Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Magic Box

Perkins and Fowley

Art - I liked the embrace of the "lovers" in the first two panels even though I don't know why Miranda's hand changes between panels, as panel 2 in weird. All the characters themselves were drawn very well and I loved Chet's actions in panel 3 and 4 especially interacting with the monitor. Also, the shading was done well throughout as well.

So no major nitpicks . . . DAMN!

Story - Continues the story well from the previous strip as Miranda's ego needs a soft place to land. I also like the fact that Chet is in fact a lummox as I'd rather see another Skull type then another snarky member of the PVP cast

I agree with RW that this was a great punchline as it presented another pop culture reference (I know it's a pop culture strip) and addressed the fact it might have sailed over the head of some people (Francis' reaction) and basically said "don't worry about it". A clever little play on some of the jokes in the past from PVP, well done.

Side note - Is it bad that I get the Wild Kingdom references right away and I have no knowledge of Doctor Who? Please don't revoke my nerd card.


A Nonny Mouse said...

Re: Side note- yes it is. Doctor Who is brilliant. This is coming from someone who doesn't care at all about Star Trek though, so maybe you won't want to respect my opinion.

Also, what was FSM's lovely idea of 90 days ago as mentioned in his Twitter entry? It didn't seem to come to anything.

TheOriginalJes said...

He Says, She Says is first-rate. It's an awesome twist-ending with two bonus points -

1 - Bonus point for SK making Miranda's reaction to the bloggers a moot point, now that Francis got what he needed;

2 - Bonus point for Francis showing geniune (if un-intentional) dis-respect for the female opinion by just rating everything by cuteness and using a trivial sign-off. I love it when personality flaws pop up in subtle, unexpected ways. That gives him something to come back to, should he so choose (as if).

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

It was an idea for another website that didn't quite come to fruition

Secret Solved!

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