Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I think the joke is fine, despite knowing what it would be by the second panel. I like the second panel, what with Robbie's eyes in panic mode. I like the butler (in general, not just here) -- he's an archetypal character, but a good version of it.

I don't like the dogs. They look traced.


Sunny said...

If you hate PvP so much stop reading it!!!11

Just teasing ;) I have to agree the dogs are too detailed for my liking.

So has this Robbie always been such an asshole? I started reading PvP around the time he won the money so I have no idea of his relationship with Jase.

It just seems odd to me that they'd go and find out what happened now, when Skull is still gone. When are they going to go look for him?

Master of Crumpets said...

Wow, that's Robbie? I think I've been calling him Jase. Huh.

Anyway, Robbie was a laid-back dude until he won his money. Now he's wound pretty tight, which is a fairly realistic depiction of what a lottery win can actually do to someone. A lot of people say that winning the lottery was one of the worst things that ever happened to them.

Anonymous said...

"A lot of people say that winning the lottery was one of the worst things that ever happened to them."

Generally, I've only heard that from those morons who've blown every last dime on frivolous shit then let a journo/TV crew document their stupidity.

Julia said...

Meh. While I think the joke of poodles for attack dogs is fine, I'm not liking the storyline so far. Oh noes! Robbie has some horrible secret about his relationship with Jase and any mention of it means he'll instantly cut you out of his life!

I'm just saying I could do without

Nick said...

I thought the poodles were in a different style on purpose: part of the joke. That was just my initial take on it.

47 said...

Typically, it is easier to make a cartoon expressive as compared to more realistic styles. The poodles may be more artistically impressive, but it would have been possible to draw them more cutesy and archetypal, which could have heightened the joke's impact. Maybe have one of them carrying a squeak toy to really drive home the point.

(comic was just fine as it is, though)

TheOriginalJes said...

All I remember about Jase and Robbie is Robbie screaming "Bro's before Ho's!"

Anonymous said...

Duh... the punchline will be... Robbie is gay. Then there will be some coming together, where Jase accepts Robbie for who he is, and they will be friends again. That's the overall way PvP has been handling these situations.

Sage said...

Oops guys, I started a post about the article from TIME, got into an argument with JCM (Julio) here and well here is Kurtz's response:

Sage, I really should ban you from these forums if for no other reason than I think you're a passive-aggressive form of a troll.

PvP Makes me sad has been, from the beginning, a really unhealthy endeavor for me. I tried for a while to look at it with an open mind and appreciate the critical thought that it was producing. But soon the site changed and now it's something I have to avoid to maintain my sanity.

The biggest issue is that the site stopped being about a critical examination of my work, and started being a content site of it's own. It is now a destination for those who want to take me down a peg by dissecting every single bit of minutia about what I do on the site.

I love Star Trek. I watch episodes of all the shows over and over and we love to pick them apart. But it comes from a place of love, nostalgia and admiration. PvP makes me sad is about someone anonymously taking bitter pot-shots at my work for the sake of taking me down a notch and propping himself up in the process.

There really is no other conceivable motivation for spending so much time on such a trivial subject.

I've recently become a fan of Doctor Who. I'm new to the series. It's an imperfect creation, but that's a part of what makes it appealing.

The people in this forum are not sycophantic yes-men. They are people who enjoy PvP despite its (and its author's) imperfections. They don't want to dismantle the work in the same way that you guys do over at PVPMMS.

So really, keep your bile over there, please. And don't come in here and try to convince us that what you're doing over at that blog is noble, productive or constructive in anyway.

R.W.McGee said...

To be fair, it's really easy to be deluded when surrounded by yes men.

Fake Scott McCloud said...

Well, that's it boys, time to shut 'er down.


Anonymous said...

Was that post followed up by a queue of posters going "You're sooo right, Scott, you tell 'em!"?

R.W.McGee said...

Pretty much, anonymous. You should go take a shower after posting in the HalfPixel forums Sage, only way to get all of JCM's bullshit off ya.

R.W.McGee said...

lol FSM, is our work here finished? =P

Anonymous said...

Of course 6/ago/2008 its a good joke
it was stolen from 30 rock sitcom.

J said...

Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but did Scott just say that we should enjoy his comic (and by association , him) because it's imperfect? And before that, compare his work to Dr. Who?

Yes, Dr. Who is imperfect. The difference is that that was a stylistic choice to be so rather then an evolution over time.

Sunny said...

I think one of the problems is that we do forget to mention the good things and mainly focus on the bad things we don't like in each strip.

We've all done it. "I didn't like this and that, the rest was fine". Maybe Scott wants us to expand on what we mean by "fine".

Then again, this is PVP Makes Me Sad, so maybe FSM always intended to focus on what he didn't like in the strip rather than go on about what he did like.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's an OK joke.

But to me it doesn't make much sense coming from Butler. I don't care anywhere near enough to dig through the archives, but it seems to me Butler doesn't act in a manner he knows will be embarrassing to Robbie (although he will do whatever Robbie requests, even if Butler himself finds it embarrassing for him/Robbie.)

Also it kind of reminded me of a similar gag from the Simpsons. Mr. Burns ordered the hounds released, but "Woofer" (I think) was trailing the rest of the dogs because of a significant margin. Burns questioned Smithers about Woofer's slow pace, not connecting age and decreased performance. It was a funny joke because it fitted the personalities of Mr. Burns and Smithers. This one fails on that count.

Anonymous said...

But FSM (and other posters) do regularly point out when they've enjoyed a strip. It's less a case of us forgetting to mention it and more a case of the fanboys intentionally ignoring the fact we do mention it.

EB said...

nice job sage!
I think the funniest part of SK's response is "The biggest issue is that the site stopped being about a critical examination of my work, and started being a content site of it's own."

Ha, that's not the biggest issue at all.

The stuff with JCM was funny too. Quick, who am I?
"Hey Kid, you're wrong because I know it all"

Jai said...

We create content, now? That sounds like an awful lot of work. I'd rather go back to critical examinations. Is that ok?

The Hounds: Unfortunately, I think the best I can do is echo TFSM with this one. The Butler's initiative is great, the human emotions are drawn well (Hooray), and the dogs look very much out of place. They look like detailed pieces of clip art (I'm not saying that's what they are - I also believe they're tracings of photographs), which A) doesn't fit in with PVP's heavily stylized cast (Which includes a dog and cat), and B) are too tall. This is an issue I seem to bring up with some frequency, but those dogs are simply too tall if their heads come up to Butler's shoulders. Butler, himself, is a character that is generally taller than all of the OTHER characters, probably the same height as Brent. Butler is obviously not kneeling down, and it's unlikely (Although it would be amusing) that there are two dog show pedestals right there at the door for the dogs to leap up onto.

Solid execution for a decent joke, though. Even though the punchline can be seen coming, everything Butler says is a joke unto itself. Since the clear punchline isn't all the strip has going for it, it succeeds nicely.

Hasn't Robbie gotten pissed at Cole and Brent often enough already without any attempt at a resolution, though? In fact, hasn't he already been asked this "What happened between you and Jase" thing without result? It seems really familiar.

J said...

I keep rereading it, and the more I do the more I think the punchline is less about the dogs and more about Robbie's defense of them. If tomorrows' strip showed Robbie having one of those tiny dogs that fits in a shot glass, and him both defense of it and chuddling it at the same time, I'd have no problem with that.

The choice of art style for the dogs is...different. The idea is there, but Scott went too detailed with it. He made similar choices with Brent's parents, they were more detailed then the normal cast too. But they didn't have that...I guess "trace effect" that the dogs come off with.

Everyone's wondering where this Robbie/Jase thing is going, but nobody's asking why isn't anyone asking JASE. He was an employee too, as well as a friend. Is not going to him out of respect for Robbie, who doesn't exactly warrent it for kicking his friend out for finding love, or is it that they like going to their millionare friend's place more?

Jim Thomas said...

I have to say, this website has been intriguing me for awhile. I should start with, I have only been reading webcomics for a little over a year and PVP perhaps for 6 months or so. I am not a gamer and I have no history with what the strip used to be. That being said, I do have a few points I would like to state, and then ya'll can extract the points you hate and take me down a peg.

First, Mr. Kurtz's biggest mistake was to link to this site way back when. By doing that he gave it credibility. If he didn't agree with FSM, then he should have just ignored the site, and surely the community would not be nearly as large or venomous. Because he gave the site credibility on his site, he boosted the traffic and therefore shot himself in the foot, I believe.

Secondly, I have no problem with being critical about anything that shows up on the web. If someone posts a shit cover song on youtube or if someone makes a shit comic, if you want to say so, feel free. But there is a large difference between attacking the work, and attacking the man. I don't know Kurtz, never met him, never sent him fan mail or hate mail, but I feel that it is really a fine line between being critical of a comic and hating on the cartoonist. Even in this thread, we have a dozen posts about the comic, negative some, useful some, but then Sage posted something from another forum that Kurtz wrote and all critical discussionon the work ended. I think if people kept to hatin on the strip, the discussion would be better and the overall demeanor of the community would be much more respectful.

Thirdly, the moderator of this site has some real audacity to infer his critical eye is anywhere the level of a Scott McCloud. To even pick a name that uses a trusted professionals in the industry, (throwing fake in front of it or not) shows a real lack or respect for what Mr. McCloud actually does to promote comics and shows an ego on the part of the moderator. Your criticism, when on the topic of the comic is usually interesting at least, but come on man, choose a better name to critique under, perhaps your real name. (Mine is Jim Thomas, I live in Ohio)

Finally, to go back to a point I made in the first paragraph, because I have no history of the strip to compare, and because I am not a gamer, I do not hate the more story driven pvp. I like the variations of topics and the wedding arc, even with no attachment to the characters, was a beautifully drawn arc that was obviously something personal to the artist. While the origin of PVP might have been a gamer strip, perhaps a change in concepts shows both a growth within the strip and artist. PVP is not a top five strip for me and generally I check it out for the art and because I enjoy the WW podcast, and the strip has flaws no doubt. But there are a lot of god awful comics going out there into the interwebs (both in art and writing) and to pick this one to attack seems strange to me. Is it because he has garnered a level of success? Is it because it has been around so long? I guess I just don't get why so many awful strips get a free pass and this one takes the brunt of the criticism. Ya'll must have really liked it at some point to get this worked up about it now. I mean, it isn't like there aren't any other gamer strips you could read to fill the obvious void PVP left...oh wait...

Scott Kurtz on PvP Forum said...

(posting it on here - Sunny.)

"There's has been a new PVP every day for 7 days a week for years. years and years. more than 3. Possilby 7 or 8.

Somedays, more than others, especially in the last year or so, the strips were not posted at midnight. They were posted whenever they were done. That was, in my opinion, harming my readership. It was hurting my business.

So I gave up weekends and now the strip is posted every day at mightnight. Since I gave up weekends, it's always been on time.

What FSM is trying to do at PVP Makes me sad is set themselves up as some sort of judgment house on my actions. They want to catch me in some offense against my readership.

There's no reason to get into some argument about what is true about my previous update schedule or who said what and what really happened. Because I don't answer to Sage or the critics at PvP makes me sad. I answer to myself. My readership will remain strong or weaken based on how well I do. I want to keep it strong and happy.

Posting on time and giving up weekends has strengthened my readership and made me a very happy cartoonist. I'm enjoying the process and 5 day format very much.

So really the past is inconsequential.

Sage, I don't need you to be my friend. We were never friends. I don't know you. For all I know, your name isn't really Sage (ha ha). I just want you as a reader. Which you are.

Thus begins and ends our relationship.

That's the problem with you and that lot at PvPMMS. You think we have a relationship that we don't.

You guys need to get over yourselves and stop that poison of a website."

Anonymous said...

[anonymous architectural pedant]:

Following up on the tirade against my beef with Scott's use of the word Veranda on Monday: they never went near a "veranda" since they're in a pool now. Where's my cookie?

Second - regarding Kurtz's take on pvpmms and why he avoids it - it's disappointing that he sees this as poison, and all who congregate here as detractors. My stance is (and has been) that there are more interesting and productive things to do in life than tear people down. However there are entire college courses devoted to the study of literature, many that focus on individual authors.

So why should a contemporary author who is already recognized as being (a) influential and (b) popular take umbrage at those who actively study the work he produces? If it's not fawning, it's not worth paying attention to? That doesn't make any sense.

I think TFSM speaks for people who like quality writing and art, and want to see their favorite contemporary artists live up to a high standard in their work. (Kurtz, believe it or not, a lot of people who read this blog are fans and really do like your work)

So it's a bitch to deal with real-time feedback of your artistic work. Cry me a river. For a guy who wrote a frickin book on webcomics, I simply say you made your bed, now sleep in it.

Jai said...

"Poison"? "Hate"? I keep hearing that about PVPMMS, but I have trouble finding it here.

Oh, by the way, I found the strip I was thinking of. Check out the strip immediately previous to the linked one to see the whole story on what "the deal" is between Robbie and Jase. So, again, I'm not sure what the point is in re-treading this ground. I'm sure we'll find out, though.

It IS pretty weird that the PVP crew never talked to Jase ever again (And, at the time of the linked strip, we really hadn't seen or heard of him in over a year's time even though Robbie was around). It seems as if Jase cut all ties with them, not just with Robbie. And somehow, their only way to contact Jase is through Robbie? Hm, whatevs. I'd like to see where this is going.

Sage said...

@ eb
Yeah i dont get it, as soon as I started grunting when I reached down to get something from the floor I stopped being a kid.

@jim thomas
While I don't necessarily AGREE with everything you say, I can see your side. I posted the forum response of Kurtz because it was his direct response to us and we hadn't heard anything beyond "they've become something I don't like" Also the fact I started the thread with a link to an article where a guy praised both PVP and PVPMMS and used it to show we weren't diametrically opposed and it ended in that, well i had to share. Also people are still posting about the comic around it, you either make the comment in the current subject or wait for FSM to make a post about the rant, oh well.

Can i get the potted plants in the lobby if you are shutting it down, they'd go nice in my sunroom.

Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Limerickx said...

Should be no problem for Brent and Cole, just feed the dogs some 'meat with condiment'


Sage said...

Also @ Jim Thomas
Much like other audience that love shows (Lost, Heroes, Star Trek, etc.) We talk about it because we like it, have a history with it, know whats been good, whats been bad and have seen it for a good bit of its history so we have some footing to comment on it.

Also I comment on ALM, CAD, and Whitebord at there appropriate sites. This just happens to be a PVP site, so we, you know, mostly talk about PVP.

Im not saying we are all literary and artistic critics but why do those forums have a right to critique and we get the shit. (after all there are many other TV programs, movies, books, pieces of art out there as well) Even shows like lost and heroes have commented on there fans reaction (usually seen through forums and emails) even tweaking there product in response. I am sure all the comment on those sites haven't been works of Tolstoy and Mamet either.

Oh well we'll still be here anyway (the cockroaches are hardest to kill anyway :) )

Jim Thomas said...

@ sage

Like I said, I have no problem with commenting on work online, negatively or otherwise. I don't care if it is a well thought out piece of criticism or the more common quick knee jerk reaction, spelling mistakes and all. I think it is healthy and not at all out of place to do so about creative work. Forums like this just lose me when the attacks switch from the work to the creator. Again, I am no defender of Scotts. I think he spends too much time caring about criticism, and he himself can post messages before he cools off from the knee jerk reaction.

This is a site that at its best, gets people talking about a comics and expressing why they like or don't like it. At its worse it is people taking cheap shots at a guy instead of his work because it makes them feel what? cooler? more important? I dunno.

What worries me a bit is that you said

Even shows like lost and heroes have commented on there fans reaction (usually seen through forums and emails) even tweaking there product in response"

While I feel that people have every right to talk about how they feel about a particular book, movie, album, comic or what have you, to do so expecting or hoping the artist will adjust his vision because of fan forum posts is a dangerous proposition. Unfortunately the noisiest wheel gets the grease (or however that goes) not necessarily the the smartest. (that sort of falls apart but you get what I am trying to say), the forums might be the loudest opposition, but they might not be suggesting the best thing for the creative property in the long run.

John said...

I've been reading PVPMMS since SK linked to it when FSM first got started and only recently have I begun to really read the comments, but they seem to me to be generally non-personal. I mean, sure, there's a few people that take some uncalled-for pot shots at Kurtz, but that's pretty typical for message boards/blog comments in general.

And FSM has gone out of his way to be professional regarding PVP. He's admitted when he didn't get jokes others did, he acknowledges when he makes mistakes, and there was a week or two there where he was actually enjoying PVP!! So how thi is "poison," I'm not sure.

Criticism is hard to take. Always is. But I've felt - since long before FSM started this blog - that SK occasionally needed someone to look at a strip before it was posted to make sure it conveyed the message SK wanted it to. That's what editors do. By not doing this you open yourself up to making trivial mistakes that, when seen as a whole, detract from your work.

This blog has seemed to me - from the beginning - to not be a forum for attacking PVP (and SK), but a platform to to hope that PVP could live up to its potential.

R.W.McGee said...

I've never been interested in attacking Kurtz. As a matter of fact, this website was started in a Kurtz free vacuum. It is Scott Kurtz who FOUND US, and linked to this site.

FSM has NEVER posted anything about Kurtz, but indeed has posted blogs in response to strip, art, and story issues.

The fact is, that SCOTT likes to personalize many things, criticism, his feud with CTRL-ALT-DEL a past feud with Penny Arcade, et al. He is well known around the internetz for creating drama.

I find it amusing that he thinks we are trying to create a relationship that doesn't exist. I admit, some fans are probably like that...but for the most part, Kurtz himself is immaterial to this site. If he retired tomorrow, and somebody else started drawing/writing PvP...we wouldn't talk about Kurtz next hobby/profession, we would continue to talk about PvP.

That's what Kurtz doesn't understand. There will be the occasional idiot who makes a comment about his weight, or something stupid like that...but generally, we are here for the product you produce. And you must have known, since you chose a profession in which success only results if you have many READERS, that other people would get involved!

The most 'personal' moment I have ever had with Scott is when HE went on MY blog and posted a disparaging comment on it.

I think he should really consider who it is that is personalizing things and creating relationships that don't exist. I contend that it is not FSM, not me, and not 80% of the people who come here.

Fake Charles M. Schulz said...

I've been reading PvP for, I guess, ten years now. I've put up with occasionally bland storylines and constantly late updates because for the most part the jokes are good and I enjoyed the strip. But more than late strips and tired stories, the one thing that has always made me crazy is the obsessive fans and yes-men that surround the Kurtz. I understand if someone comes in and says "Your strip is stupid and you're fat!" that everyone in the forums will turn on them. Fine, that's not criticism that's just being dumb. But if there is a problem or if you have a free mind and speak up against anything the Kurtz says, no matter how trivial, you are instantly slammed by his legions. That, I think, is a problem.
He slams PVPMMS. Why? Because it takes him out of his safe zone and calls him on the carpet for his mistakes. It's high time he wakes up and realizes that not everyone wants to faun over his work and his sh*t isn't golden. We can still like the work overall and like him and his style of humor, but we don't have to like every single thing that falls off his pen, and we should be able to have an outlet to say so.
He's really just an emotionally stunted big kid, locked in somewhere around age 14 or 15. He comes across as the kid that would take his ball and go home if you didn't let him steal home at least once per game.

Sage said...

@ Jim Thomas
Yeah that part of my response wasnt meant to say that Scott SHOULD tweak his product but to show that people have taken criticisms and not just thrown them away from people as just being "poisonous" or "not knowing the process".

I compared PVPMMS to those shows that likely have similar singular forum and just a rabid fan base. In both cases Im sure there is also a lot of shit to wade through as well. However instead of ignoring them as just being negative they listened. They did go to extraordinary measures of actually CHANGING there show, but those were overt examples of creators listening to there audience (its harder showing examples of shows where they heard thought the opinions were good/bad yet didnt change, i dont have that much time in my day :). Pvpmms is by no means a majority, but the singularity of it doesn't discount the opinions as there are many pace where one book, one show, one movie is being discussed.

Also, the "personal attacks" that were made at least from my end were reactions to Scott's actions. Two that come to mind are Scott "putting in" a suggestion and then laughing that we complained about it and the "FSM bounty" and i called him childish, irresponsible, and way too sensitive to whatever the hell bothered him about this site. Its not like FSM or any of the regular posters have said anything about his weight, his wife, his dad, his deceased mother, hell not even his dogs. They were mostly anonymus posters that were shouted down by those that don't live under bridges. By no means were we perfect as a fair amount of flailing occured, but those from The Source were not pillars or constructive introspective debat at all times as well.

Even though you Mr. thomas are a pleasant one to debate with as you seem to have those traits. (no sarcasm i promise)

Sage said...

I also believe that Orchid from The Source's forum puts it best.

Anonymous said...

"The fact is, that SCOTT likes to personalize many things, criticism, his feud with CTRL-ALT-DEL a past feud with Penny Arcade, et al. He is well known around the internetz for creating drama."

This is my take as well from his latest tirade. I'm honestly amazed that he believes we're all conspiring to somehow bring him down. What world does he live in that someone has that much time on their hands (or even gives that much of a damn) about a webcomic. I mean, hell, get a grip.

Sage said...

Its also funny to see the threa still go despite the fact I havent (and will not) post on it again to "spam" it.

The funniest comment: someone pointed out that they had a 55 page thread on CAD (1375 posts btw) someone defended that by saying this is a SITE dedicated to criticism. HA Blogspot is the website and PVPMMS is a singular blog on that site. Just because its a more popular site doesnt mean this is more than a golirfied forum. (how long does it take for 1375 posts to this site). Im not saying that we're better, but I can at least see we're just as bad as they are when they see something they don't like.

Sage said...

well he still wonders if FSM is another webcomic artist, i guess trying to bring him down?

Anonymous said...

@sage - Actually, I don't think he/she does. Saying that if they want to 'stop' this blog then they need to ignore it - claiming a key reason this place exists is to troll PvP and without the PvP forum fanboys getting up in arms about anything said on here, we'd all lose interest and dissipate - sells this place short.

Personally, I think Orchid has missed the point of the site completely. What he/she says is no better than Kurtz believing we're only here to somehow ruin him.

R.W.McGee said...

Yes, I must say that I disagree with Orchid as well. This site existed before the PvP crowd showed interest in it.

Sage said...

Hehe oops,
Sorry I read the first part where he viciously (well for PVP forums standards) said that negative feedback wasnt welcome so I posted that and didn't go to the end of the paragraph. I feel like Homer Simpson at this point "reading to the end of point, that takes WAAAY too much time" :)

Mea Culpa, my fault, my bad.

Robazoid said...

"The funniest comment: someone pointed out that they had a 55 page thread on CAD (1375 posts btw) someone defended that by saying this is a SITE dedicated to criticism."

Yeah, that was kind of odd. It really felt like a "Well, it's okay when WE do it", just said differently.

UnEdOpinion said...

You've made me realize that Robbie has become very hairy since that strip posted.

The funniest part for me was when Orchid claimed that FakeScott was running out of steam. Isn't that the same thing we've been saying about Kurtz?

Caren W. said...

My favourite post is by espy.

Someone... somewhere spends... any time at ALL scrutinizing every PVP strips and has a website devoted to it?
Good grief.
Get a life people.

Says the guy with a post count of 3716 in just a little over a year.


We don't attack Kurtz, or atleast I think we shouldn't. The only time I did was when he put that bounty on FSM.

I'm ready to return back to normal. Like FSM I don't want this to become a community of hate and fighting. We're all PvP fans, lets enjoy the strip and enjoy talking about them.

Who's with me?

Moo said...

In todays strip, 4th panel. "...your British." or "'re British."?

Sage said...

Agreed about the moving on, but i think im taking a week off. I do feel unclean. Plus I have a lot better things to do then read a comic by someone who just wanted me to consume his product. :(. Ill check back here (obviously not to comment on the current days strip, but see whats up)

Anonymous said...

Sage, take your vacation -- I understand the need well, I've gotten in scrapes in the PvP forums that made me feel unclean afterwards -- but then please come back and resume your posts here. Similiarly, FSM, I hope you're only joking about shutting down this site. I would miss the forum and your contributions. But more than that, I would feel like the forces of petty tyranny had won out over free speech.

Scott's latest action (banning Sage and slagging PvPmakesmesad) is just sickening. I thought he'd hit rock-bottom by calling on his readers to hunt down FSM's true identity, but I was wrong; he's sunk even lower.

I've decided not to post on the PvP forums anymore, but will continue to participate here, where the discourse, high or low, smart or dumb, sophisticated or crass, is at least FREE to say what it wants.

As for the strip, I'll still read it, but more as a basis for PvPmakemesad, so I can understand what everyone's talking about!

Scott has really disappeared up his own asshole with this move.

Anonymous said...

"Nip" is an odd choice of words in the butler's last line of "tough love". I realise he's trying to give the character a stilted British mannerism but as a 'Briton', to me it sounds like an awkward speedbump in the dialogue.

Sage said...

@639am Anon
Well Scott didn't ban me, but that doesnt mean you'll see my name on his forums. Jim is right that there are a lot of other strips out there and now that i've "seen how the sausage is mande" PVP just looks that less appetizing, and there are other strips out there. Maybe this vacationg of sipping Pina Colatas and on the beach (in actuality working and looking for reception sites for my wedding *sigh*) will make me want to come back and see where PVP Is in a week.

Its not like I needed the sweet embrace of The Kurtz to keep doing, but being shouted out of his forums for saying he got behind on his schedule for a while, (hell i didn't even curse or personally attack the man) well it makes you want to CONSUME that product less. Sadly i want to stay here and talk but that requires that consumption. So THIS time ill see you in a week, ill still observe, but I promise a week away

(also anonymus register with blogspot and grab a handle so we can call you something more than anonymus if you plan to be a regular, that way we can differentiate you from the crowd. You don't even need personal information look at me! even though that will prob change when I come back

Anonymous said...

you want to consume it less? hoo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being the first banned.
It couldn´t have happened to a shittier nerd.

Rossiter said...

OK, Sage, taking your advice (I'm the 6:39 anon). And thanks for the reply. But I thought you *did* get banned -- last couple of trolls' post bear this out?

Michelle said...

Okay guys it's time to stop. No more posting on the PvP forum about this.

It would be great if we could all just stick to the strip and leave out Kurtz. We like Kurtz because he makes PvP.

It's a real shame he doesn't like this community anymore, but thats okay it doesn't mean we can't still enjoy it.

So please, please, please, no more of this and just focus solely on the strips and try our very, VERY best to ignore any trolls that post on here.

I really want to enjoy coming here and I think FSM would prefer it if we got back to normal.

Thanks guys. :)

R.W.McGee said...

As somebody with British relatives, I can pretty confidently say that 'a nip from both column A and B' is both horribly awkward, and in no way something any British person would say.

Other than that, today's comic was fine.

R.W.McGee said...

"We like Kurtz because he makes PvP."

Actually, I liked PvP in the past, and like it less now...but I certainly would never like or dislike Kurtz based on his comic strip.

Sage said...

Ok THIS Is my last post.
Its ok I have another name on there.

I dont understand wehere I was bragging abou tanything but again he's hearing it second hand.

Jai said...

Whew, I'm glad to hear that it's not just me that thinks the "bit of a nip from..." sounds weird. I'm a couple of decades out of touch with what's hip in London, so I had to give it the benefit of the doubt. It is, after all, really close to sounding natural.

Hey, SK fixed the "your/you're" text! I don't remember the last time he's actually fixed little mistakes in the text, so that's nice to see.

Anonymous said...

I'm British and even I find it an odd thing to say.

Anonymous said...

sage - "Well Scott didn't ban me, but that doesnt mean you'll see my name on his forums."

anon7:14am - "Congrats on being the first banned. It couldn´t have happened to a shittier nerd."

Hey, 'anon7:14am', do you visit PvP just to look at the pictures because you sure as shit fail at reading.

hnm said...

Hey, Sage! You may not see this for a week, but nonetheless congrats on the wedding.

Chet said...

The amazing thing is that any of you could read Kurtz's letter and not see yourself in it.

He's managed to characterize you completely. This entire exercise isn't about even-handed criticism of PvP, as I've shown; it's about taking any excuse to nit-pick. I mean "I don't like the dogs. They look traced"? WTF is wrong with you, FSM? What the fuck is wrong with the rest of you?

Don't you see what hateful people you sound like?

Julia said...

Chet, you seem very upset by this community. It would probably be best if you, like Kurtz, blocked it from your router. If any comment that isn't "OMG! Kurtz rox!" seems hateful to you, you need a reality check.

Jai said...

Do you need the "Paint By Numbers" explanation, Chet? You've (Somewhat magically) extrapolated that saying "I don't like the dogs. They look traced" sounds "hateful", but missed the actual point behind it. If you could read more and rave less, I'm confident that you possess the capability to answer your own questions. Please continue to enjoy your visits, they brighten my day.

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