Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fizzy Lifting Drink

Last Call

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Jai said...

The part I like most about this strip is where it reminds me of The Secret Of Monkey Island, which I just finished playing the XBLA version (Highly recommended!) of last night. Aye, come an' have a mug o' grog wi' me.

GROG! It'll melt hair off your chest!

(The "noises of surprise" are still written terribly. Has Kurtz seen them done this way before, somewhere? Do they create sounds that make sense in his head, though they don't in mine? Is it just... I don't know, the best he could do on short notice? They are a crude and embarrassing something that I would never expect to see in any of the dozens of other professional webcomics I read -- just like I would never expect to see any of those dozens of artists committing the plageristic act of tracing characters from an image search engine).

A Nonny Mouse said...

I've worked out one way that "goo" makes some sort of sense: if it's something like "good lord!" cut short due to surprise making the completion of the phrase too difficult.

I doubt that was the intention though, as it would have been written something like "GOO-!"

rdy said...

I wonder if SK is going for a world record of having the same joke five days in a row? You can do it! Three down, only two to go!

TheOriginalJes said...

I believe it's an obvious "comedy of errors" routine. Sort of like a Buster Keaton or Three Stooges.

I wonder if tomorrow will just be a room in 8 different panels, with people coming and going, while just missing each other.

It would probably be just as funny as today's.

Jai said...

So, let me see if I've got this straight:

- There is another "UT!" Short for "utterance!", maybe?
- The rogue was paid in advance for the assassination, because the target was who hired him. And he thought this was a good idea. And he bothered to return the money.
- Binwin had to open and read the assassination order to see who hired the rogue. But he'd "rather not say" that he ordered the hit, implying that he already knew.
- Binwin no longer has enough blood left for it to make an appearance when a dagger enters his back.
- This is pretty sad. If it leads into a lame "Yeah, I placed this sort of bet on my own life for a dare a long time ago" finale I'm going to be even more sad. This is the Week of the One Joke, so far, and I'm far from anxious to see tomorrow's strip.

Chris said...

Meh, I've given up on this week.

Snore. Horrid writing, completely unfunny punchlines, etc.

Honestly, been enjoying the daily guest strips on QuestionableContent far more. At least they're creative, if not actually pretty funny.

Dave said...

Jai - you were right...

TheOriginalJes said...

Ho, hum...same old strip.

Did you ever have a day when you feel like you've read and critiqued it all?

All the humor has gone out of this strip.

(To borrow from Jim Davis.)

anthropicus said...

This entire week brought to you courtesy of Pink Panther, which did far better.

D said...

I didn't get this arc at all. Where's the funny?

Is there a solid joke in this series of strips? I think I must have missed much of it because I'm not a table-top gamer or a world of warcraft fanatic.

Tangent time, I miss the days that this blog was updated daily along with the PVP releases. There was a sense of immediacy that I liked. I'm not here to put anyone down. I know life can get in the way of hobbies.

Let's shake the cage a bit fellas, or at least tap the glass.

Jai said...

Clothes Make The Fan: Today, we learn that Scott Kurtz is a lot cooler than nerds.


Jai said...

Hmm, I just realized that the previous comment can (And probably will) be easily misinterpreted.

If you interpret it as "This strip was not actually amusing; it merely points out what is obvious", then you understood me correctly! If you interpret it as "It is laughable that Kurtz could be cooler than the type of nerd he just mocked", then I'm afraid you were wrong.

rdy said...

It's a shame Penny Arcade don't do as many of these 'from the road' strips as they used to.

TheOriginalJes said...

It's a bit like biting the hand that feeds.

If he thinks that's bad, he should attend a steampunk convention.

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