Friday, December 21, 2007

The Hidden Character

Not much to complain about today's strip because it's purely expository. It's the beginning of the arc, we need some background. Totally fair.

That having been said -- the last panel is a bit odd.

When did Skull show up? Assuming he just showed up, it would have been totally in character for him to go "Squee!" upon finding Shecky is in town. It's a little convenient for him to just show up unsurprised.

On the other side of the coin, just a few moments ago Brent and Cole were arguing about who would be stuck with him for the holidays -- an argument that would be pretty rude to have in front of Skull. Not that the characters are above that sort of gaffe -- but if it had happened that way the author would have made a droll joke about it. ("Hey! I'm sitting right here!")

One other small quibble -- I know I've already suspended disbelief enough to be reading a comic about a love-lorn troll, but Shecky obviously has a bad rep. However, how lonely does an ancient-eyed socialite have to be to give a redeeming-quality-less troll a year to find some quality? Really lonely. Despite the parties she throws.

Maybe it's a trick! That would be hilarious.

But it would mean the whole arc would be a waste of time. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Your suspicions about loneliness come out true in the last of this storyline.

In your next commentary you mentioned Skull did not get a chance to react to the presence of Sheky. It is unusual not to take a chance to expose Skull's easily-excited nature, but it's not unreasonable to skip past that part and assume it's already happened if necessary.

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