Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Will he or won't he

I have nothing bad to say about Don't Go -- it looks great and I totally have no idea what's going to happen next.

I guess Jade is a little hard to see.

I take it all back. It sucks.

(jk ^.^)


Anonymous said...

Putting Brent as a silhouette in the last panel would have given us a greater sense of his loss.

Scott said...

I wish I could put you ALL in Silhouette.


Sage said...

yeah, I didn't realize the PVP was "shadow puppet theater" now from all the silhouette comments. :).

The art looks great, the strip was up on time, and its an intriguing storyline (drama at the moment instead of comedy but its a very good arc).

Also, watch out for May 24th Scott said on his boards that he may do a strip on a Saturday if he wants to pop Francis' cherry.

Sage said...

Btw Scott posted that he was "totally cribbing Meet Joe Black". I haven't seen that movie, (didn't have a girlfriend at that time of my life to have me watch/rent it) but it also reminded me of Field of Dreams, when the players disappeared into the corn. Anyone what I am saying? (Skull having a catch with Brent before he leaves :)?)

R.W.McGee said...

So, Skull really left! I respect this plot development and am happy with today's art! Which makes me cranky...I was hoping for something to complain about. WTF Scott.


fazizzle said...

I like the comic, it looks like he spent a lot of time making it look nice, but dag nabbit Jade's eyes!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that strikes me a little odd about the strip is the double height. Seems a bit redundant when all you're going to fill it with is creeping black fungus (I refuse to say the 'S' word for fear of upsetting Scott).

I think the strip would have been just as effective at regular height.

Fake Scott McCloud said...

I think the strip would have been just as effective at regular height.

I don't usually comment, but I have to disagree strongly with the previous comment.

The open space really increases the sense of loss and Brent's plea wouldn't work nearly as well in a normal panel.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow's comic: Everyone's sad
Friday's comic: Plot twist! Skull's back!

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I think Skull might actually be out for a bit. Not forever, but for awhile. Should be interesting to see how Scratch responds to his annoyances departure. :D

Anonymous said...

yes. so little to complain about.

so very little.


hey guys wanna go throw rocks at xkcd?

Sage said...

I was thinking of lighting a bag of poop on fire and then running away?

Good strip today, I'm interested to see how he gets back into more comical strips because this a good, but serious arc.

BTW a SILHOUETTE!!!!!! Everyone should be happy now!

Anonymous said...

I'd say the 'sense of loss' impact was rather dissipated by the arc lasting two weeks (which I realise is a by-product of a 3-4 panel strip) and having Brent stood surrounded by his wife and friends.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who is bored out of his skull (no pun intended) with this story line?

I've gotten more enjoyment from watching grass grow.

Too coward to use his real name said...

On the webcomics weekly podcast they talked about how you inevitably lose fans over time. I think that's happening with me and PVP.

It's similiar to my relationship with The Simpsons. I use to be such a fan of the show but now I just don't enjoy it anymore. But I still end up watching it because I've always watched it. Like reading PVP has been a daily ritual for me over the last 7 or 8 years.

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