Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Putting the cat out

Today's strip isn't bad. I like the art, especially in panel 2 with the hissing snake-dread. Just a few nits to pick.

Madeline referring to Brent by his full name sounds odd though. And I wasn't aware Brent was actually short for something. Hmm. Brent's a funny name when you say it out loud. Brent. Brent. Scuba. 

Panel 4: No iris? I'm not sure if this is a goof or intentional, now that it's just mythological creatures in the room.

Skull's "Ohmigod" line seems a little out of character. Mostly because I attribute that word to the mid nineties california girl. Nice cameo by Ethan though. If anyone needs help growing up, it's that guy.


SuperSoup said...

I'm a little disappointed that after all that work Scratch is just going to walk away without any tangible sucess. But what I'm really disappointed about is that Brent is hanging out in swimming pools and playing D&D while his lifelong friend is missing. He showed alot of interest in getting him back, and Cole promised they would. But they're just sitting around having fun. Kind of a slap in the face.

R.W.McGee said...


That was certainly the best punch in a while. The eyes in panel 4 were...odd.

R.W.McGee said...

Oh, additional artwork note; the hand of [the player on the couch who shall remain unnamed even though I have a pretty good idea who it is] and hehehehe, was REALLY well drawn. It by itself captured the essence of the artwork style used to draw [the player on the couch who shall remain unnamed even though I have a pretty good idea who it is], which is tough to do in just a hand.

The Trouble said...

There is a technique that when you draw a character smaller you start to drop out some of the detail as to not end up with mess of black lines. The simplification of the eyes, I assume, is what that is.

Anonymous said...

Why so few comments? Huh.

Anyway, on today's new strip I'd like to remark that, other than Skull looking a wee bit odd, this is a good strip.

I didn't really see where it was going, and then BAM! Perfect lead in to Skull being back. Scott captured it pretty well.

TheOriginalJes said...

@ anonymous -

Agreed. Low-keyed and well-timed.

Now Brent and Jade can start making virtual babies together.

@ Scott -

Is Cole still in marriage counseling?

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Yep very good art an the joke/reunion was very good.

Also who knew Brent and Jade had a fish (or at least a filled fish bowl)

Jackson said...

Man. I didn't realize that was Ethan.

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