Friday, October 24, 2008

Monster Fighters Part 2 & 3

Sorry for the delay, folks...had an impromptu day off which led to an impromptu road trip that took longer than expected. 

Part 2 doesn't really hold up, unfortunately. *Cracks knuckles*

As far as I know, Nilla  Wafers are an ingredient in Banana Pudding (more of a topping, really), but there's no banana in the wafers themselves. So I don't really get Brent's line in panel 1.

Does Cole look annoyed to anyone else in the 2nd panel? He seems to just be standing there during the exchange, like he's waiting impatiently for them to finish talking.

Alright, so they've got a PKE Meter...except it's not reading PKE.

They also seem to have lost their little headset pieces.

I know this is Kurtz reveling in some childhood nostalgia and I know this isn't meant to be a serious storyline. So I'm trying to keep an open mind here.

On a side note, I would love an 100x100 icon of Francis saying "You guys are @#*$&% retarded." for internet dramas. 

So now it's an MKE reader as opposed to a "Monster Detector", which in all honesty is a change I prefer. At least it's a nod to the source material.

I wonder who Francis stabbed with his plastic looking stake.

That's a nice monster hand though.


joe said...

I recognized the PKE meter too, now I want to watch the original Ghostbusters cartoon again.

Anonymous said...


Go to youtube and search for a user by the name of glew1424...he's got what you need.

The Trouble said...

Cole's eyebrow thinger, arches up in the middle which to me doesn't say annoyance, I think he's giving Francis a subtle "duh" kinda look.

The banana pudding joke is kinda funny unless you actually think about it, then you'd be correct.

Rdy said...

Ooh, a weekend cliff-hanger! Yaaayyyyyyyyyy*snore*

TheOriginalJes said...

After the kick to the nuts, the last panel isn't much of a surprise. Also, if it turns out that someone in costume was really injured by Francis, I'm still not surprised.

So, I'm hoping that SK is just setting us up with Francis' predictable behavior for a Cleesian twist of hilarious proportion.

"Duck, duck, duck...GOOSE!"

Gregory said...

There were Banana flavored Nilla Wafers at one time

Perry Alter said...

C'mon! This PvP Makes Me Sad isn't critiquing anymore now you're just nitpicking.

He's using nilla waffers incorrectly?

The ghostbusters tool thing isn't reading the right stuff?

You can do better then this or I'm starting my PvP Makes Me Sad Makes and in Turn Makes Me Sad.

Anonymous said...


The nilla wafers line just doesn't make sense to me. Brent saying "Vampires are allergic to banana pudding" after talking about nilla wafers?

As for my comment about the PKE/MKE, it was more that I felt if Kurtz was going to use that as a prop in this storyline, he should acknowledge what it is, not label it a "monster detector".

But then he changed it to an MKE reader and as I said, I like that.

A Nonny Mouse said...

As the lack of banana flavour would give away the lack of banana in Nilla Wafers, one can only assume that Scott Kurtz has only tasted Nilla Wafers when part of a banana pudding. This is an intriguing insight into his personal life, and I want to know more. Has he eaten an Oreo as a singular entity or has he only ever licked the cream off first? Is his experience with marshmallows limited to the construction of s'mores? These are important issues in understanding the essence of the man who is behind PVP.

Rdy said...

We should have a counter for people who make the PVPMMS...MMS comment and thinks they're being funny/original. It'd be close to double digits by now.

Anonymous said...

Esoteric Scribe said:"I know this is Kurtz reveling in some childhood nostalgia and I know this isn't meant to be a serious storyline. So I'm trying to keep an open mind here."

What?! Why can't Scott just have been thinking "hmm, what could I do for a funny storyline..I know, Halloween is coming up, I'll make Cole and Brent monster-hunters."

PvP isn't a serious comic, no matter how much (unneeded?) character development Kurtz is trying to put in. And when the characters start acting silly (and hopefully funny) it should be a return to the norm.
I really don't know where all this 'childhood nostalgia' crap is coming from >:(

I'm enjoying this arc :|

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