Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unfortunate Andy Kaufman Reference

Ahhh, Scratch (Here kitty, kitty). I like Scratch. I give it a 1 in 10 chance that Scratch will be the key to getting Skull back.

Cole looks really weird in the first panel, so much so that I didn't even think it was him at first. I, too, find Marcy's mitten hands a little disturbing in the third pane... They remind me of the makeup for the robots in Heartbeeps, and anything that reminds me of Heartbeeps is to be hated.


Caren W. said...

I'm loving the new styles at the moment, but there's something that really bugs me. The faces are so detailed now, they're looking more realistic than cartoony.

The problem is we still have the cartoony, marionette hands. Take a look at panel 3 with Francis and Marcy. Do the hands suit the faces?

(deja vu}

R.W.McGee said...

Something else about Marcy's hands, beyond even what I mentioned in the thread below...(that the fingers are fused together)

you can see in panel 3 that Francis has a line creasing his palm below where his fingers meet his hand. This is OK, most people if you turn your hands palm up, you will see that crease. HOWEVER Marcy also has lines below her fingers...and she has her palms turned inwards.

Look at the outside of your hands, there is no such crease at all. It makes it look like she has her sleeves extended to her fingers, although we can clearly see that her shirt cuts off slightly above her elbows. This, combined with the hashmarks used to signify finger seperation really make her hands look poorly rendered.

This would be far more nit-picky, if not for how impressively her face is being drawn. (I especially like Kurtz's work with her eyes and glasses, brilliantly done.) I know hands are tough, I've had a few drawing classes of my own...I think maybe showing a bit of finger seperation, and being more sparing with the creasing below the fingers could help.

Also, I agree, Cole seemed more rotund than I expected...generally he has a bit of a pear shaped figure (larger belly) but not to such an extent. However, I have noticed when people bend down, if they are wearing a loose shirt it can billow out, which could explain that. If so, kudos to Scott for attention to detail. If not, a minor bother.

Also a good play bringing Scratch back into the picture, as a consequence of Skull's departure...I'm glade we're at least moving beyond teenage sex talks =)

Brian said...

HOWEVER Marcy also has lines below her fingers...and she has her palms turned inwards.

Just a guess but I think that's supposed to be stylized knuckles.

Adam said...

For some reason I don't like that I can't see Cole's face in the first panel but see Francis in three panels. I'm trying to arrange the characters better in my head but I'm having a tough time so maybe Scott took the best option.

About Marcy, I don't think anyone else has mentioned it, but I'm not sure I like her hair. It's cute and all, it's just I wonder if we could have done without the chiyo-chan pigtails.

Are those pouty lips in the third panel? I think Scott had a tough time with the hands in this one.

Okay I better stop glancing over the comic, I'm starting to find it weird that Francis has huge bug like eyes and Marcy has these tiny little circles.


Dedos said...

@r.w.: I'm going with brian on this one. The back-hand crease are knuckles.

But yes, Cole's rendition in the first panel is very odd. I didn't recognize him at all, and had to think about who it was supposed to be before I wound up deciding it was Cole.

R.W.McGee said...

I see what you are saying, but knuckles, if you hold your hand as Marcy is, actually run lengthwise toward and away from the finger, not horizontally across the hand.

Dedos said...

Well, you have to allow for some actual cartooning/abstraction, no?

I'm not defending Marcy's hands, though. They look like animal paws.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find it amusing that Kurtz is so honoured that Jim Davis likes his work?

Sage said...

anonymus that was said 1st about 2 months ago, if you're going to post something make sure its good.

Or else I will start a: site and show no mercy

alice said...

15 years ago, having Jim Davis like your work might have actually been a compliment.

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