Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Coming Soon

So, contrary to popular opinion in the comments, I have a life, which is more important than my work in the field of criticism :)

I'll be back soon! Sounds like lots has been up!


Anonymous said...

Interesting note of passive aggression there -- "I have a life," implication being that your readers don't? Followed by promises that good stuff is yet to come ... seems like you're morphing into Scott.

Next new blog:
"PVP Makes Me Sad Makes Me Sad."

Anonymous said...

You have to reaffirm to us you have a life? Sounds like you don't have a life.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you defensive crybabies sure don't let things go. I'd argue that ZenMonkey, with over 2,000 (search tops out at 2k) posts on the halfpixel message boards in less than half a year, has less of a life than our friendly critic here.

You people sure are a sad lot.

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the point, most criticisms against this blog is "Wow you made a blog dedicated to criticizing PvP? You must not have a life." He's saying he actually does have a life, contrary to what the readers have been saying. It had nothing to do with you. Jesus.

Phil said...
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Anonymous said...

I like what you are doing. It's pretty fair criticism to make a comic better. I like that Scott reads it; his art has been improving but the writing has been a bit flat to me. I miss some of the real emotion in the PvP storylines rather than just reading the comic and knowing that it wants me to feel something when I don't feel it. I'd like it to return to its roots. No, not gaming references. Just I wanna see Skull and Brent have a little misadventure together, or Cole showing who he is a bit more. I like when Cole is a human, but in the last storyline I felt he became artificial and I wish I knew what actually happened between him and his wife. I like PvP too, and I wish it were a bit better. oh and I deleted my last comment because it had my name attached to it. Seems I can't get rid of it completely.

Jai said...

"You're updating a blog about a webcomic? You must not have a life!"

"You're not updating and say it's because you have a life? You must not have a life!"


We'll see ya when we see ya, TFSM. At this rate, you'll still have a new post up before the Cole's Marriage storyline resumes.

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