Friday, May 16, 2008

Out of Breath?

So, commenters are rebutting my interpretation of Brent's line in my previous post.

I still posit that the pause after "with" makes no sense, and that my way is better, even if Brent is out of breath.

I proffer a challenge:

Send me a recording of your interpretation, your reading of the line, and I will put it online next to my own. We will call it CADENCE FIGHT!

Well, maybe not, but it might be fun. (Maybe we can get Scott to send us his version, so we can see where the original thinking was...)

Send your mp3s to fakescottmccloud at gmail dot com.


Julia said...

I did read it as out of breath, but I agree with you that it would sound better to have the breath be out before "with." But I can make it work when I say it out loud.

Anonymous said...

No, that's gay.

Anonymous said...

Do we have to read about scott's medical issues though?

Earl said...

I agree it sounds better your way; I was just providing a plausible explanation as to why Kurtz may have structured it that way.

Sage said...

Again credit where credit is due, he did get the comics out despite having the absess. Btw that is one of the most painful this to get cut and drained.

This again points to why if you have a buffer it saves on stress. Cartoonist is one of the few professions where you have to provide a service every day (if thats your schedule). If you have sickness or a familty emergency most people's last thought is work, so if you work ahead you don't have to scramble.

So good work after a rough start, and finish your antibiotics its not jst a suggestion!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what chapter 'Build Up A Buffer' is in the sold-out book. Or are they saving that top tip for the sequel?

Fake Charles M. Schulz said...

Chapter 3, Formatting page 42, Section titled "Buffer" Ironically just after the section titled "Schedule". Chapter 3 was written by Kris Straub.

From page 41, "Schedule":
"There's only one thing more important than choosing an update schedule for your Webcomic, and that's keeping an update schedule."

Perhaps those two sections were typos too?

Scott said...

Wow. Some of you guys are real comedians. You should have your own strip.

I think in the 2nd edition of HTMW, I'll make a chapter about dealing with fans with delusions of entitlement.

Anonymous said...

Dude. You're the one asking us to read the comic, and support you by buying merchandise, etc. The least you can do is set and keep a schedule like every other major cartoonist.

Don't get me wrong, the last week has been great, we're just afraid that eventually we'll be back to the schedule of no updates for a few days, and then having to dig through the archives to catch up cause you posted 5 comics in one day.

Sage said...

Well its a week, Ill stop commending about the schedule, I think its been handled.

Ouch with the comment there, its getting contentious between sides, will the neck-beard make an appearance after the current storyline?
:) Its fun to be a spectator sometimes

Anonymous said...

"I think in the 2nd edition of HTMW, I'll make a chapter about dealing with fans with delusions of entitlement."

You could put it after the chapter on 'Being The Bigger Man'.

Fox said...

Careful Scott, we pay your salary, remember?

Also when is the next Webcomics Weekly? Any chance you could upload one of the three you've already recorded?

It really shouldnt take 3 weeks to edit a one hour podcast.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the 2nd edition of HTMW will be delayed until Scott learns how to deal with fans with delusions of entitlement?

Maybe one of the other authors could write that chapter instead and leave Scott to his forum hissy-fits and 'neck-beards'.

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