Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Emo Knight

Hey, a background! Cool!

Hey, a funny comic! Awesome!

Nothing negative to say today folks. 

In response to rdy's comment on the previous thread: I assume Brent has the cup up to his mouth but isn't drinking yet.


Reader said...

re: the cup thing

Since each panel is basically a snapshot of what the character's are doing at some point during the conversation, the last panel could simply be a split second right after Brent finishes talking.

Meaning, if it had been a movie he would've said "I bet..." as he was bringing the cup to his mouth, and just as he finishes he takes a sip.

aaaantoine said...

I thought comic strip characters drinking / eating while talking in the same panel was a normal thing.

(And I'm not being facetious.)

Pedro said...

I usually just lurk and don't comment, but, while SK's "open, grasping" hands look a little mitten-like, his fists look fantastic! Francis' in the second panel specifically look great.

The Trouble said...

yeah, I noticed the fists too, they look good. I like the subtle little pinky-point Brent's doing in the next panel also.

Anonymous said...

These are the times SK needs to come around. To see when we actually LIKE his strips.

R.W.McGee said...


Finally, a return to the kind of strips that made me start reading PvP in the first place. You can still do topical office humor with geek overtones Kurtz! Don't hold it all inside!

John said...

Yay! I really liked this strip! And not in the "this strip was serviceable and decent," but in the "this is easily the funniest strip in a while."

MaintainerZero said...

By far the best strip in months, bravo!

Chris Dunning said...


I kid, I kid. I got quite the chuckle out of this one, too.

TheOriginalJes said...

Funny? I don't see it.

Brent tells us what the punchline is going to be. I actually had to ask myself if I should bother reading the last panel.

Nope, not funny.

Vardulon said...

I'm far too big a nerd - here's my big complaint about the strip:

Batman didn't become a whiny bitch until long after Stan Lee "created" Iron Man.

Also, Iron Man's extremely whiny bitch-ness made his comic all but unreadable during the 90s, the majority of which were spent on him crying about his abusive father. At least until that time paradox made him cease to exist until the writers forgot about it.

Wow. Nerd.

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