continues the foreshadowing for next year. Also, the fact that Scratch took out the Jingle Force Five and then loses his presents to the lovable (albeit cranky) Skull got me to audibly laugh, very nice.

12/30 - Balls - Hey remember yesterday's strip and the whole arc that I generally liked? Well I generally disliked this one. First off, this was done before when Cole tried to ban farts and that wasn't funny. Also, the "balls in Miranda's face" was pure 5th grade humor, and the bad thing is it wasn't FUNNY 5th grade humor.

Ok its 1:25 am I'll finish the rest of the strips tomorrow guys, Peace!

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