Monday, April 14, 2008

... For Romance

Last Chance was what it needed to be. A nice intro to what is surely a long storyline. We get a little insight into how Brent and Jade feeling about the event: as a foregone conclusion. No indication of "Shit.. what if she's not kidding?", which I think is great. Hopefully this means we won't get a trite "cold feet" story.


R.W.McGee said...

Cold feet? Pshaw. My expectations are that one of them will contract a fatal illness, and the other will be replaced by their evil doppleganger from a parallel universe.

(and yes, there is a precedent)

Now THAT's a wedding story that would satisfy!

Sage said...

Nah, I think Scott has railed (sp?) against Tim Buckley for not having the balls to go through with his pregnancy storyline, that it will go through (with some drama) to prove he can evolve his strip.

R.W.McGee said...

hmmm, that's true. Ah Scott vs. Buckley...good times, lol.

Sage said...

Yes and Buckley is putting off his storline with his "choose your own adventure" story. Its funny, but its filler like *cough* paintball *cough*

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