Friday, April 3, 2009


Hey guys,
I was at home yesterday making calls because I am a) getting married in November b) probably putting a bid on a house c) another thing that I don't want to mention because people I know reads this (like i said NOT NOT NOT pregnancy, phew). When I got a call for one of those 3 and had to run out at 4pm, when I planned to relax on my half-day and do an update.

I'll try my hardest to do reviews daily next week but I may need to ask for help if I can't.
The Photo Shoot

Art - I really liked the art in this strip as all the problems I usually complain about don't arise. Both Francis and Jade's hair are done well, my only problem is I don't like having whole pieces of Francis' hair shaded instead of edges. With the jagged edges shading just the edge looks better.

I love Jade's posture throughout this strip as well. Her hands are good, her three fingers are together but they don't come to a point to make them "fused". The crosses arms, rolled eyes in strip 2, angry pose in strip 1, and evil glare in the final strip is pitch perfect for her character and was missed in the first strip of this arc.

Story - Again liked this strip as it kept the momentum going and all the characters played their role: Jade being the moral authority and mother hen, Miranda is being the bimbo and attention whore, and Francis is playing the smart kid and horny 19 year old teenager.

This arc is doing well as the story takes advantage of the fact that these people (and Scott's) have been together for such a long time and know each other's tendencies, character, and what buttons to push. Add that Brent notes that he's moved from his past persona (Office Skeeve) to his current state (sorta-mature married guy) has been good.

No Comment

Art - Not as good a Thursday's strip but still good. I understand why Francis' hair is shaded the way it is in panel 1 as he is next to computer but in panel 2 having half his head shaded that dark is odd.

Miranda with bug eyes appears in this strip as well but it is ok because she is excited so it actually MATCHES the emotion behind the expression.

All the other set pieces are done well as the monitor and the shading of the monitor on the wall are great. I also like how Miranda interacts with the office chair and shows a natural lean onto it. All hands, except Miranda's hand on in panel 1 which looks jumbled, are done well throughout the strip too.

Story - Hey he's moved onto comments sections and away from people like us! I do find this funny as the comments section to DING! is some of the greatest material I've read related to web-comics in the past year :). That combined with the comments thread of the political cartoonist being released (see above for comments) makes sense from it being prevalent in Scott's world.

I'm kind of intrigued in this story thread in terms of PVP as well. Miranda has always been the sexpot and gotten away with most things due to her looks with very little crap (outside of relationship problems) sticking to or bothering her. Having her confidence rattled by a comments section could become very interesting depending on which way the reaction goes.


Anonymous said...

This isn't relative to the comic...just Kurtz being a scumbag. Read the comments:

R.W.McGee said...

I think Kurtz was being a little insensitive there...I mean, it sucks that the guy lost his job. Hopefully he will land on his feet.

However, I'm basically on board with what Kurtz is getting at. Editorial cartoonists are dying off for a reason...and that reason is that they are not competitive with web cartoonists...or really anybody.

Anonymous said...

Well yeah, thats a market in total decline, but this is akin to mocking a GM factory worker or something to that effect.

rdy said...

Using someone losing a job to score a point? Low, even for Scott.

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