Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I admit, this is a nice twist (Cancelled), and I can't guess where it's going.


R.W.McGee said...

I knew it!!! Evil universe Miranda! Bwahahahaha.

Ok, she doesn't have a goatee, so probably not...but still, it's POSSIBLE. =)

Sage said...

Well i think it could be Miranda doesn't want them married due to:

She wants brent

She doesn't think Jade should marry Brent because he's a not right for her.

Or its a test, to show that Brent will fight for her if Miranda throws herself at him.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who felt that the last bit with Miranda came out of nowhere? It seems like we skipped a scene where they go 'Then who did it?' and Miranda says something to get their attention. As it stands, they say it wasn't them, and turn to face Miranda who did nothing to alert them of her presence or build up to what I would consider to be a hard thing to admit to. I know it's nit-picking, but it kind of struck me as odd

Fake Scott McCloud said...


This is the kind of nit I like to pick, but my assumption is that Jade had already been speaking to Miranda, which is why she was right there.

Her line was "I'm the one responsible for all this, Brent." That she addressed it only to Brent strongly implies that she had already told Jade.

Anonymous said...

Look at Miranda's eyes. Has she been crying?

Caren W. said...

Looks like I'm the first to notice the new strip. It wasnt Miranda it was dum dum dum her mother!

I'm not sure it I'm liking this or not, so I'll hold out for now as it's got me guessing.

So is this what Jade will turn into when she gets older?

Anonymous said...

I hope Jade's mother is an ascot sort of girl.

Sage said...

The mother with a glass of liquor (supposedly) and a sweater tied around her shoulders, not looking good for Brent the gamer.

Rick Snee said...

This is the only real problem with criticizing a story in progress -- you're guessing ahead more than reading what's in front of you.

It'd be like trying to write a critique of "Moby Dick" after only reading the first chapter. Sure, plenty of us did that: it was college. But it was pretty apparent that we had no idea what was really going on in the book.

So yeah, all signs did point to "suck" at first, Miranda screwing up the wedding might be a cliche cry for Brent's attention, but--aha!--it is neither according to today's post.

I'm not saying this blog is a copout for critiquing a comic strip before the completion of a story arc, just severely challenged.

Sage said...

Nah it is hard, I said that before, and even Scott was like, "see where this is going guys" but you can only take what you got to judge on. There were a few good strips but overall the paintball arc I didn't like. Even on Lost there are episdoes where you go what the F was that? But it doesn't make the ovreall exerpience of the show worse because of it.

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