Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monster Fighters Part 1

So I've heard of but never seen The Monster Squad. That is to say, I'm familiar with the premise of the movie and I guess this storyline will be an homage to it. 

One thing I don't get is Brent and Cole's earpieces. Are they nods to the movie? Because otherwise, lets get those boys some bluetooth. I'm not sure why Brent is wearing his "sneaking" turtleneck while cole seems to have stuck to his work clothes. The leather longcoats are a nice touch though.

As for the punchline, it's an old joke that works for the setup but didn't really do anything for me.


D said...

Is Monster Squad supposed to be well-known or kind of on the fringe? I had to IMDB this bad boy to find out what the heck it was.

If the film didn't make any profit they would have been screwed either way. They wanted to have a slice of the total revenue.

Stephen Geigen-Miller said...

Monster Squad was a minor but not obscure or unsuccessful 80's flick. It never became a cultural touchstone like, say, Lost Boys (to pick an uber-80's example in a similar genre), but I certainly remember it.

And Kurtz's use of gross versus net is both entirely correct and (as ES noted) a go-to Hollywood joke.

"Net" means income before expenses, so it does mean a share of the total revenue. But in Hollywood, almost no one has the clout to get that.

Most people who theoretically have profit participation get what Hollywood calls "gross points" -- a slice of income after expenses.

Which means, effectively, they get nothing, ever, because according to Hollywood accounting, no movie has ever made money, ever.

TheOriginalJes said...

I'm sure SK could have squeezed a Goonies reference in today's strip somewhere. tsk tsk.

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