Friday, June 6, 2008

Niagara Falls!?

I wish the interrobang were a standard element of punctuation too (Don't Be Silly Lois), but three in a row?!

If everything is at maximum emotional volume, then where is there left to go?!

I can see two in a row, then dampening down the last panel to imply "man I should have seen this coming", but three in a row?!

It was a good joke otherwise.

Have a good weekend :)


Moo said...

I'm 18 years old and I don't get the Superman reference. Am I too young for this comic? :(

Julia said...

I'm too young at 24.

Anonymous said...

You're never too young to have seen Superman II. Next you'll be saying you've never seen Cassablanca because you weren't born when it was made.

Anonymous said...

It's been so long since I've seen Superman 2 that the reference didn't resonate with me either. Unless it's a comment about Zod and involving kneeling, it'll fly right over my head.

Chris said...

I'll say right now: I got it and I loved it. I may be a bit younger then Scott (24 in a week), but I love his pop culture references. You're never too young to get Superman, Dukes of Hazard, 80's sitcoms, and comic nods.

Sage said...

Its the pop culture Scott (i believe) he grew up with. If he made a reference from modern pop culture (OC, the Kardashians, etc) it would sound forced.

Its funny I hadn't seen superman II until the joke about Superman in Family guy about the annoying seran wrap S he threw at Zod. New Pop leads to older pop

Anonymous said...

We need an entry in which to angrily rattle our dice bags over Kurtz's support of 4th edition D&D!

Although the only complaint I have about it is that it is becoming more and more difficult to discern the D&D essence with each new iteration of the rules. If they want to make a new roleplaying system, why not create a new license instead of butchering our memories?

(Of course the answer to that is brand recognition, but that hardly sates the wrath of people such as myself.)

Jai said...

Haha, I don't see the point. Don't you remember Mr. Kurtz's reaction(s) to Gary Gygax's death?

47 said...

Since we're hitting a bit of a dry spell lately (with Kurtz refusing to post bad comics), have you considered reviewing PvP the Series? Kurtz just made a news post mentioning the Season 1 DVD.

PvP the Series makes me sad. I paid for the first few of them before canceling my subscription.

Anonymous said...

You're never too young to have seen Superman II. Next you'll be saying you've never seen Cassablanca because you weren't born when it was made.

You'll regret that comment. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.

I'm 21, for the record. And I've never seen Superman II and know nothing about it aside from Zod.

The Wax Lion said...

I saw the damn thing in the theatre and I barely remember it. But do you have to understand the pop culture ref to find it funny? Even if you've never seen it, you can infer:
1) that Niagara Falls figures importantly in Superman II
2) that Brent's selection of a honeymoon spot was a reflection of his core geekiness despite his attempts to rationalize it in panels 2 and 3.

The actual geek reference doesn't matter--it could have been anything. The joke is that Brent is trying to deny his essential nerdiness to Cole, even as he's unpacking the evidence from his suitcase. Despite my not remembering much of the movie, I thought this was pretty funny--I've really been enjoying the comic in recent weeks, both art and punchlines.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you haven't seen Superman II, GO WATCH IT. It's way too awesome to miss.

Anonymous said...

Alright, Scott. Stop it, just stop it. For today (Monday the 9th)'s strip, it is clear what you think of teenage sex. We get it. You don't approve. You are a very repressed man who doesn't seem to understand when people naturally become sexually active, and the difference between two intelligent, consenting teenagers performing safe sex with people they care about and wild flings with stupid immature people who regard it with less thought than what they are having for dinner. Fine. But using Cole as a mouthpiece for such a stance doesn't make sense. That is something FOR FRANCIS' PARENTS. NOT his boss! HIS BOSS! No matter how close a small company is- no matter how much like a "family" it becomes- there are simply matters that cannot be "lectured" in the workplace- and that is the morality of teenage sex, among other things. The proper thing to do is to have Cole confront his parents and then leave it in their hands (even though those parents have been surprisingly absent the entire length of this comic). And honestly? Where is the voice of reason? The intelligent counter-argument to all this conservative bluster? I feel like it would do you a lot better to include the counterargument to your own ideals than to simply show only yours. Who are you? A republican? Michael Moore? Or a good storyteller? You choose.

kurtz said...

Francis doesn't have a dad in the picture. Cole's always been kind of a surrogate father-figure for him It makes perfect sense that Cole, would take this position with Francis.

And also, yeah...maybe it's not the best thing in the world of sixteen year olds to be engaging in complex sexual relationships that even 26, 36 and 46 year olds have problems navigating.

Seems like a valid point for Cole to make. And I think it's far from "repressive" or "non-intelligent." For Cole to suggest that Francis not engage in just following his dick, is not a bad bit of advice.

Anonymous said...

So Marcy is a 'cheap thrill' now, eh?

The Peanut Gallery said...

Cheap thrill in the sense that the last time I remember seeing Francis and Marcy together, he was using her to prove he was more romantic then Brent. She was a prop and a judge.
And even beyond that, they're "relationship", between video game competitions, one-up manship and Francis's obcession with ... Jade's sister (dammit I know her name I just can't think of it)... the relationship always struck me as more Cole/Max. Without the genuine desire to harm.
Either way it doesn't strike me as a mature and stable relationship that was just moving to the next step.
I appreciate what Cole is trying to do.

Sage said...
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Skeeter said...

For the record: I'm 23 and I got the Superman reference just fine.

Anonymous said...

Scott is the real one, just look at his blog.

Sage said...

Btw Peanut Gallery - Miranda = Jade's Sister :).

Uh oh we have a Kurtz and Scott, which one is the real author? Will we see evil scott in one of these personas?

I don't have a problem with Cole addressing Francis about this as he is a mentor (and if Francis doesn't have dad, then a father figure) he has years of experience over him and with his current marital issues has a point of view. I would rather have had this than them yelling at Robbie because he was in no way a catalyst, but from storytelling at least thats another issue for Cole to deal with.

Kurtz - The only thing i disagree with is that not everyone is looking for a "complex" sexual relationship especially at the age of 16 (now 19). That might not even be true for 26, 36, or 46 as you said. However, from what the story telling of Marci and Francis it seems to be more than a "fling". True relationships at that age are far from deep but this doesn't seem to be something purely for sex.

I understand that you are more conservative in there opinions about sex, as am I. However, as long as someone is in a relationship that is stable and with some emotion that provides less of those negative feelings to me than those who do it just to "do it". After all Scottlost it to the woman he loves, as I did as well, if thats what Francis did (and we'll see) then good luck to him

Jeff said...

Wax Lion took the words right out of my mouth. He is more articulate and nicer than me however.

You don't have to have seen Superman II to get the reference. Obviously something happens at Niagara Falls in Superman II you don't need to know what, what happens is completely irrelevant to the strip. All you need to know is that Brent is there because of that scene from the movie.

If the comic is too smart for you try Family Circus or something. There is enough stupidity on the internet without you adding to it.

I've never played WoW, yet somehow I still get the jokes without having to do research.

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