Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Quick Break

I would be remiss if I did not make sure everyone knows that Roast Beef and Molly got married over in Achewood this week.

The wedding strip itself is not very newcomer-friendly (at least half the panels require some serious Achewood knowledge to fully understand), but it's exactly right for the characters and the strip.

The whole arc has been amazing, and I will not be making any comparisons to the recent PVP wedding.


Jai said...

Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

How much do I wish that Achewood had a better artist to accompany the writing?

A lot. That's how much. I can't get past the crappy art, even if it is a stylistic choice, because half the time you can't understand what is trying to be conveyed.

If you applied half the critical appreciation to achewood's art that you do to PVP's, you'd be posting for days.

Speaking of which - given how little you've wanted to post about PVP lately, perhaps it's time to turn this blog into a more general webcomic review/critique blog? You wouldn't even have to change the name.

Fake Scott McCloud said...

@anonymous 12:36

You're wrong about that. (That I could go on for days about Achewood art.)

I think Achewood has some of most nuanced art around. Yes, it's very simple, almost crude, but once you get used to it an incredible amount of information is conveyed in the smallest change.

Anonymous said...

I would read "Webcomics Make Me Sad".

Stephen said...

I almost entirely lost interest in PVP before I found this blog - now I read the comic so I can understand the blog.

Well, not entirely, I think PVP reached a painful nadir around the paintball episodes and has improved a bit since then (although this panda stuff is pretty dull).

But I think really, I'd have given up on PVP by now if it weren't for this blog.

If you started covering other comics, I'd probably read them too.

Dedos said...

Achewood has been the most consistently awesome webcomic for years on end, now.

Anonymous said...

I only started reading Achewood about 6 months ago, and I enjoy it, but the wedding comic was the first one where I didn't even bother to try reading it after the first few panels - I knew it would be nothing but fanservice.

As far as I'm concerned, any wedding story arc on a webcomic is really just fanservice. Although I know it was sort of popular segment here, the wedding arc for PvP has left me cold. Count me as one of those people that still read PvP every day - heck, it only takes me 30 seconds - but I consider it hit its nadir somewhere around 2 years ago, when Scott decided he wanted mainstream appeal and completely abandoned the nerd/gamer theme that was its foundation.

By going back in the archives, I confirmed that, yes, PvP actually was really funny back in the day. The art is much better now, but Kurtz has turned it into watered down version of Wapsi Square.

As for Achewood's art, I have no real problem with it; the main weakness is that too many of the characters look alike. Maybe that's the point? It took me weeks - maybe months - to figure out who was whom and what their guiding personality traits were, and that was only after I gave up and read its wiki page.

Not really a webcomic, but I'm also a big fan of Bob The Angry Flower ( My biggest laughs have come from that, as well as Perry Bible Fellowship (but he's not producing that anymore, right?)

Dedos said...

I think PBF has ... something ... in the works. I was at Wizard World Chicago, and the Dark Horse poster featured PBF quite prominently.

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