Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Post Game Wrap-Up

I know Cole is usually the "spoilsport" of the office, but I just feel bad for the guy putting up with this from his employees. Whatever happened to the Cole that could actually play the Boss Card?

I don't really have much to say here. It's nice to see the characters looking fluid though.

Nitpick: Shouldn't it be "let", not "left" in panel 4?

EDIT: I don't know my sports jargon, disregard nitpick.


John said...

I agree that the art is looking quite nice, but I felt like this strip was just a vehicle for SK to use his the "prisoner of your own butt" line. Didn't someone say that about SK (affectionately) when he was working with some other web cartoonists a while back? I feel like I've heard it before.

And yeah, Francis is an "asslete." Emphasis on "ass." Anyone who intentionally farts in their coworkers face is in fact, a huge asslete.

I'm looking forward to this week being over.

Anonymous said...


One of the PA guys, when he went to visit them.

He let one rip and was shocked to find they didn't find it hilarious. They then told him he was a "prisoner of his own butt".

Rdy said...

I think PA mentioned it to him when he stank out their offices and then they used the line in their strip (which then got SK in a froth of pride when he saw it).

Dragging it out again does come across as awkward.

Anonymous said...

I think SK used "Let " as in to "Let One RIp" or "Let A Fart".

Basically a play on the "Left it allon the field" line

Earl said...

I think a better line at the end would have gone something like, "Francis, I'd check your shorts. I think you really DID leave it out on the field." Or maybe Francis saying a version of it.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked this strip. =]

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Yeah I hope the whole point of storyline wasn't just for that joke that was make somewhere else, which was then stated in his blog abuot that comic, and then he did it himself

Heres the PA version:

But its the middle of the week so itll be interested to see where he goes (Im guessing one of the guys blows out his O-ring from the amount of farting)

@Earl- I thought of that punchline myself and chuckled at that as soon as I thought of it.

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

Two nitpicks

Subjective: Most athletes don't say Jesus Christ by itself. ITs usually Jesus or God if they are reference. Or if they are being pompous "Jesus Christ my lord and savior

Objective: In the last panel he left out a comma in "left it all out on the field and tried to be the best asslete I can be." between field and and. It makes no difference I know what he meant, but looking at the whole strip he goes for punctuation correctness and missed one there. no bigs

The Trouble said...

Yeah, the "Prisoners of Your Own Butt" wasn't really all that funny the first two times. Unless they are trying to make it a running gag or something. That's cool, I'm typically pro-running-gag.

The punchline was the weakest part of this one, but there were a lot of laughs throughout the comic. Which is how I likes 'em!

TheOriginalJes said...

I liked how SK had Francis use 'asslete'. I haven't heard that one before.

Had SK not told us about the '...prisoners...' line before, I would have laughed at that, too. As it is, it's just a bit too difficult to not interject his blog comments into the strip itself.

On a PVPMMS note: I'm surprised farting has turned out to be such an issue for many of you.

Granted, this week wasn't 'Blazing Saddles', but it also wasn't as if SK re-drew 'The Passion of the Christ' and interjected farting noises when Jesus got stabbed.


D said...

"Left it all out on the field" is a common sports phrase. I'm kind of surprised that you haven't heard it.

That comma between the second to last item in a list and the "and" is an American thing, so maybe he was writing the British way. Also, that rule makes no sense. There are two other places where a comma should have been in this strip, but was dropped: After "first" in the third and after the "ya know" in the fourth.

Also, Francis must have got some crazy pressure to get a "Tweert" sounding fart. Usually, they're more like "praat".

Brett Schiller (Sage) said...

@ D
I don't believe so because: 1) he's from the US (texas i beleive) 2) he started the listing and the commas afterwards after "I gave it 110%" line.

IT doesn't mean he sucks or anything its a nitpick in the truest sense of the word

aaaantoine said...

I like PvP more often than not, but I thought this one was a groaner.

Reis said...

@D and brett... It's called a serial comma, and a lot of American educators teach that it's optional, not required. Which is correct, either way are equally correct grammatically and it in no way changes the meaning of the sentence. Nor does it have to be one or the other, there are actually times when both ways are "better", depending on the sentence.

It's not "the British way", like spelling theater theatre, because it's just as correct in British English as it is in American... Just much more common in one than the other.

Melomel said...

Actually, it's also called an "Oxford comma," and can create ambiguity in some circumstances and its omission can create ambiguity in others. See the Wikipedia page for more - the Australian Government and Oxford Style Guides oppose its mandatory use, this is not just an American thing.

And it's sad that the international applicability of obscure grammar trivia is more interesting than any of the recent discussion on PVPMMS.

The Trouble said...

No new comic yet? Has this story-line run out of gas?! haw!

cecolar said...

Why is SK so bad at staying on schedule? He goes a few days updating early, then goes several days updating at 3pm.

Is he just trying to get in some extra page views by making people go back and check to see if it updated.

I know the rebuttal for this is going to be along the lines of "If you don't like PVP why do you get impatient waiting for it" or "he's an arteest don't stifle his creative process."

My responses: I want to read the strip so I can criticize it, and I am an anal retentive organization freak who demands regular updates.
And he may be a creative artist but he is a business man who needs to provide a stable product to keep his audience. It will only be his own fault when viewers give up.

D said...

I brought it up because I have a severe case of British schooling. We could not use the comma that way. I'm pretty sure in Canada, where I now reside, they don't use it either.

It's not only an American thing, Americans are among those who use it. I knew SK was an American, thus expanding on the point Brett made.

Just as a sidebar, another grammatical rule that grates on my nerves is ending a sentence with the period on the inside of the quotation mark. Especially if the writer is not landing on a naturally occurring period in the quote. Periods end sentences, period.

Anonymous said...


Periods DO go inside quotation marks. If the period doesn't end the sentence, then it's a comma. Here are examples:

I told my mom, "I went to the store today."

That's correct usage of the period.

I told my mom, "I went to the store today," and then I ran upstairs.

That is correct usage of the comma.

At least in America.

Maj. English said...

Well, if we’re going to be grammar Nazis, I find it hard to believe that no one has pointed out the line, "I'm am the champion," after one editorial and 19 comments.

Babasyzygy said...

D, you are mistaken about how the serial comma is used, it is not agreed upon throughout Britain. The serial comma is required by the Oxford Style Manual, but is optional according to others.

D said...

Of course you're right, but it still grates on my nerves. The text that is in the quotes needs that period to be grammatically correct. That being said, the whole line of text needs a period to encapsulate and end it. This will end up being another source of snarking, so I'll just leave it be.

Sure, I can concede that the serial comma is debatable, but in my case it was a firm no. I've never read the Oxford manual of style, though I know it's geared towards journalism and academia, so I guess there are plenty of rules in that I don't know.

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