Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monster Hunters, Finale

Sorry about the delay in getting this up folks. I got eaten by a grue last night and there's no wifi in those things stomachs.

Thus it ends.

I thought this was a clever way to wrap up the story arc.

I'm a bit torn now that the arc is over though. I feel like there was a lot of missed potential here. Now granted, there's only so much ground you can cover in eight strips.

On the other hand, it was enjoyable as a lighthearted halloween story. Which is all Kurtz intended, I think.


TheOriginalJes said...

Welcome aboard the S.S. Missed Potential.

Reader said...

I'm not sure I agree with chalking up these strips as a missed opportunity.

It accomplished introducing a new facet to the characters without delving into a three-week storyline, and at the same time delivered a few thematic strips to fit with the Halloween season.

I'd definitely call it a success, and I really enjoyed Friday's strip as I didn't see that coming.

Ben said...

Missed potential? Was this the last Halloween?

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