Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I noticed via the comments that we got a call-out in the latest Web Comics Weekly podcast.

I just listened to it and it's pretty cool. (The relevant parts start around 49:30.) Scott says that while the blog does make him mad on occasion, he does appreciate when there is constructive criticism, and has actually taken some of our thoughts away and applied them to his strips.

That's a great compliment, I'm glad we're not all bad :)

A note to Brad Guigar, who can't get past the title "PVP Makes Me Sad": I chose the title deliberately because it was the least incendiary or vitriolic title I could come up with, while still getting my point across. I could have more easily gone with "PVP Sucks" or "PVP = WTF" or something similar, but "PVP Makes Me Sad" is a commentary on my reactions to the strip; it doesn't make any explicit judgments.

Which all sounds like a load of crap now that I've written it, but too bad.


Sage said...

Congrats to you TFSM, for having one of the few forums where conversation doesn't devolve into name calling and petty fighting . . . most of the time :).

I enjoy my conversations here, even though I may get mad sometimes, I look forward to most of you and the other poster's opinions.

Scott said...

I demand someone start IMMEDIATELY!

Rick said...

I have to agree with the general consensus so far, that this is an excellent way to update the look of the characters, and still have it be amusing.

As far as the Braditude, I actually have a lot of respect for the guy; he puts out consistently good work. I'll just count on his eventually coming around to seeing TFSM's side of things, i.e. this isn't meant as a bash at all, but an honest appraisal of PvP.

Kurtz may not agree with our opinions, and no one is saying he has to. I'm mainly looking at this as a place to vent frustrations without it devolving into "name calling and petty fighting." If Kurtz takes anything away from this, yay, if not, at the least it is teaching me different ways to review art and writing, which is always a benefit.

R.W.McGee said...

You mean ?


Subversive said...

I love this update and plot. It caught me completely off guard, and I found it to be quite clever.
Does anyone else think that Francis looks like Shaggy now, though?

Actually... Marcy looks sort of like Velma too...

Anonymous said...

I also have nothing to complain about. Its been a nice run of strips. very entertained. not complaining...

... except, well, something BUGS me. Does maturity give Marcy 'Jadez Disease'? (Im referring to the tendency of a female in pvp to look at the speaker of a punchline in the fourth panel without reacting at all)
Marcy just grew hips and boobs for crying out loud! So Francis grew some chin scruff! OK, Francis' balls probably dropped too. My point is, why isnt Marcy saying "Holy $#!!@!" Too! Or why isnt Marcy saying it, while francis' face shows it?

There may be good reasons for this.

Scott thinks its funnier this way. He his male characters designed to look funnier.

Marcy's 20+ Akwardness prevents her from outbursts. Or his 15+ Bravado causes outbursts.

SHE IS TOO REACTING, just subtly.

But it bugs me. I read it left to right, francis' face, the word ballon, her face, so her face is the last thing i See (although, vaugely, you know?) and her expression doesnt add to the funny. Panel 3's expression would have been better.

Guh. Sorry, Scott, but if I dont complain once every 2 weeks, FSM rescinds my 'PVP Haterz Club Card', a $39.95 value!

SlinkyTheDrunk said...

i'd say the reason is POV. i certainly laughed at francis reaction, but i dunno if would marcy's... it might have been lack of foresight on scott, and me for that matter... we didn't give you gals the thought involved.

sorry. i only know how to be me.

SlinkyTheDrunk said...

and why is only francis wearing black today? (may 29)brent and cole were before...

Sage said...

Well they took off their suit jacks and are wearing there shirts and vest, while Francis is still dressed.

I like the pause here again as Francis and Marcy are introduced and people are showing there surpise.

Btw Marcy isn't looking at Francis so it was a 24 hour case of Jadez Disease :P

The only complaint is that Miranda and (i don't remember Jade's childhood friend's name offhand) look odd in that the newer character models are more detailed than they were, if you look at panel 1 versus 3 you can appreciate the difference.

I cannot wait, if scott's plans call for it, for a change into a more detailed look because the art is great, but Miranda doesn't look as good (artistically) as the new Francis and Marcy.

Btw the hand of Miranda in panel one looks odd. (thats the extent of my art critiques)

TheOriginalJes said...

What,... no writing critique?

Ok, I'll try one...

I'm having a problem with disproportionality. I don't know why, but the first three panels of today's strip annoyed me. Perhaps you guys can help pick my thoughts apart...

How are we supposed to believe that, after all the time (and energy) Brent invested into his outburst, he can just let it go because Miranda and what'shername want to keep partying? He attacked one of the garden statues with a GOLF CLUB!!

Is his father supposed to have that much power over the people around him that the now (deity confirmed) adult Brent can't say something like, "You know what, Dad?...this has meaning for me! Regardless, of YOUR viewpoint!!"

How grown up is Brent supposed to be if he can't stand up for his own feelings at his own WEDDING? I mean, he already had the outburst. Let him be a man and own it. But, no. He'll just sweep it all under the rug for now... And his turning to his wife to ask if it's ok with her? This was HIS outburst. On HIS day (although most people generally consider the wedding day the bride's day). How can he openly defy the gods, and then become so passively submissive to everyone else? So what, if there was an episode V shot in the garden. That just didn't seem to cap it for me. Shouldn't there be something more from Brent, just to establish where his resolve is right now?

TheOriginalJes said...

SAM!! that's her name...

TheOriginalJes said...

One last thing, I feel is important to mention. Brent didn't remember that Skull is his childhood friend. And his mother never clarified that to him. So, I don't see how he would ever (deep down) expect Skull to leave.

Julia said...

I can definitely appreciate the clever way Kurtz decided to change up the appearances. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. I don't want Francis and Marcy to grow up. Maybe I'm just not good with change, but it seems completely wrong. But, still, very clever.

Sage said...

Theoriginaljes -
First off thanks for the name, i forgot her completely.

Second, I can see what you mean, but I took that a good bit of time has passed. The reason was Marcy kissed Francis AFTER SKull left and presumably the wedding party started to talk at that point. Next, Marcy and Francis were "done" and getting dressed again when Brent was finally coming around. Even though there weren't gone long according the Marcy, they were likely away for 30-45 minutes which is enough time to simmer down from something like that.

Also, at the end when Skull leaves, Brent is more resigned to the fact as Cole promised to get him back as they all were looking into the field where they left and he wasn't full of righteous fury, so again it wouldn't take too long for him to come.

TheOriginalJes said...

sage -

I get that. And, I understand that time passes or doesn't pass off-panel, as required for telling the story. And, that we shouldn't get too caught up in the details.

I think I would just prefer to see something more definitive of Brent's grief during the cool-down period. Not a lot, just a panel or two explicating where he finds himself emotionally, and how he's decided to stabilize himself. As opposed to him just (seemingly) blindly following the edicts of others. As to which he is so often bitterly opposed.

Or, if he must just follow, a simple acknowledgement from Brent to his friends and family, showing the audience that he understands and accepts what they're saying, so we're not left expecting more from the scene.

I know it makes me a hypocrit from a previous post. But, something in my head has just been screaming, "That's not Brent!"

Sage said...

Well he still has his wedding day and he realizes that, as maybe the "mature" Brent, he can't scream, rant, and rave because its not just all about him.

I do expect more after the wedding day as possibly Cole, Brent or both scheme to try and get Skull back, or at least more anger. However, I can understand that you can't ruin one day because he can't do anything about it at that point (lest more of the statuary attack him).

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