Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Slammin' Silhouette

We give SK shit for using the silhouette too often, but Safety First uses it perfectly. In the final panel, it really slams our attention on to Robbie, which makes his punchline laugh-out-loud funny.

The script for the second panel frustrated me in a way that many other strips have in the past, but I haven't been able to get the explanation out of my brain yet. I'm collecting examples and will do an Access Hollywood-style expose eventually :)

I look forward to Jade getting back in her civvies.


Olive said...

She says "you two" twice, for one thing.

fizra said...

Too damn preachy, but kids are morons so I guess it's cool.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks "OMG THEY HAD SEX HOW EV!L" is really, really ridiculous and not a good joke at all? But them, I'm from Europe, where we don't pretend to think Sex that is Teh DevilTM.

And the next strip is even worse. Who the fuck cares about two teenagers having sex?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about it is that having sex is what made them leap to the age of sexual legality. A bit of a catch 22 in the PVP universe.

But Robbie's problem obviously runs deeper than underage sex on his property. He's ticked off at their ingratitude, especially as the gesture was probably related to the loneliness he feels since the departure of Jase.

Anonymous said...

Sorry FSM but I disagree about that being a perfect use of a silhouette. It's completely unnecessary and stinks of the artist throwing it in to show their chops. I realise Scott ran out of space to do an extra 'all eyes on Robbie' panel but in silhouette, it gives the impression of Robbie being surrounded for a beat-down, not simply him giving a throwaway punchline.

Sage said...

I think Tuesday's strip was solid but the second strip could have been tweaked without changing the rest of the strip to make the whole thing better.

Jade's comment after the emotional impact of sex about them not using protect kind of came out of nowhere as it wasn't inferred by either Marci or Francis that they did such a thing. The jump to the conclusion kinda jars you out of the strip.

If she said "did you thinks about STD's? Or how your life would change if Marci somehow became pregnant" the strip would have flowed better because the still could have said they used protection off of Jade talkinga bout the physical ramifications of sex.

Ralph said...

can anyone say "public service announcement"?

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