Thursday, January 15, 2009

You smell it a mile away

Ok ok so I didn't post yesterday, but it seems as if some posters not have needed me due to having predictive powers.

Bigger on the Inside -
Art - Well the strip consists of Brent, Skull, and the TARDIS three things Scott knows well so no major deficits here

Story - Thinking about how I could tweak Doctor Who fans by saying "Dr. Who" or actually calling the character "Dr. Who" instead of "the Doctor" I liked how Brent continued to get angry at Skulls misguided, but harmless, attempts to pretend he knew the subject matter. My only complain is that Skull should have said of or had some visual sign when he hit and got stuck in the door. Even if it didn't hurt you, when you suddenly stop one make would make a noise when you stopped in the door; you wouldn't just realize you were stuck.

Fardis - Yes many of you predicted it (or saw the video of Scott drawing it). So I think I'll provide a different service. Here are all the fart strips since January of two thousand eight (had to spell out 2008 to get enough links). Add that to 7-8 poop/bathroom jokes, 3-4 pee jokes, and 1-2 ball jokes and that's a pattern one can predict off of for Scott and the people who sub for him


jsiebels said...

Much like the Reggie strip last week this one is predictable and does nothing to develop the characters or promote humor. He's telling a story but it's minus character development. He's following the PvP formula.
Monday-Brent does something wacky and purchases Tardis
Tuesday-Jade appears-uh oh-she's upset-wait, frickin' awesome. She's not upset-win for Brent.
Wednesday-Cole appears-what's this? Tardis? I wanna play. Brent-no!
Thursday-Skull shows up-wants to play-Brent-No-Skull gets stuck
Friday-everyone stuck in Tardis-Can't get out-gripe about Skull-fwwpttt-Skull farts-classic win. Who doesn't love fart jokes?
Stats go through the roof. PVP is back-BIG TIME!!!
Monday-Francis appears-is that a Tardis? Gay. But secretly he wants to play (tee hee hee you so crazy Scott you got me again)
Tuesday-rinse and repeat.
Look at the Reggie/Miranda storyline of last week. Who even remembered they were dating? So the big event? Miranda loves Reggie. Reggie wants out. Miranda finds new guy. It wasn't told in a joke a day format so it was story progression but it was rather uneventful. Scott will be back, though. He always finds a way to pull his fanbase (at one time over 250,000 a day if I remember correctly when he was boasting in an old forum regarding Buckley being a hack) back into his world.

D said...

I really hope that this doesn't lead to fart jokes as Skull is now stuck ass facing into the box.

On the plus side, Scott is getting away from what everyone here knows as mitten hands.

p.s. I hear the doors are bigger on the inside.

R.W.McGee said...

I'm going to say that jsiebels knows what he is talking about. If Skull's butt is pointing towards an enclosed area...Scott will go for the fart joke. It's one of the few jokes he seems to know these days.

Setitie said...

"Friday-everyone stuck in Tardis-Can't get out-gripe about Skull-fwwpttt-Skull farts-classic win. Who doesn't love fart jokes?"

Boy did you ever call that one.

Dedos said...

It's like the Psychic Friends Network all up in here.

Rdy said...

Seriously, hands up if you didn't see it coming... no-one? Yeah, figured.

jsiebels said...

Ring ring. .
Kris, it’s Scott. Check this out. Brent gets the Tardis.
No way!
Yes, and Jade is like “You did what?” all shocked like.
I like where this is going. . .
But she’s not shocked. She’s like “Freakin’ Awesome!”
Pfffft. Scott, you owe me a new keyboard. I just spit my soda out all over it. God that’s fantastic.
Oh, wait. It gets better.
How is that possible?
Cole comes in.
No way! Cole?
Yes, and he’s like “Why is there a Tardis in your office” and Brent is like “I’m the doctor.”
Gawd YES. Dude, that’s bonkers.
Then Cole wants to play but Jade is like “un uh-the Doc is gonna Roc my universe.”
I’m dying here. Stop it. My side is hurting.
Then Skull comes in. .
Oh, man, what’s going to happen now? I am hooked.
Skull tries to get in the Tardis and BAM he gets stuck. Then Francis comes in, gets Skull all nervous and . . are you ready? . . SKULL FARTS!!!
Ahhhhhh. . . Dang, you number one, shortstack. I’m crying here. All I can say is WIN.
Yes, epic win.

It’s an easy out, albeit juvenile. There is something in our basic nature that finds farts funny but reading it instead of hearing it loses a little of it’s zing. Like drawing someone getting a pie in the face. Thing is this story arc has potential (and still could depending on if he continues it) but review the week and what really happened? Not much. Normally when I read a webcomic with poop or fart humor I usually roll my eyes and think “another 12 year old got a comicgenesis account”. Scott seems to make it work but seriously, Brent gets a Tardis and we get is a Skull fart?

D said...

Prediction: They can't get the smell out, so they have to destroy the TARDIS. Commemorative fog watches are passed around.

Jai said...

Skull has farted in pretty much all of Brent's favorite vehicles, hasn't he?

Thinking about PVP vehicles (And some of their far-from-mundane forms) makes me wish a real TARDIS would show up. That would be an interesting storyline, and arguably more "classic PVP" than "Brent makes a huge nerd purchase on a prop item".

A Nonny Mouse said...

That "prisoner of your butt" line could have been reused in a way that made sense here.

jsiebels said...

Penny Arcade and CAD are still juggernauts in the world of webcomics. PvP is still pulling in big numbers but nowhere near PA/CAD. And his numbers continue to slide. Part of it is due to they way he's treated his fans. I know a case could be made that Buckley has treated his fans just as bad but you've got to understand the two fan bases. Buckley's fanbase is younger, hipper, gamers and they are use to that type of banter. Scott's fans are older and don't take personal attacks too well. CAD is for gamers and to be a gamer you are use to taking and dealing crap online. Scott is a 30 something trying to make a family friendly strip that can be enjoyed by all ages, from the 9 year old heading to school to the 90 year old who misses Peanuts. Of course the way the storylines are going are geared toward the mature audience (think anyone under 40 would care about a Reggie/Miranda breakup?) But do you think anyone over 40 cares about a fart or poo poo joke? Of course Scott is writing what he knows. He's a middle aged married man and that's his life experience. He's not a 20 something gamer and it seems he doesn't understand that. You would think that his posse would quit sucking up and tell him "the emporer has no clothes" but they won't so we continue to see the gradual decline of numbers and one wonders if his posse secretly wants to see him crash and burn? Nobody knows but them and they will deny it but honestly, you spend that much time with someone and they don't point out your flaws and weaknesses? You don't think PA guys don't point out when the other is lacking? They bring out the best in each other.

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