Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Goggles... They Actually Work

Brent is now blind! (Loveblind) Finally, a major character with a major disability!

(I'm just keeeedinggg...)

Quick minor thoughts on the strip:

-- It's not hilarious, but it feels worthwhile.

-- I wish he hadn't gone to the silhouette in the third panel. It doesn't add anything and (whatever we think of the dress) we lose an excellently rendered panel of the new couple.

-- I like Brent without his glasses on.


Skeeter said...

Honestly, it made me laugh and it made sense. It was a nice little twist on the sappy sentimentality. Kudos to Mr. Kurtz.

I agree about the third panel, though. The silhouette wasn't necessary.

Anonymous said...

It made me laugh too, but I'm kind of ambivalent about the silhouette panel. I think, design wise, it creates a nice variation, though this could have also been accomplished by drawing Jade and Brent next to each other, but with different poses/expressions. Silhouettes are easier to draw though.

Anyone have any thoughts on Scott's post about cutting out the weekend strips? Personally, I support it; if he's only doing strips five days a week, it will allow him more time on the art, so maybe we'll get more detailed drawings/backgrounds from here on out.

Anonymous said...

Scott uses the silhouettes far too much these days. It can be used to great effect but sometimes I feel Scott is just being lazy and throws one in.

Apart from that, nice strip.

fizoer said...

I do NOT like Brent without his glasses on. Not simply because I want things to remain the same, but because he just plain looks odd.

Anonymous said...

I loled at this strip!

Sage said...

If Brent's eyes are naturally that tiny, i can see why he wears the sunglasses and would want him to put it back on, but it makes sense for his light blindness right now.

The strip made sense as Brent's eyes were basically in a cave for 10 years and it takes the "man this day is going quickly" concept and puts a PVP twist on it.

While I do agree the silhouette wasnt the best because the art is good with all the wedding attire, if Scott did it to save time I understand as his hand may be getting cramped from all the detail.

I fully support taking weekends off especially if its well KNOWN, that we shouldnt go to the site throughout the weekend expecting something. We'll still get 7 strips a week (5 daily +2 Ding! stips, which I think are good ) themselves) and it should keep quality up without buring out the artist.

Jai said...

I like Jade's new nose, too. So far, I'm all for this "more realistic artistic design" nudging Mr. Kurtz is performing on his cast (Including Brent without his shades on). Can we look forward to Jade's hair looking different from now on? How long until Brent gets a damn haircut and a job? ;)

I'm glad that Ding! is apparently not dead and buried, too.

Anonymous said...

first color
now weekends updates
then what?

he`ll start updating only once a week like vg cats

Anonymous said...

but Ding is just a job for hire the day that crispy games site doesnt give scott the big bucks
ding will be over.

algeya said...

This would be a good day
to end PvP and start over or give us at least PvP 3.00

John-Claude said...

I wish Scott would evolve the art of all the characters simultaneously. Jade looks amazing, Brent still looks circa 2001.

Look at Scary Go Round, Questionable Content, Penny Arcade, etc.. The characters all mature at the same point artistically.

John-Claude said...

P.S. Achewood rules.

Anonymous said...

That silhouette looks so out of place and awkward. If it's just laziness, fair enough but if it's an artistic choice, it really didn't work. I guess you could babble about it being a representation of his blindness but that'd just feel too much like what a fanboy making excuses for his idol would say and a stetch.

Julia said...

See, I was right. He has not taken his glasses off at all ever. Kurtz was trying to imply that this was the first time Jade has seen Brent's eyes. Which I think is ridiculously stupid. But the punch line in the strip was amusing.

Anonymous said...

julia, he has been shown without glasses before. a few posts back somebody made a comment with links in it.

but i agree its stupid that jade would never see him without them. i thought it was meant more to be a treat for the audience. i mean i realize brents a bit of an asshole, but i think hed take his glasses off at his own wedding.

were not talking about corey delaney here.

fugu said...

When I initially read the strip I thought the 3rd frame was shot from behind the couple. The light that was blinding Brent was also silhouetting them, which I thought was a pretty good way of showing rather than telling how bright the light was.

However, after reading your post I looked at it again, and Jade is still on the left of the frame. Hahah, darn, guess it wasn't as clever as I had thought =b

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