Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh Shit

The "trite" storyline I feared seems to be off the port bow (Smooth as Silk), but we ought to wait until we know what's going on.

In the meantime: Hypotheticals!

  • I will be impressed if someone has died, although I don't see how that would affect a wedding that is 2 weeks away. I suppose it could certainly dampen spirits, and a wedding would be just the thing...

  • I will be thrilled if it turns out that Jade suffers from hidden manic depression and it's Brent's patience and love that pulls them together again.

  • I will less than amused if Jade is joking.

  • I will be depressed if someone has sent Jade an envelope full of incriminating pictures of Brent.

  • I will have to hunt Kurtz down and throw copies of his book at him if we end up chalking it all up to cold feet.

I must admit I am very curious, but filled with trepidation. (please don't suck, please don't suck...)

Update: Of course, Scott completely tipped his hand with a blog post released at about the same time as the strip. The post encourages you to buy the happy couple gifts (which you get to keep), plus come and sign the wedding guest book at the CAPE event.

Methinks there's a good chance the business side of the house just ruined the arc. (Too bad, too, cause it's kind of a clever promotion.)

BTW: Did anyone else notice that we jumped from "less than a month" to "two weeks" in 24 hours? Yes, "two weeks" falls into the same category as "less than a month", but "less than a month" implies somewhere between 20-30 days. amirite?


Anonymous said...

Her eyes in that last frame look like the cat's.

vaultkeeper said...

From Scott's previous comments he doesn't really do surprise storylines, he's all about getting the gags out then moving on. So yes, we all know Jade and Brent will get married - we're just here to see what funny crap happens until then.

PvP is not deep story telling and I've come to accept it.

evan said...

I don't think running that promotion in any way "tips his hand." I didn't think for a second that the wedding would actually be called off here.

I think that Jade now wants a big wedding. The entire strip was about how Brent's so happy that the wedding is small and things are going smooth, so now that needs to be ruined for him. And so now the cast has to scramble to put together jade's dream wedding.

Not the most original of storylines... just your average sit-commmy wedding story.

Of course, I'm judging his lack of creativity on what the arc is going to be about before there's confirmation that I'm right, but too bad. I'll rejudge if it turns out I'm wrong.

Sage said...

maybe someone got into a car accident? Maybe Skull ruined the wedding dress? Maybe Miranda is still stuck out in the woods?

R.W.McGee said...


Anonymous said...

Geez this is lame. Every arc is a letdown.

We should stop asking for so much and just let Scott do his one-off gag strips that made us gag. And strip.

Something clever said...

And this is why story arcs suck. OMG DRAMA. I don't give two shits about drama: I want to laugh.

What the hell happened where people decided that every. damn. media. format. had to be serious?

Scott said...

You guys have nothing to worry about. I'm not going to be triting this storyline up. I'm very excited about the two of them getting married and what changes that will bring for the cast.

We'll be meeting one new character and seeing major changes in few others.

I promise to do my best here not to be cliched and boring and stupid. So maybe hold your breath just a bit here.

R.W.McGee said...

Hmmmm, a new character eh? I'm interested...as long as it's not a former romantic interest of Jade's, in that case I will metaphorically fling myself from a roof-top.

Anyway, breath-holding commenced.

Scott said...

it is not a former love interest of Jade.

Slightly Less Fat But Still Pretty Fat Scott (not THAT scott) said...

Wow. Nice to see Scott bring some insight in a civil manner. Thanks Big K!

evan said...

I'm willing to hold off on judgment until I see where this is going... I thought the first few panels of this strip set it up for the story to be moving in the predictable sitcom changed my mind to a big wedding plot, but if Scott says it's not then I'm willing to wait and see.

Looking forward to, and hoping to be, pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous said...

some ideas:

1) Jade is really a ninja and her master has instructed her to return home for an important mission
2) Jade is really an alien and her alien parents just found out about the wedding and don't approve of interspecies unions
3) Brent used to pick on a girl in elementary school who changed her name to Jade and the whole relationship has been a setup to humiliate Brent
4) Jade just realized she's a lesbian
5) Jade is really in love with Cole and the whole relationship has been a farce to get close to him
6) Jade's pregnant
7) Jade's pregnant but she's still a virgin

Anonymous said...

Strip writers like arcs. It allows them to kid themselves they're creating more than just funny-papers while needing less work in terms of the gags <-to-> strips ratio. Perfect if you feel you've run out of funny things to say or find yourself relying on 'running gags' just a little too often.

Scott said...

How would you know what strip writers like, Anonymous?

Sounds like some back-seat cartooning to me.

Anonymous said...

Um, Scott, shouldn't you be toiling away at this arc you're so excited about, rather than sparring passive-aggressively with the folks in here?

Why do you care so desperately about whether we express our opinions or "hold our breath?"

Are you that insecure?

Something clever said...

Scott said... You guys have nothing to worry about. I'm not going to be triting this storyline up. I'm very excited about the two of them getting married and what changes that will bring for the cast.

Good. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Scott also said... I promise to do my best here not to be cliched and boring and stupid. So maybe hold your breath just a bit here.

You know, I think this is the part where you're failing. If you're pandering for this audience, you're going to lose readers. How many of your pvpforum readers had no idea what was going on with the nerd critic strip in the paintball arc? You built a good model and you were working with it. Yes, quality has dropped off, but looking to make it some damned four panel recreation of the Sistine Chapel is below you.

Do what you want and enjoy it. It will be reflected in the quality of the strip.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Well said, Something Clever.

Chris said...

I'm sorry, but I don't think Scott's pandering to anyone. I think he knows where he's going with this. He's been anticipating it forever now, and I'm pretty sure he's not going to change that for our sake. I'm personally happy to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sage said...

I thought this was going to smoothly hmmmm. . . .

Does "major changes" mean a move towards the more realistic style we've seen recently?

Anonymous said...

I'm only curious as to why Jade has beady little eyes on that wedding picture? Its not like she wears glasses or anything, so.. where did the rest go? Is there a plan to draw her differently or what?

Sage said...

Um are you complaining about the wedding cake picture? Should Cake topppers be the most anatomically correct represenation of someone? Sheesh

Anonymous said...

I'm not complaining, only wondering. I mean Brent looks like Brent. For a moment I didn't think it was Jade. Just curious about the story behind it.

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