Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dork Tower

I am not John Kovalic fan -- it's not that he Makes Me Sad™, it's just that I don't care for his stuff. I kind of grew up reading his stuff and I never liked it.

That having been said, this week seems to be worth reading, as it seems to be about topics near and dear to our hearts.

» Dork Tower


Anonymous said...

I used to read Dork Tower, around the 'Phantom Menace' era, and I have one of his Cthulhu shirts. I still 'like' it, but I don't read it anymore, if that makes sense.

That being said, the strips you linked to are nicely tongue-in-cheek.

Anonymous said...


Bob said...

If you'd like to comment on todays PvP strip, please scroll down and post it in the "I hate this SO MUCH" thread. Thanks!

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