Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, I missed a few:

The Fitting. I think Jae looks nice. The dress is pretty complicated, and doesn't sit quite right with the rest of the strip, but whatever. It looks special, like a lot of time went into it. It's nice.

Have Your Cake... So... Brent's bachelor party consists of Francis and a boob cake. It's kind of awkward that we don't actually see the boob cake, but it's a family show I guess. We can talk about boobs, but not see them.

The idea of a one-boob cake is kind of funny though. I kind of assumed there would always be two. I will have to make sure to ask next time I buy one.

I happened to be watching Scott's live feed when he drew Brent's nose in the second panel. It looks odd because we're seeing the underside of it. Makes sense, but it still looks odd.

Honored Her Offer: This isn't supposed to be the bachelor party, is it? If it's not, it seems like a waste of a great opportunity for some really juvenile (or gaming-related) gags. If it is -- what's with all the broads?

I really like the double strips. There's room to breathe, room for the script to get its point across.


vaultkeeper said...

I'm pretty sure the bachelor party is over and this is the rehearsal. He's on a deadline to have these two married on a specific date, no time for tom foolery!

Julia said...

Ok, so if Kurtz doesn't follow up the "It's complicated" with an explanation soon, and hopefully the dad showing up, I will not be happy.

Julia said...

And, ha, I'm watching the live feed right now and Kurtz is chanting "Don't draw my wife. Don't draw my wife." So that could explain why the proportions look off in the wedding dress sketch.

Sage said...

Reposting, sorry.

Honored Her Offer:
I liked this strip as Cole digging the hole deeper in deeper is something we have all done when we were trying saying something good. Jade's reaction was funny too as she didn't burst into anger, but knew it was better now than later.

I think this also proves FSM point that the bigger strips are usually better, just because it lends itself to a better set-up.

With the art it looks odd with the "realistic parents" next to the more cartoony character, b ut I love Rip's face in the first pic. However does Kitty (Jade's mom) have pink eye? Shes got something weird with her right eye

Jai said...

Hm, regarding seeing Brent's face from beneath in the boob cake strip, it probably would work perfectly fine without the addition "perspective indicator" lines on his face. Francis doesn't have extra lines and he looks fine, but Brent sort of got turned into a sharp-cornered odd-looking thing. Anyway, it wasn't too bad; it's just the opposite direction to take from the more realistic recent characters.

The live feed is fun. Looks like he's working quite hard at letting Jade retain her normal proportions, which tracing over the picture of an actual human being doesn't really lend itself to. The next strip is shaping up to be very pretty-looking.

Jai said...

"Next strip" meaning the next one with Jade in the wedding dress, as it came to my attention that he drew several strips today.

Anonymous said...

I feel that over the past year, Scott has really lost the ability to write for his premier character, Skull. This is especially evident when guest strips come in and the nail the blue fella perfectly. I feel like Scott really redeemed himself today (Something Blue)

For me, it was a perfect Skull strip from a writing/joke standpoint. I'll let FSM handle the art critique, the Skull in the last panel is hysterical to me.

Kate said...

Honestly, my one issue with Jade and her dress is the fact that the dress itself doesn't feel very Jade. I've been a fan of Jade because she's a girl gamer and puts up with a lot of shit from the boys. She never feels really like a girly-girl. The dress is too complicated and flowery for Jade's character, and I think it's sort of low-hanging-fruit to use his wife's dress as the model. Add a few hours of leg work and find a dress that doesn't have lace and beads and BOWS all over it, because Jade Fontaine is not a lace/beads/bow woman. At least, not as far as I've been able to tell in the last several years.

Julia said...

See? Another girl agrees that the dress is not Jade. All you males can't tell the difference, but we all can.

Steven said...

Hey, I could've noticed things. I was just doing... manly things. Like grunting.

Bahumat said...

The punchline to "The Fitting" cracks me up. Ah, alcoholic parents.

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