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Since I went a bit off the rails in the last post (IMHO, not very far off), I might as well say something nice, in the interest of not being a Total Fuckwad. (I wanted to title this post "Shitcock" but it wouldn't have really been in line with the spirit of the post.)

Is this in response to Scott's comment? I admit, yes. My goal in writing this blog is not to get on Scott's good side, or even his bad side, or even to gain attention in any way; I just have shit to say. But I do acknowledge that I get down on PVP a lot, and while I don't care if people agree with me or not, I do care that people know that I try not to be a Total Fuckwad. :)

So, FWIW, I've read all of the Ding! strips, and I think they are often very funny, hilarious even.

I'm not a MMORG player, but I do read enough blogs and have enough of a gaming background to appreciate a lot of the jokes. But even if I don't get them, the strips are well-written enough that it doesn't matter. It starts off strong from the first strip, which I didn't get until the last panel, but that made it even better. The ghost of clipping graphics? It took me a while to get the actual joke of the strip, but it didn't matter because the setup was original and amusing.

The characters are energetic and emotional, and the whole thing works well.

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.


ralph baumgardner said...

I think Ding! works really well because it goes back to the pacing that PVP used to have back in the day, the nice 4 panel block.
I have felt PVP has been off for a while, but I think it's mostly the joke pacing.
He has been writing for the animated series, and I have noticed the pacing get worse since then.

I dunno, just my 2 cents.

Sage said...

Yep, DING! right now is the best of scott's work as many if not all of the strip have made me laugh despite the fact I have only played WoW for 2-3 months.

PVP at this point is now hit and miss since theyve gone towards longer story lines.

My question is who is who in the game?
My thoughts are
Skeleton: Francis
Male Night Elf: Brent
Female Night Elf: Jade
Troll: Skull

The only reason I ask is that the two main characters or at least those that appear the most are the female night elf and Skeleton (undead?) which I would think would be Jade and Brent. However, this was blown to bits when the "dad" wanted to spend quality time together, which I don't think Rip would want to do through a video game, while Francis' likely would

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Ding! is a good strip, and I'm probably the most critical of anyone of PvP on this blog.

Sage said...

oh you're the critical anonymus, good way to differentiate :)

Shivan (Shy-Vin) said...

Agreed, I have liked every single Ding! so far.

Just goes to show when he puts passion and heart into his work how great it is.

fox said...

Yep I've been enjoying Ding! too, maybe we should talk more about it, I certainly wouldn't mind and if Scott keeps this up then there will be a lot of positive things for him to read on here.

Anonymous said...

"oh you're the critical anonymus, good way to differentiate :)"

I'm speaking collectively.

Anonymous: We Are Legion.

Anonymous said...

Really? I highly dislike Ding! I mean, to be fair, I do play alot of WoW and I've picked up alot of WoW comics over the past couple years, so it had plenty (perhaps too much) to live up to. But it seriously doesn't deliver anything new, and what it does show has been overdone, and done better.
And maybe it's because I'm a girl, but I found that last joke crass and unimpressive.

P.S. They're bloodelves, not nightelves.

Sage said...
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Sage said...

Oops definetly showed myself as not a WoW regular player

evan said...

I haven't liked every Ding! comic, but for the most part they have been good gags. I don't think that there needed to be two strips saying that the Dad doesn't understand the mechanics of the game back to back like that, but the second one had a slightly different take and it was alright.

I thought the last joke was a bit crass as well, but it was supposed to be. I mean... it was a your mom joke. If that's your thing, then it worked. Personally, I find your mom jokes to be lazy. If you can't find something creative to say, just say "your mom" and walk away. But, again, this strip at least put a little twist on the generic your mom response.

Re: Sage

These characters are not supposed to be the PvP cast playing WoW. it's a new cast of characters.

Re: Anonymous who highly dislikes Ding!

They are Night Elves, because this is not WoW. This is a generic MMORPG world. It contains elements of WoW, to be sure. Because that is the most prevelant MMO currently, but the world is not the WoW universe, so you will find many things that are inconsistent with that universe if you are expecting it to be.

Sage said...

Actually they are the PVP characters, as all the character models here are used in DING! Its the panda attack clan, but its all the PVP characters I believe

Sage said...

At least its the same ones he used when the PVP crew played WoW. . . .
Scott doesnt say one way or another

evan said...

He says in that podcast that they aren't and that it's a generic MMO world :)

Sage said...

kewl then, see where iui was confused?

evan said...

Oh yeah, the models are the same, and even some of the names. But he said that he was trying to create something different here, and that it's a different universe.

Anonymous said...

Ding is OK, but why on earth is Scott so proud of a "your mom" joke? He has better Ding comics to be proud of. That one was pretty lame.

Sage said...

Meh a "your mom" joke coming from an undead person to a merchant is a different situation, now if Wilder Valderrama was doing it, no it would be very unfunny :)

R.W.McGee said...

Yeah, this Ding humor I can get behind. When Kurtz is inspired he can clearly still be funny.

Anonymous said...

Fair skin + yellow-red hair = Blood Elf
Dark skin + green-purple hair = Night Elf.

And it is based off WoW since the premise of it started on PvP as Brent and Jade wanting to play WoW again, and all of the characters were introduced during that arc.
The very first comic is a specific reference to a Barrens quest. Trust me, its a WoW based comic.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see the Podcast comment, *shrug*, seems kinda weird to have that many elements from WoW. Alliance as bad guys, the Blood Elf/Undead pact, heck, even the WoW specific gear from the 24/7 one. Are you sure he said it was supposed to be MMO generic?

Proc said...

Chiming in for the first time since I was linked to this blog, I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments. It is nice to read a forum where people share many of my thoughts and can express their opinions as constructive criticism.

I have also enjoyed the Ding! strips; many of them have made me chuckle, whereas the main PvP comic hasn't made me do that very often lately. This leads me to a question: rather than making Ding! a separate comic, could Mr. Kurtz integrate them as strips in PvP?

Maybe he stated why he made them a separate comic at some point, but I missed it (I don't usually read posts or listen to podcasts). I personally would enjoy seeing them as part of PvP, and am wondering why it isn't that way. Would it be overkill on MMORPG jokes for too much of the PvP audience? I feel like they could be weekend comics or something. Is there a revenue stream from Ding! as a separate comic, or are there other reasons?

Sage said...

From the posts I say Scott make, he enjoyed doing the plotline where PVP was playing in WoW and was toying with the idea to make Ding! the sunday strig. Then 1-2 days later someone from had contacted him to do it on a T, Th basis thus the currect situation. I don;t know how he puts his time around the two plus the animated series, but I do really like ding! at this point.

Anonymous said...

I've taken a dump on Kurtz in my last few comments, but I gotta be honest.

Ding! makes me lol.

(That doesn't mean I like Kurtz anymore for it.)


The Duck said...

Hmm, nope. Ding is not a funny strip. I'm thinking about Think that one's taken?

Sage said...

Btw describes it as "the WoW adventures of the people from PvP" so there is confusion all around.

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