Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Big Softie

So, maybe I'm going soft. Or maybe the current storyline is intriguing enough that it overcomes other weaknesses.

Today's strip (Meaning) does bring up one issue for me though -- again pretty minor -- the 3-4 panel format is making each moment feel melodramatic, instead of just dramatic.

Today's final panel ("To give it meaning.") right after yesterday's ("I'll go now, just don't hurt Brent.") makes me wish the two strips had been combined. This would be lessened, I think, by reading them all in one go, which makes me wonder how much Scott thinks about the books when he prepares strips for the web.

The web, in combination with the 3-4-5 panel format, is great for the gag-a-day stuff, or jokey story lines, but I think the more dramatic stuff suffers a little with each strip being 24 hours removed from the context of the previous strip. The double strips work better for the serious stuff, but I'm sure they're double the work.

BTW, a humorous note: Kurtz blogged yesterday that they will be going into a second printing of the book. I bought it a few weeks ago and read it on and off; I figured I might as well give him something in return for giving him all this grief. :)

He mentions that they will be fixing some "unfortunate typos" -- as it happens I was reading it last night and came across what must be the most humorous typo, the Unshark Mask.


Fox said...

Poor Brad :D

I'm halfway through the book myself. It's amazing how many typos got passed them. Scott you really need to fire the guy who edits your podcasts and proofreads your books.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain what is that around Brent's neck in the middle panel? It looks like a Mickey Mouse-style gloved hand... I can't figure it out.

Anonymous said...

That's Brent's hand. He's massaging his neck after being strangled in the previous strip.

Anonymous said...

BTW, regarding this strip: you liked it FSK?!? Melodramatic is saying the least! "To give it meaning?" What the hell is that? I couldn't imagine a worse cliche, except if it were delivered by someone over his shoulder while walking away. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Just one complaint: the drama of the final panel would have come across more effectively if some sort of silhouette had been used to represent the character.

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