Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Re: Gygax

Awww. Everyone pour one out for Gary Gygax. I spent quite a few hours working on homemade dungeon maps, only to buy the prefab ones and skip all the way to the end so we could collect the loot without all that silly work playing.

I'm sure I wasn't Gary's kind of player, but we do owe him a lot.


fox said...

I know we usually talk about the comic but I was just wondering what you thought about Scotts recent posts about Gary Gygax.

Fake Scott McCloud said...

I think Scott's explanation as to why his reaction set off bells amongst his readers was believable and I expect he's being very truthful.

That having been said, it's obviously not what his audience wanted to see from him (something that anyone with any familiarity of his audience would have been able to predict).

It's odd that he didn't compose a response more in tune with his readers, which he could have done while still staying true to his own experience of the event.

R.W.McGee said...

I think if he didn't have anything particularly nice or topical to say, then he should probably have just stuck with the old truism and not said anything at all.

That said, at least he was being sincere.

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