Monday, September 15, 2008

Count of Two

Looks like E.Z. is an intangible and can only inhabit inanimate objects. Or something.

Alright, so underneath all his bluster and violence, Scratch really misses Skull. He's a cat and Skull is his. I understand that, but I still feel like the rest of the cast should be involved in this story.

Writing nitpick: "I am Scratch Fury: destroyer of worlds!". I realize he's announcing a title but I think it should be a comma instead of a colon.

Art nitpick: Panel 3, the secretary's eyes should be looking at whichever direction the office is in. The "I'm not paying attention to my bosses problem but I really am" look.


UnderCheese said...

Who reads the title before the actual strip?

Isn't that why it's displayed underneath the strip?

UnderCheese said...

Oops wrong thread.

Why do we need two threads about the same strip again?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the secretary is supposed to be completely unconcerned, knowing how powerful her boss is. If that was the case though, her eyes are too large.

Anonymous said...

Two 'hosts' = two threads, I guess, though I understand what you're getting at. It would probably be better for whoever starts the thread based on that day's strip to be the only thread and for the latecomer to slip their edit in underneath... just to keep the discussion altogether.

Regarding the title - although it's underneath, I've occasionally glanced at it before the strip from time to time and expect if you're looking through the archives, that'd be even more the case. Just seems a bad practice to essentially put a spoiler in the title.

J said...

We don't, but with two blog chiefs it happens. Maybe EsoScrib and FakeScott should combine their posts when they talk about the same strip. Save different threads for when a different topic is breached.

Why this strip is five panels instead of four furstrating. Yes, the last panel shows the rage of Zeus, but Panel 4 is a better punchline.

Anything about Panel 3 has already been said.

Finally, why did the Zeus persona (you can't really call him E.Z., he just leaps to the nearest statue) leap to the throphy in the first place? In the wedding he just appeared behind Brent after Brent went Tiger Woods on him. So either E.Z. can reconfigure himself upon destruction (I'd buy that, he is mythical) or Robbie just happened to have two, or more, statues of Zeus handy (...I'd buy that too, actually).

Just a side thought, how funny would it be if E.Z. had to leap into a desk troll on the secretary's desk?

budda said...

@anon 1:15
Her glasses are what her eyes large. Unless absolutely needed, Scott tends to let glasses fill, or replace, the eyes; emotion is then shown through eyebrow arcs, or rarely the eyelid is shown inside the frames.

matt said...

I didn't read the secretary as reacting at all, just a way to have the violence off-camera. I think he did miss out on an opportunity to make a visual joke with her expression

hnm said...

@ Budda; that would make sense if her glasses weren't so teeny-tiny. As it is, though, you can clearly see the top of the glasses at just above nose level, so I don't understand how anybody could confuse her ginormous bug eyes for glasses in this case.

budda said...

...well shit. I'm so used to Cole and Francis having glasses instead of eyes I saw glasses instead of those grandma specs. I admit to idiotism.

Though looking at it more carefully, I think I like the glasses just by themselves. Take out her eyes and you have an interesting looking character

Anonymous said...

"I am Scratch Fury: destroyer of worlds!"

This is more like in the movie titles thing. I don't think you're gonna get it though.

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