Thursday, October 16, 2008

She who dealt it

See, this is a funny strip. I especially like "It's in my coffee!"

So the boys get a taste of their own medicine and a bitter taste it is. And from Miranda no less. I guess she has super-potent farts?

I have but two nitpicks with today's strip:

Panel 4: The extra shine on Brent's glasses is a bit odd. It's not...bad. It just looks strange.

Panel 5: Is Miranda smirking at the boys, or giving acknowledgment to the audience of her actions?

I have more to say, but I'm leaving work as I type this so expect more commentary later tonight, probably after midnight.

Update: Actually, nothing else to say.


Anonymous said...

I think the extra shine is supposed to convey the watery eyes someone gets when they gag. Cartoon physics are fun!

I have to agree that this was my favorite strip in a while.

Babasyzygy said...

Note that the power of this strip owes much to the buildup from the preceding strips.

Rdy said...

Horses for courses, I guess because I don't really see anything redeeming/interesting in today's strip.

I don't find it particularly funny and I think the only way it could have been any more predictable is if Cole had been tip-toeing away in the last frame.

R.W.McGee said...

Actually, in my opinion this strip was Scott taking a series of very funny gags and finally running them into the ground. It *was* funny, now it's getting a bit repetitive.

TheOriginalJes said...

I thought the strip was great. I especially love that SK chose Miranda for the punchline. Just because anyone who lives with a woman understands.

Sarah said...
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Anonymous said...

I think she's looking at the viewer. I thought the joke was alright, I just wish I didn't have to read all of those other strips to 'get' it.

Bryant said...

So, Fake Scott McCloud, in agreeing with other posters, speculates that Skull's unusual demeanor is part of Kurtz leading up to a bigger storyline. Ever the knee-jerk reactionary, Kurtz comes on to declare he is only doing one-off gags, and that the only thing he might be leading up to is a fart joke. Then, due to his stubbornness, he inflates it to a *week* of fart jokes. Even if one likes fart jokes, they have to be getting pretty tired and worn-out by this point.

I, for one, haven't liked fart jokes since elementary school, if I liked them then (and I'll have to ask my Mom, since I don't remember for sure). This week has been extremely tedious and unfunny, and a celebration of crass, rude behavior. Kurtz really blew the capital he had built up over the past couple weeks of at least decent strips.

Rdy said...

I have to wonder if this recent trend of dragging out dead-end storylines is a by-product of losing the weekends. By having these the book-ends of Monday/Friday, Kurtz has given himself a start and finish format that he's unfortunately trying to conform to a little too much.

Maybe before he'd be able to finish smaller arcs whenever it felt the most natural but now, he perhaps feels he has to fit within this framework he's given himself and the strip suffers as a result.

Who knows but either way, I'm no fan of this fart-fetish he's currently exploring so it all feels a bit sub-par to me.

The Trouble said...
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The Trouble said...

fart jokes ain't all bad

Anonymous said...

Actually, not a bad strip. I liked the fact that Miranda was the one too - the fouth panel totally had me thinking "Oh no, this is so predictable, Cole will have farted, why do I read this strip anyway?" And then I turn out to be completely wrong :P
ns1 Kurtz

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