Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hey guys,
Actually the whole thing was a lead up to this.

Its a great scene and movie, plus it has Kirk Douglas, Lawrence Olivier, and Tony Curtis (as a Roman?) In addition it take a camaraderie role for this site.

Really, the poster kurtz only still cares about the identity of FSM even though a) he isn't involved in the site any more b) NO ONE knows who the hell he is, oh well if that still is a splinter in his mind.

It seems I pissed more people off with my joke, so I'm sorry for that, back to normal business later today.


Stephen said...

Well, I think the cycle is complete. PVP Makes Me Sad now makes me sad (I can only take so many empty posts) and PVP doesn't. It's been fun.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Stephen, that potato salad strip probably made for a poor adjunct to your announcement.

I'm not even sure what he was going for. Was it supposed to be some sort of curveball in that we expected something odd to be in the salad, but something entirely different was disgusting about it and the interesting flavour was actually due to it being well made? I don't know, it just seemed to fall completely flat.

A Nonny Mouse said...

Actually, the idea that they all went "oh my God, what's in this salad?!" and then immediately had another mouthfull so that they could spit it out when Skull answered is sort of funny in an unintended way.

TheOriginalJes said...

05/26 - Lolbat Returns (What's it been, a year and a half...?)

Hal looks like a rigid version of Scott's Dad (not a put-down). I like the drawing style he's in.

However, I'd like to know if the regular humans are supposed to clash with the heroes/villains in style, as they do?

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

a) Didn't even know you were here so thanks for saying your leaving.

b) that is a clever put down (PVPMMS makes me sad, ha!)

fandangamo said...

Brent, it was a stupid gag, lets forget about it and move on. Reacting in such a way puts you on the same level as Kurtz, is unnecessary, and cheapens the value of this site.

At a time of obvious trouble here, you should really be concious to distance yourself from the behaviour of our primary instigator.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

I know, if someone like rdy, Nonny, Jes, RW, etc told me they were leaving I'd be seriously bummed since they are big parts of the site.

I just didn't see Stephen a lot and his "I'm leaving" is like an extra saying "I'm outta here" when a scene is being filmed badly.

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