Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Open Thread: Let’s talk about sex.

Not much to say about today's strip, it's fine. I like the way Brent is drawn in the last panel.

BTW: Have you seen the new comic in the right column? Menage a 3 is a new thrice-weekly comic that shows some promise. Newly added to my bookmarks.


Ti Chan said...

I actually really like that comic and have had it in my bookmarks for a while. I like the art and it has potential. And men on men action.

All that aside, I really didn't find 'Let's Talk About Sex' at all funny. It just kinda fell flat for me, and I'm hoping SK brings it back up a notch.

But we can't always expect gold, can we.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit of middle-of-the-road strip today. Brent's wisecrack isn't all that funny and neither is the reaction from Francis. Not particularly bad or anything, just not noteworthy at all.

Sage said...

Hey everyone,
If anyone has every seen Zero Punctuation everyone's favorite (at least my favorite) video game critic took on webcomics this week. Pretty funny and pretty harsh it seems on CAD (which he has before)

I wonder what you guys thought

jessica said...

If you like Menage a 3, you should check out some of the other comics in the same orbit- Penny and Aggie and Cool Cat Studio, both drawn by Gisele and written by T Campbell. From there, T has a tooooon of excellent work to sift through.

Sage, I'm a huge ZP fan, and this week's was indeed GREAT. Oh man.

47 said...

re:Zero Punctuation

What Yahtzee was saying doesn't specifically apply to Kurtz. There were only a few points that matched his behavior at face-value, but closer investigation shows it to be atypical.

With the most pertinent example: Yahtzee mentions angry replies to constructive criticism. While there has certainly been instances of this, it's clear on closer investigation that he highly values constructive criticism in general.

Sage said...

I agree, Im not inferring that Yahtzee was talking about Scott. He did "review" the webcomics culture so I wanted to see what this crowd thought

Anonymous said...

The combination of Francis's crazy hair, and the new chin scruff just makes him look like some kind of crazy homeless guy when he has a "sly" look on his face. Lame.

Ti Chan said...

I love Yahtzee's review and most of the things he spewed. My hubby and I found him on YouTube and now I follow him crazily every week.

And while you may not have seen a lot of PVP in his review, I did. The three main char set up, the references to the artist as the main char (the marriage) and so forth. There's a lot of that review that screams, "I'M LOOKING AT YOU PVP!"

Sage said...

ti chan

I agree that there was some PVP especially with the set-up and "can't take criticsm (slightly)" However, the best "fit" for his criticisms is CAD.

My favorite line was about the hardcore fans going along with a storyline looking warily at each other like when there is some rampaging maniac on the street

Ti Chan said...

Well, yes, it does fit CAD best (especially with the miscarriage.), but it also really fits PVP. Which makes it a little awkward since they seem to hate each other and yet be able to fit in the same whole.

As to the new comic... Not really impressed, again. The joke's kinda... flat. And it only emphasizes the upsetting scratch storyline even worse. Now, are we also saying he's becoming STUPID along with never really being able to talk to humans?

COME ON! Stop changing the rules!

Chris said...

Okay, Ti, Scratch isn't becoming stupid. Scott has always emphasized that Scratch is an evil genius but he can't help but succumb to his feline foibles. What's displayed in the comic is natural cat behavior.

Sage said...

Being a dog person, that is usually how I act when a cat jumps on top of you. Cats are not trustworthy and they can claw you at the drop of a hat.

i laughed caused thats how i act (to a lesser degree) when someone's cat jumps on my lap. I feel if I get up itll hang on

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer ZP to stick to games reviews. Pointing out webcomics are derivative, predictable and full of drama queens is like stand-up comedians moaning about airline food.

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