Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At least there was no Ugly Naked Guy reference

The One Where they Play D & D

Art - I liked the D and D characters from the first two frames, but wish the background continued that good art. I know the cauldron or fire in the middle of the room is to add ambiance but the rest of the gray background doesn't go with the setting. Not a big flaw, but the other characters were done so well it could have been continued with the background.

The rest of the scene in the PVP universe is done well and I enjoy seeing our new "blue" Skull continue and his shading is done great

Story - I instantly knew the Friends punchline once I saw Ross and Rachel in the second bubble (fiancee likes to fall asleep to Friends I swear) but I didn't find the strip awful.

I enjoyed seeing Skull from a story sense too as having him being the dugeon master in the story (as opposed to Brent/Cole) makes the punchline more sweet and believable. If you wanted snarky/sarcastic humor Brent and Cole are the way to go but Skull can give you lovable oaf/stupid humor that can take an obvious joke and make it funny. I just wish I got more of Skull sometimes

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A Nonny Mouse said...

The Burma Shave joke was very good and the XBox Live one was alright too. I guess PVP's on a bit of a roll at present.

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