Monday, February 25, 2008

In Which I Hate the Game

So, as the comments come in to this relatively new blog, I've noticed that some of them are great, some of them are meh, and some of them are junk.

And some of them are fat jokes.

As many of you have noticed I've tried to set a somewhat high bar for myself in terms of objectivity and civility, and while I don't have any control over who comments and what they say (as it should be), I'd just like to be on the record as against personal attacks of this nature. If you have a gripe, go for the product, and the brain that produces the product, not the irrelevant details of personal lives.


Sage said...

OMG U CHOSE JAI OVER MEEEE WTF!!!! I Mad God Commints! again sorry troll coming out :)

Good to see ya back TFSM and thanks for the referendum on the fat jokes, they are neither funny or applicable to anything. Hopefully the vacation was good and the sickness wasnt the "out of both ends" flu thats been going around.

Sage said...
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Sage said...

Hey since I posted 2 min before TFSM return Im reposting forgive me:

Well, the one thing about Reggie, he could take up a defensive position and pick off any noise he hears, I don't think anyone expects his to run through the woods. Outside chance- Reggie and Miranda hit every one they pause for an awkward hello, Skull picks them off and takes the flags :)

Also, doesn't Francis WEAR glasses? his old drawing models shows him clearly having them, and I don't remember a contact/laser surgery story line, so that what he is showing. The behind the back show is a little off but he's showing different perspectives, like the more "realistic" drawins will take some time to get down.

Also, with the REAL Reggie wouldn't you hate to be someone walking with your drink in between the two and be hit in the eye? Its a good story but Id be mad.

Scott said...

There are three reasons why you guys should not sweat the fat jokes that get tossed at me so fast and furiously:

1) They're cheap shots. As far as clever insults go, these are the bottom of the barrel; easy and cheap. I love a good insult and by giving any credence to something so horribly crafted, we're only going to perpetuate the lowering of the artform known as "talking shit." Let's not EVER do that.

2) These guys are trying, desperately, to get a rise out of me by pressing what they assume to be this super-effective hot button. It used to me, not so much anymore. See point 3.

3) I've done something to correct my weight issue. I'm down 170 pounds and still have a lot to go. There was no denying I was obese and now there is no denying that I've taken action. Just by deciding to correct the issue already diffuses their pathetic attempt at an insult.

TheOriginalJes said...

Scott - Although I agree with the sentiment. Sometimes, silence implies consent.

I think it's great that TFSM would like to insist on intelligent views in his own blog. Because he's defending intelligence and educated thought. Not anyone's self-esteem.

The only way I wouldn't mind the fat jokes in this blog is if you made your weight an issue in the comic on a regular/semi-regular basis. Then you'd be setting yourself up in the shooting gallery.

R.W.McGee said...

The fat jokes are ridiculous. And strangely...always made by anonymous posters. I'm happy to critique a story or a piece of art...but attacking somebody for how much they weigh just seems out of line.

Good for you taking control of that Scott.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so it's not just that Scott's fat. It's also that he has these stubby sausage fingers. When he signed one of my TPBs at Comic Con the pen was practically writhing in his hand, covered in a sheen of sweat. He smudged the inside of the book! Grrr.

Sage said...

Ha and as anonymus has shown the fat jokes aren't even that funny. They don't even merit a response over laughing at them. Now if it was actually a good insult I may respect the talent.

Seejak said...

At the end of the day, this blog isn't even about Scott Kurtz - it's about PvP, so jokes about his weight aren't only sad they're off the topic.

Jai said...

I'm pretty sure that comments can be deleted by the blog's owner. Although doing that might give the "You must have way too much time on your hands to make a blog about how PVP sux lol" crowd more fodder, if they realize that deleting wholly-off-topic nonsensical comments takes a little bit of time.

Anonymous said...


Jai said...

Is that the feathered rubber ball that you hit with long-handled little tennis rackets over a volleyball net?

That's got to be the silliest game in the world.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I kind of enjoy the fat jokes, if only because I don't like being told what I can and cannot say. I'd also point out that Scott's comment here again illustrates his weirdly borderline approach to criticism: one the one hand, fat jokes don't bother him, and on the other, pleeeeease guys look at how much weight I've lost!!

Scott, either slavishly dedicate yourself to making everyone love you, or tell us all to fuck off. Trying to have it both ways is passive-aggressive and creepy, like a dog who alternates between biting you and licking you.

Sage said...

Ha anonymous doesn't like to be told what to say, but he's telling Scott what to say. That really just shows the type of person he is.

Yes, it makes no sense to point out that he's lost weight to have the fat jokes not have as much effect.

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