Monday, June 30, 2008

New post! New post!

Ok, so I am back! I am excited because my project got funded! But you don't care, so here we go!

Kevin -- we hardly knew ye. I thought this was a great week of strips. It was finally the break we needed from the wedding/sex/Scratch-fest, and do I feel bad that he died? No. It's a cartoon character. He died in an accident. Through his own idiocy. The fact that Skull failed to protect him is obviously gristle for some sort of professional EPIC FAIL on Skull's part, and the art in the final strip is to die for. (Haaa haahaha, haa. Ha.)

I don't want to neglect the nitpicking, so I will say I didn't care for panel three of Busy Day -- I liked the strip, but panel three broke the flow by not including Skull somehow rushing to save the old woman from Kevin's hi-jinx (or showing him slacking off in a hammock somewhere :). I also thought the final panel of Kittens 'n Bits made less sense than it ought to have. Just a matter of scripting.

LOLBAT? Was teh awesome. The only thing I wish it had was smoke and a screech as the invisible bike peeled out. That would have totally completed it for me.


Anonymous said...

Maybe next time.

Sage said...

Meh LOLbat was not my cup of tea as leet speak or whatever it was never made sense to me.
But I don't begrudge anyone for liking it.

Btw YES! FSM agreed with me about the 3rd panel in the busy day strip.

R.W.McGee said...

PVP Makes Me Gush With Joy...

Not that I disagree about the Kevin strips, I thought those were pretty funny, and a nice example of a Calvin and Hobbes tribute/satire.

LOLbat is an affront to humanity...but I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that one. =)

Anonymous said...

Today's strip (LOLBAT!) is the first time I've laughed at a PvP strip in a long time, and it had nothing to do with PvP.

Anonymous said...

lolbat is on the cieling, watching you poop.

Anonymous said...

FSM has a project?
Oooh, Scandalous!

Anonymous said...

Scott Kurtz is really trying hard to get lolbat onto the Digg front page.

It must really piss him off that XKCD gets on there every time there's a new comic.

Oh and congrats on getting the funding for your project FSM, well done!

Sage said...

Why do I imagine a giant laser in a maniacal lair for FSM as his "funded project"? :)

I think this is a truely divisive comic as Ive seen more love/hate with little "it was ok" in the middle. After all RW is fired up! For me it was ok. I relate it to Twisp and Crispy and Chef Brian a nonsequitor that is not bad but some people who have a different sense of humor "gets" meanwhile Im waiting for the normal strip (which I am liking now) to return

Anonymous said...

That's Twisp and Catsby.


Although I do admit "Twisp and Crispy" sounds like part of a balanced breakfast.


Ti Chan said...

I'm not horrible impressed with LOLbat. It didn't leave me laughing, just made me go kinda "meh" everytime I look at it.

I suppose it's funny to some people, but if I wanted LOL things, I would go to And I do. Everyday.

Maybe I am just meme-ed out.

Anonymous said...

Thought LOLBAT is wickedly funny myself, a huge step above all the other non sequitur stuff Kurtz has tried and probably the funniest strip he's done in ages. Don't know whether the idea has legs to be run more than a few times, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Scott gets bored. Scott gets a new whim. It's the circle of life.

As strips go, it's pretty much a one joke concept... and now it's been told.

(fortune cookie captcha commentary - 'uhorz')

Jai said...

Well, the "LOLBAT" Batman isn't as funny as "My parents are dead" Batman... but that's just the way I am, since I honestly despise "I'm spelling things wrong on purpose, ROTFL aren't I witty and cute" internet memes. I can only stand "lolcats" because they are damned cute. I do like the "invisible bat-bike" joke, though, as well as the Mickey Mouse hats on the rat-man's minions. Plus, well, who doesn't love a Batman parody?

The real strength behind "LOLBAT" is the art. I'm glad SK found a subject that inspired him to the point of going all-out for the art, adding colors, shadows, shading, lighting, textures... damn. It's really nice work, and I love how it looks.

Serious thumbs-up for this one, SK.

R.W.McGee said...

I will concede that the art was impressive. I'm sorry it had to be in the service of such hackneyed 'satire'.

Ti Chan said...

I second McGee's opinion. It's a LOVELY comic art wise. When I first saw the comic, I was real impressed he went so far as to color and texture it. It's just sad that he doesn't feel like doing this for his regular comic.

Especially now that he has the time to since he's forming a buffer for said comics. I don't wnat everyday color. Once a week would be nice.

BTW, his fans is eating this up. Wow... And what impresses me is how ANGRY they get if you disapprove.

Sean said...

July-1sts comic is pretty funny.

R.W.McGee said...


Mark it down, ladies and gentlemen, it is July 1st...and this is the first comic that is truly 'PvP' in my opinion...probably within the last YEAR.

Good concept, solid art, amusing punch at the end. THANK. YOU. KURTZ.

I was fast losing faith with weddings and lolbats...but Diablo III/honeymoon humor? Now THAT'S why I read PvP.

Anonymous said...

Regarding LOLBAT: Compiling all of the most recent internet slang and memes into a strip with a generic plot?


However, I agree with others that the artwork, coloring and visual effort of the whole thing was pretty good. Hey Scott, you need to do this more often, big guy.

Sage said...

July 1st made me chuckle. VEry good strip

Anonymous said...

As unexpected reactions go, it was pretty run-of-the-mill. Has Cole never met Jade before?

The Duck said...


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