Monday, January 26, 2009

You apes will read anything!

Wednesdays of Fox
Art - Glad to see Skull a nice light shade of gray as he looks good. Scratch on the other hand looks odd and I'm not sure if its his coloring (representing darker orange) or the way he is drawn, or both.

The human characters are drawn well but the investigator and police woman look to have been from reference photos as they are more detailed and less cartoony then the perp.

Story - Well I guess that Scott doesn't like all the new "quirky investigator drams" especially Lie to Me. It's a good point as I can think of 4 similar shows off the bat: Monk, Psych, Lie to Me, and The Mentalist, where it's a single main character that notices things better than most others and solves crime.

It's a solid one-shot strip and looks like we may be getting a week of these to get out of story arcs. (please God no changing light bulb strips)

For my own opinion I grew tired of Monk, give Psych a passing glance, watch the Mentalist because I like Simon Baker, and Lie to Me is interesting (showing viewers the small lie giveaways when people tell lies) but I'm not sure if it will last.


rdy said...

Seems like a bit of a 'glass house' joke to me.

setitie said...

I'm not sure what his problem with the TV show LIE TO ME is because I found it to be very interesting. I did like the scratch part but then scratch is my favorite character in PVP.

I see still no updates on DING!

R.W.McGee said...

Skull is a troll, not a human...and therefor not descended from an ape. Biologically the joke makes no sense.

Of course, it's a talking cat delivering it, so i might be over thinking this one.

Chris said...

I enjoyed today's comic. I watch House on FOX fairly regularly, which has forced me to watch commercials for this show. The premise of the show seemed really gimmicky and the commercials made me wince. Have you seen them? So, there's this guy... and he solves crimes because he can tell when people are lying! What a hoot! I have no idea if the actual show is any good, but I would roll my eyes in disgust every time the commercial aired. I'm totally on board with the strip and Scratch's reaction.

@R.W. I think Scratch is addressing the audience directly with his "you apes" comment. I suppose Brent or Francis could have made a crack, but unless Scott came up with a really witty zinger, I think that Scratch was the most effective character to deliver the message here.

Chris Dunning said...

Maybe trolls are descendent from apes. I don't think I've ever raid evolutionary theory for fantasy characters, but I would classify a troll as simian.

Still, your point is understood.

Chris Dunning said...

That should have read "read" and not "raid".

A Nonny Mouse said...

I haven't seen the show, but I find the pretext for Lie to Me abhorrent. It makes me imagine that morons might take the show too seriously and start using spurious observations as the basis to presume that perfectly honest people are lying.

As for the "apes" comment, Scratch did claim that trolls are also an offshoot of primates.


A Nonny Mouse said...

God, re-reading that comic just makes me annoyed with it again. Why the hell does Scratch bother putting so much effort into arguing that "science is the foot that kicks magic square in the nuts"? Wasn't that already the implication when Shecky says that the arrival of humans caused magic to start dying out? That humanity's introduction of scientific thought caused the power of magic to wane?

Scratch says "pfft" and then immediately agrees with him. I said that back when it was relevant, but it's freaking ridiculous.

Jai said...

The "*seriously" part was unnecessarily and unfortunately terrible, but all the rest of this strip was quite good. That sort of thing annoys me in TV shows, too.

I love Psych, by the way. Terrific character interactions and humor. But Monk is pretty terrible at this point -- it USED to be good, but every time I see it now I reach a groan-and-turn-it-off-point within minutes.

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