Friday, March 6, 2009

Face melting fun

Hey guys,
Since I just had a nice severe case of a sinus infection/ flu/ whatever the hell you want to classify it as I couldn't get to my computer at all.

But it does look like there has been a lively little conversation going. I'll try to finish the week of strips out over the weekend

Again I'll say Im sorry for the last few days.


R.W.McGee said...

Dunno if this is the case; but if 'The Amazing Adventure of Brent Sienna' is a little tweak at Kurtz' own 'twitter adventures' so prominently featured recently...then it's probably the most clever self-referential comic he's drawn in a while.


Scott said...

Aw.....R.W. McGee. I knew you were full of shit when you said you would never read PvP again. Welcome back to the fold of fandom you big softie.

R.W.McGee said...

When/if you read threads below, you can see that I started reading again when you did your 'Ombudsman' series.

Also I enjoy the PA/PvP/Wheaton I had to check out the related material.

Anywhozit, you said once upon a time you would never come to this site again...and I claimed I would never visit PvPonline again...but we both should have known that when it comes to people and curiosity...curiosity ALWAYS wins.

Speaking of the D&D podcasts, as long as you're here, you should have the PvP gang get back into a game generally creates some good strips, especially now that you're working with more complex backgrounds...and it would have crossover synergy...which I hear is good for business.

R.W.McGee said...

*The PvP gang is in a conference room, Cole concluding a meeting. Light streams in through two windows, casting the left side of the long table in gentle shadow. A few empty coffee mugs sit on the table. Brent is conspicuously absent*

Cole: So, that's the third quarter budget. Now...on a more exciting note...

*He produces a 4th edition D&D DM book from under the table. The other people at the table are less than enthused*

Cole: I think it's time!
Miranda: Time for me to raid Naxxramas, thanks for reminding me.
Francis: Yeah, actually, Marcy and I were going to, uhhh

*Marcy, Francis, and Miranda all exit, leaving Cole and Skull sitting quietly in the room*

*Skrssssh! One of the windows blows in, raining shards of glass across the table. It's Brent, dressed in a kind of scale armor*

Brent: Elaaaadrin Avennngerrrr!

*Cole lifts his glasses off with one hand, massages the bridge of his nose with the other. Brent looks around the empty room*

Brent: Too much?
Skull: Too late.

Dunno how many panels that would be.

Scott said...


Yeah, we're both gluttons for punishment, aren't we. I guess we were made for each other. It's funny you should ask for a D&D strip because that's exactly what you're getting on Tuesday.

It's not the strip you wrote, but it's D&D none-the-less. Hope you enjoy it.

But you probably wont.

R.W.McGee said...

Actually, I did. And your artwork is getting better and better, dunno how long that first panel took...but it looked good.

My one observation would be that you actually didn't strictly need the fourth panel. It's fine to have it, and I liked the dialogue...but what made me laugh was actually just the silent reaction shot in the third panel.

Scott Robert Ladd said...

Watch out guys... if you two keep this up, you might actually get to *like* each other...


Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Nah, the flames will come in short order. The best and worst romances burn the hottest and shortest I am afriad :P

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