Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reading into it

I don't have much to say about today's strip (Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool), so I'll kind of combine it with some further thoughts on yesterday.
Today's strip didn't really answer my questions about yesterday's. They are lounging in the pool, and while Cole pops a sensitive question, and he looks a bit pensive, Brent doesn't share his demeanor today. I guess I'd rule out the idea that they went there specifically to pop the big question and actually went over to hang out.

Assuming that to be true, then Scenario One is that they looked apprehensive because of Robbie's dangling modifier (ifyouknowwhatimean), in which case (to extend this to its inevitable critical end), yesterday's strip didn't work all that well. Cole's line in the third panel should have included some sort of stammer and/or Brent should have been looking down (or avoiding looking down). The information that they were put off by Robbie's nakedness didn't really come across until the last panel, at which point I figured they had just been ignoring it.

I agree with some commenters, Brent's appearance in the fourth panel is a bit odd. The nudity joke in the fourth panel could have been punched up if Robbie had been in between the two guys with his arms around them as they wear extremely uncomfortable expressions. Fifth panel: "Guess I should put some pants on."

Scenario Two is that they looked apprehensive because of the way they left things with Robbie after the wedding. Robbie has obviously forgotten or is willing to overlook it, in which case it would have been nice to see an emotional transition on the guys from pensive to relieved.

This being so, then Cole's line asking after Jase is unpremeditated, and should have been presented a bit less formally so as to increase the contrast between it and Robbie's harsh reaction. (I agree with commenter I.M. Smort -- "sons a bitches" is a great touch.)


I.M. Smort said...

Hey, lookit that, I was mentioned by name in a PvPMMS blog after only ONE comment!

I guess I AM smort! :)

Subversive said...

I dunno, FSM. You can't really see a lot of Brent's face in the first panel. Clearly Scott's going for a wide shot as establishment, and I've got to say I love the retro-style pool bar. Brent's dialogue still feels a little stiff to me (as if he's aware that an uncomfortable topic is soon going to be brought up), and he's playing along with Robbie until Cole gets around to mentioning it. You know, sort of being fake cheerful-like.

Sage said...

Yeah, while the writing has been suspect Kurtz's art has been punched up greatly. Brent sitting at the pool bar was great with detail (as much as B&W can do)

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