Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Catching Up

Ok, was away for a few days, but am back now. Not much to say though.

Teams -- Brent seems to have lost his dark lenses. Minor continuity error? (Update: Ah, just saw Kurtz' blog post about it. He changed it up to be more safety-accurate.)

Do You Have a FLAG? -- I was disappointed by the lack of activity... the whistle has just blown on a game of paintball, which includes quite a bit of running around and hiding and shooting and the characters are all standing around doing nothing. Not one motion line.

As an aside, this seems like a good opportunity to pull the camera back a bit. PVP's viewpoint is mostly static, but if you're writing a story about two teams fighting outside, it'd be nice to see the whole arena at least once.

Sitting Duck -- Where's the funny? I really had to look for the joke here. I eventually found it, but it was broken and the wrong size for me so I left it on the rack. You're welcome to it.

One Shot -- Again I ask: Where's teh funnay? Does Brent have a glass nipple I don't know about? Plus, since when do people get hit with a paintball (in the nipple even) and not swear/scream first? The last panel rang false because it was missing an "Aaarrgghh!" or a "Gaaahhh!" or even a "Yipe!", and it would have been nice if Jade's expression had changed at all. I really think Kurtz' attention is elsewhere, and the story is suffering for it.


Anonymous said...

Just FYI, the "Do You Have a Flag?" title is almost certainly a reference to a comedy routine of Eddie Izzard in his "Dress to Kill" concert. YouTube to the rescue again.

Chris said...

I think Jade's expression does change in the last panel. If you look, you can see that her eyebrows are raised. I think, at least in this strip, the change of expression is masked by the... mask.

droltarisi said...

ARGH DAMMIT. I knew this was going to happen. A billion strips leading up to paintball and then the actual paintball ends in a few strips.

Anonymous said...

FSM any chance you can update this for the latest strip just posted?

Like droltarisi I'm really disappointed about it ending so soon over something that wasnt even that funny. Or was the joke hilarious and I just didnt get it? (usually the case ¬_¬)

Come on Scott, you build it all up and then have Brent shot in the nipple and it's all over? Come on!!!

evan said...

re: mike

If that strip wasn't titled "Do You Have a Flag?" I would have liked it more. I know the Eddie Izzard routine, and hold it dearly to my heart. The strip didn't live up to the title. not even close.

Seejak said...

Yeah, come to think of it "Arrrgh! My nipple!" would've been better. A completely different strip would've probably been better too...

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