Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I would have been upset if they were my thin mints . . .

Dropppp it

Art - The art again is solid throughout this strip as the shading is done well for the most part and the details of the characters are done well. I especially like Skull throughout this strip as the chewing motion in strip 2 is great and his "stuffed" faces in 3 and 4 are nicely done.

The backgrounds, while not detailed, convey they are in an office and give you a sense of where you are so I have no complaints.

My complaints REALLY are: Skull now has fused fingers in panel 3, Jade's hair is shaded weirdly but I chalk that up to "I guess shading darker "colored" objects is harder to do", and one of the lines of the cookie box gets dropped in strip 2, so it loses its shape/3D appearance.

Story - I don't know people's reaction to this strip (no response thus far) but I liked the strip as it reminded me of Vaudeville or old Warner Brothers cartoons where the scene went:

Stuff old man/woman: "Is that my Pie"
Funny Scamp/Stooge character: "Why yes it is"
Stuff old man/woman: "Well let me have it"
Funny Scamp/Stooge character: "Well you asked for it"
*Pie in the face*

You've seen it a dozen times but the outcome is satisfying and gets you and that's what this strip is. Overall I find it to be solid and not sucky.

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