Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today's comic title is a bit...unfortunate, I think. It would work if that were the punchline, but it isn't so I'd rather have seen another title.

But I'm actually diggin' the strip. It doesn't feel claustrophobic, the art is nice and I love Skull's little hand wringing gesture. I have naught but two nitpicks and they're so miniscule they might as well be fighting spiders with sewing needles.

#1: The monitor on the computer is too light and we can't really see any details, except perhaps an aggro meter. 

#2: Brent's eyebrows in panel three don't seem to match his implied frustration. They almost make him look bewildered. 


The Trouble said...

I'm playing a very sexy video game, what do I call it again Kif?

J. Hazelip said...

You're not bothered at all by the fact that we didn't get to see any Skull/Scratch interaction? We didn't get to see anything about how Skull was approached about returning? We didn't get to see who informed Skull of his reassignment back to Brent?

Kurtz's habit of just doing the comics equivalent of jump-cuts is irritating at best, and a shortcut to potentially entertaining storytelling, at worst.

Anonymous said...

I'm giving the benefit of the doubt that an explanation is forthcoming within the comic.

Dave said...

I thought it was a good call to make the monitor faded in the background like that: if there was too much detail, it would clutter up the panel too much, and draw attention away from the "action".

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