Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ranty Rant Rant

I've been quiet during this storyline for a number of reasons. Partly because I was curious to see where it was going. Partly because I've had a terrible sore throat for the last few days and haven't felt like doing much of anything.

But after today's strip, I feel I need to chime in. 

I think I see where this is going; the boys now assume that Max is gay, because he's said things that might imply it. But he hasn't actually said it, so by the sitcom rules that PvP seems to adhering to as of late, there will be a wacky mix up.

With Brent and Cole now competing to impress Max, I expect a series of wacky double entendres and misunderstood phrases centered around a thanksgiving dinner, ending with Max proclaiming that he is in fact, straight and the boys are immature jerks for only wanting to be his friend after assuming he was "gay for them" during the college years. 

This behavior, by the way, doesn't even remotely make sense character wise for Brent or Cole. Cole's hatred all these years for what amounts to an imagined slight? Really? And now a contest to impress their new gay friend? 

Ugh. This is terrible and I'll be counting the days until this arc is over.


R.W.McGee said...

It's beyond out of character. Max Powers has actively been Cole's nemesis several times throughout the run of the strip...some long past girlfriend contention may have started that rivalry (retcon alert!) but there has been plenty since to stoke the flames...so this 180 degree swing around is inane to say the least.

As to the actual subject matter, well, enough has been said about that.

Chris L said...

Oh come on. TV sitcom tropes have always been part of PvP and all of Scott's work in general. "Truth, Justin, and the American Way" anyone? Wacky misunderstandings, characters acting awkwardly out-of-character because of some big plot reveal, even over the top gay innuendo.

You could certainly argue whether this sitcom-y writing is good for the strip or not, but not that its some out-of-left-field sudden change of theme. Exhibit A: the "Xavier" arc of 2002-2003.

TheOriginalJes said...


I don't find the strip to be all that great. But, I think you guys are missing the point far more that SK (even you FSM).

1st @ RW - The girls will most likely step in to straighten (ok, slight pun intended) the whole thing out.

2nd et. al. - The point might just be that something *this stupid* is exactly what it takes to get Cole and Brent to look beyond the annoying surface impressions of Max to take a good look at the person inside.

THEN they can hate him for who he *really* is. As, I'm sure, we all may.

Believe it or not, this is a very realistic thing that I've seen actually happen.

And, again, had it been original, it would have been very clever. But, since the shows like Friends, Frazier, and Will And Grace made this so common; the strip is just ordinary (i.e. safe).

TheOriginalJes said...

And yes, Chris, sitcom tropes and all...it still isn't funny.

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