Monday, November 17, 2008

Not worth reading. (This post, that is.)

Today's strip (Easy Reader), and a few of the strips recently, have been of the kind I like -- one-off, lightweight, slightly contemplative strips that can be appreciated on their face if liked, and easily dismissed if disliked, knowing that something new is coming tomorrow.

I happen to have liked this one; I did not like the WoW strip a few days ago, but, as I said, as it was a one-off, it is easily dismissed.

Anyway, that's really all I have to say today. Except that Jade's continually bug-eyed appearance is starting to get to me.

I told you this post wasn't worth reading.


TheOriginalJes said...

I like how you describe the strips, as of late. Another way of putting it would be "safe" or "banal". Everybody likes banal.

Soon, PVP will be just as easily forgettable as some of the longest running strips in print like Family Circus or B.C.

When Gary Larson stopped drawing The Far Side (another series of one-offs, easily shrugged off), it didn't take long to forget about the strip. For Better Or For Worse probably elicited a greater fan-response just by changing formats (to the banal one-off).

Who needs insightful, in-depth, complicated comics today, anyway. These days, people just want to feel safe.

I'm so glad that my favorite web-comics, which aren't spoon-fed to me through major distribution, and are found only by "word-of-mouth" or active pursuit, can be just as cartoon-y as Hi and Lois.

I think it's really disappointing to keep reading comments like, "PVP is back," as of late. If Stephen King released "Christine: The Abridged Version", would you praise him as being on top of his game? It may be my imagination, but wasn't PVP expanding it's readership while growing beyond what it "used to be"?

This crap is boring. Since "The Bonnie Situation", PVP has been about as exciting as watching 'noodling' on PBS. It's really something to see someone catch a 100 lb. catfish with his bare hands. But, just how many times can you watch it? (I suppose I'm declaring the point where PVP has jumped the shark.)

SK has backed away from a world of comedic potential these last 6 months. And, every time someone calls him out, he says he just doesn't have the artistic ability to draw it; while simultaneously trying to re-create characters and draw incredible background scenes (see Niagara Falls), original paintings, and Ding! (btw, Paul's art, while very good, is noticeably not the same linework as Scott's).

SK doesn't owe me, or anyone else, an explanation as to why he's made his choices. But, to watch the art AND the literature that's been PVP for the last 2 years degrade into what we're reading today does *not* deserve praise.

I'm sorry that this seems like a back-handed comment on SK and PS. But, it really isn't. SK is obviously growing increasingly busy with other things. After 10 years, who can blame the guy. Any reasonably intelligent human being would eventually grow beyond their current body of work.

This is about the lack of thought that's been given to the appreciation of the work. Enhancing prosthetic, indeed. It's like painting Bozo's nose brown, is all.

A Nonny Mouse said...

I like Jade with properly open eyes. That smug eyeshadowed look she once carried around always got on my nerves. Maybe the bug eyes actually indicates that she is wearing less makeup now that she's married? I don't know, I couldn't be bothered examining the timeline of this change.

I never forgot about The Far Side. Favourite Far Sides continue to kick about in my mind, and I am happy for it. I also consider PVP to be about as good as it was when it started, but will not specify whether that is supposed to be a compliment.

A Nonny Mouse said...

"but will not specify whether that is supposed to be a compliment."

Well, OK. I thought about it and realised that sounds pretty insulting. Basically, I like PVP much less than I once did and attribute that to the fact of my tastes having changed. I stick with it out of habit.

Alex Tucker said...

A few years ago SK drew Jade with heavy-lidded eyes that made it look like she was either sleepy and/or sarcastic. (Anyone else remember when she had her arms crossed in almost every panel she was in?) It was a one-note performance, over and over again.

I don't think Kurtz consciously meant to do it. In fact, I'm sure it took other webcomics pros to point it out to him (the only people whose opinions he truly respects, it seems), so he overcompensated.

Now instead of Jade looking sleepy, she's bug-eyed... in every panel... over and over again.

I think SK draws and writes Jade in a static way because he doesn't really know what to do with her. She's not a very interesting character these days, but only because he rarely gives her anything to do other than be in the background.

Since he respects most other webcartoonists, Kurtz should check out Danielle Corsetto to see how female characters can really be dynamically portrayed, both in writing and drawing.

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