Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Return of the Last Panel Twist!

Ugh. This is my least favorite form of the last-panel twist, the Unexpected I'm Sorry. (Yes, I just made that up, but you know what I mean, right?) There's never a surprise; he'll either man up or wimp out.

I predict he will man up (wimping out seems pretty much out of the question), and one of two things will happen tomorrow:

1. Brent will say, in effect, "I'm sorry but you're no longer invited to our wedding."

2. Brent will say, in effect, "I'm sorry I'm not the man you had in mind for your daughter, but I love her with all my heart, and she loves me, and as a mother isn't that all you've ever really wanted?"

My money is on #2. I'd like to see #1. I'd love to see something original.


Anonymous said...

...option 3 He apologizes for them never having met...

Anonymous said...

word FSMC

Anonymous said...

It could also be a less-adversarial version of the "man up" option, e.g., "I'm sorry that you've had a life that's convinced you that you can't trust anyone and everyone's out to get a piece of you. But Jade and I are getting married, and you can either take a risk, accept that, and be there for this part of your daughter's life, or you can go home."

This would let us see Brent being a bit more thoughtful/insightful than usual. And it allows the mother to either take the olive branch or throw it back in his face with some sort of derision (thus setting up the strip's punchline where Brent either wimps out or stands up with a pithy one-liner).

With good dialogue, that could be a good strip.

Anonymous said...

In an attempt to bring things back to their usual tone, it will be "I'm sorry, that was Skull's buttblast not mine", and then Francis will appear on-panel and say "gaaaay."

Anonymous said...

So... You'd rather see Brent be a total dick, and alienate Jade for telling her mother not to come?

That'd be absolutely terrible!

There's a reason things are cliche'.


R.W.McGee said...

I'm sorry. I've been deceiving you at Jade's request...she IS marrying the man who owns the mansion. ME.

Hijinks ensue.

Anonymous said...

I know the " be continued." is implied given it's an arc but as a strip in itself, it doesn't really 'go' anywhere. It's almost like the top half of a double strip where the second is missing and the reader isn't tipped that the scene isn't over.

Jai said...

We've had rather a lot of last panel twists lately.

April 24th: The Unexpected I'm Sorry

April 22nd: The Unexpected Oh, Right, Aren't Our Friends Totally Super Rich?

April 21st: The Unexpected Brent Can't Fix This

April 17th: The Unexpected It's Actually The Mother Of The Bride's Fault

April 16th: The Unexpected It's Miranda's Fault

April 15th: The Unexpected Small-Scale, Smooth Wedding Plans Have Been Called Off

Anonymous said...

Man, all this comic does is piss me off every day I read it. Jesus Christ, Scott, start making PVP one of your priorities again. I only read it now so I can see FSM and the rest of the folks here tear it apart. That's the only entertainment value it has anymore. Is your imagination completely based off of TV sitcoms and other comic strips? I think one of your numerous rolls of fat has strangled your testicles to death.

R.W.McGee said...

damn, FSM, you called that one on the nose. Option #2 with a side order of tossing Jade under the bus.

Scott said...

I dunno guys. I think a lot of you are off-base here.

Recently I've been very excited about the constructive criticism I've gotten from this site, specifically FSM call for more emotion on display in my character art. It's something I've taken to heart and tried to improve upon.

There are a couple things about this story-arc you guys need to consider:

1) There is a large constituency of my fan-base who are simply excited and eager to see these two wed. There' not looking for me to "finally break new ground" and "stop being the old predictable Scott Kurtz" at this juncture (even if they normally do).

This is a time where the predictable I think is more appropriate.

I've tried to give everyone a wedding story, with some ups and downs, without getting too cliched.

2) Brent is not throwing Jade under the bus. What he did was absolutely the right thing to do. That might seem out of character for Brent, but I think that's the most important part of this story. Brent is kind of growing a bit out of character. He's going to have to right? He's getting married.

He's not happy with Jade's mom, he may not like her, but he sees the value in making sure that Jade has her mother at the wedding. Maybe more of you have to get married to understand that I'm not sure.

3) I think that everyone who wishes Brent had gone OFF on Jade's mom would ultimately have been disappointed with that outcome. Why is it so important for that to take place. Some people in my forums said that nothing short of Brent smacking her or the Panda committing violence on her would make them happy. Ridiculous. That to me seems the easiest of outs.

I bring in a bitch who is very over the top so that Brent can be a smart ass and verbally bitch slap her down? Why? What's the point of that? Where' the character growth in that?

It's easy to ignore the people that use this site as a way to satiate their PvP or Kurtz hating. That's not what the author of this site intended for it's use. So it's extremely easy to dismiss those people.

But I just wanted to address some of the more mature critics here. Because I love talking about this stuff and I've enjoyed this story arc very much.

David said...

Personally, the last panel of today's (A Real Mouthful) made me extremely happy. I liked seeing Brent take a plunge into maturity, but at the same time retaining the snarkiness for which I love him.

Sage said...

I liked the last strip, because it tied the mother storyline up a little bit. It addressed why the meeting of parents, even Brent's took so long to take place. I still like the more "realistic" drawing of the parents, but thats more of a personal preference. While I did want to see Brent give Jade's mom a verbal berating, the "back at'cha" at the end of the strip was a good dig, as he still showed he wasn't friends with Jade's mom, but at least they can be civil. Plus, we don't get bogged down with Brent vs. Jade's mom (unnamed) as the wedding is only a month away. At least we got to see Jade put her mom (at least for a small bit) into her place and was good.

Plus Scott good job so far, but that doesn't mean I liked the paintball arc :P. (gets pummeled with paintballs)

R.W.McGee said...

I'm just saying tossed her under the bus, because he is implying to the mother that Jade has intentionally kept Brent from meeting her...but is that really the case? I mean, I don't think the mother has really made an effort herself until this moment.

Yes, Brent is certainly being mature, and I think it's a better choice than having him 'go off' on the mother...but I almost felt like Brent's speech belonged to Jade.

What actually would have tickled me would be to see Cole being the guy to take the mother down a peg. He's sort of due, having just been rail-roaded by Brent's father, and suffering from his own marital issues. But then, I guess that could still be in the future.

lordfooz said...

When will people learn that just because someone is your mother, father, uncle, sister, brother, cousin or whatever doesn't mean you have to cow to their whims or put up with their shit. If someone is out of line, if someone is an asshole, if someone is a jerk it doesn't matter that they're related to you.

You don't want to lose that connection? With your asshole bitch of a mother? Gosh golly. Nearly middle aged adults getting married don't have to put up with crap from parents they don't even like. Brent acted both out of character and out of line.

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