Monday, October 13, 2008

No farting

This looks like the start of one of those "wacky hijinks" storylines that I remember so fondly from the past. My only complaint is a lack of Jade in the impromptu staff meeting.

Art is good, I especially like Marcy's death glare in panel 3.


paulsouthworth said...


com2com said...

I actually laughed at PVP. Unbelieveable. The most SK has ever gotten out of me is a smirk, but the Dutch Oven and the Rainbow got TWO laughs from me. The last joke was a little mild, but it still carried residue from the others.

Why does Sk usually only give 1 joke a week, he should keep pilin' 'em on like this.

The Trouble said...

This was another pretty funny strip, I agree Marcy's glare was hilarious.

One thing that jumped out at me though, despite Francis "growing up" he doesn't really seem to have matured that much. Giving your girlfriend (which I am under the impression she is?) a dutch oven is not a very good way to get laid. Again.

Now I totally agree that Francis can't just become another "adult" but if the idea is to mature him a little then I'm not seeing it.

What I'd really like to see is PvP hire a new 14 year old intern that would be the next generation of extreme gamer kid, even by Francis's standards. It'd be a nice way to shake things up a little, while making Francis seem mature in comparison.

Kovac said...

Some of the most mature people I know would still perform some of the most immature acts from time to time.

But they knew when it was the right time and place for joking around.

Rdy said...

So the question I'm asking, when was the last time Marcy spoke and has she been replaced with a life-sized standee by Francis?

Kovac said...

That is the trouble with a strip that has so many characters but only five panels per day.

How can you keep the majority of characters involved and with lines most of the time?

There has to be periods where some slip to the background.
It is hard enough with TV shows let alone with a gag based comic strip.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

very good jokes, art that actually shows emotion, backgrounds that aren't stark. By george I think he's got it back! :)

Rdy said...

"There has to be periods where some slip to the background."

And there are times when Francis delivers a line that could easily be retooled for Marcy to stop her from being just 'scenery'. Her constant mute presence draws an odd attention to itself.

A Nonny Mouse said...

When your chick has been tamed, that's how you know you've laid her properly. Francis must have achieved it on the first go.

Rdy said...

Fart Week - I know SK has said his bit about the surprise he felt finding out not everyone has his fart fixation so I hope this series of two strips isn't going to drag out into a farting themed week as it threatens to. One-offs are funny. An entire week is just... well... pathetic.

Can anyone explain what is happening to Cole in the second frame. It's like his shirt is unbuttoned and falling off his body.

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