Friday, November 14, 2008

Art Imitates Game Imitates Life

See, this is what we've been missing! A funny strip that blends WoW humor with PvP.

It's a shame the rest of this week has been so hum-drum, but today's strip is excellent.


Ben said...

Indeed. This is exactly the sort of strip that Kurtz should draw every day. He's at his best when joking throughout a strip, rather than an elaborate build-up to a fourth panel hyuk-hyuk. The art's great too: Kurtz is getting the hang of realistic-ish backgrounds which don't clash with the foreground art, and of mixing up perspective to keep things fresh. (Here's hoping he doesn't go early-90s-Trudeau.)

One nitpick: In the third panel, Brent's positioning is weird. He's not really looking at Francis, even though he's asking a question. The positioning would make sense if he were disinterestedly going through the motions of questioning, but that doesn't really work with the joke. (It makes more sense for him to be looking away in the fourth panel.)

Anonymous said...


With the glasses it could be perceived as hard to tell, but the way I see it and the way I think it's meant to be taken is that while Brent is facing one way, his eyes, behind the glasses, are looking at Francis.

Anyway, I enjoyed this strip a lot. Wewt.

Vardulon said...

Given the events of the strip, shouldn't the title be Art imitates Life imitates Game?

R.W.McGee said...

Yeah, that was my thought as well, Vardulon.

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